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  1. JMichaels

    Zombie Blues

    good call that, Nick.....
  2. JMichaels

    Zombie Blues

    lol thanks Jim......I'm working on it.....however, zombies by definition (see above from Tom) don't have any rhythm per se. 🙄
  3. JMichaels

    Zombie Blues

    lol thanks Nick.....although the word "probe" just sounds so wrong.....especially when linked with alien "invaders"
  4. JMichaels

    Zombie Blues

    thanks Nick.......I will.... I'm trying to find room for another punch line: My love life's sunk so low....ain't no deodorant to handle this BO.
  5. JMichaels

    Zombie Blues

    lol ok guys.....I bow to your superior arguments....honestly, the open mic probably will be the only time this song will be performed. or.....maybe it will linger on past its death.........Bwaaahhhhaahahahah.
  6. JMichaels

    Zombie Blues

    Would you want to get that close to a zombie? lol thanks for the read Paul! details, details.....here's a view to zombies being alive.... See above.....
  7. JMichaels

    Zombie Blues

    I got invited to do a couple of songs at an Halloween open mic in a couple of weeks.....so.....I wrote this goofy thing out last night. I think I'll do it in a standard 12 bar blues format in A. All nits, crits, and suggestions welcome.... Zombie Blues Copyright 2018 by J Michaels All Rights Reserved Intro: (spoken) I was walking down the street When someone tapped me on the shoulder And said…. “Excuse me sir…but did you know You’re dead?” Intro Chorus: I got the zombie blues I got the zombie blues It’s hard walkin’ ‘round dead And no one gives you the news I got the zombie blues V1: Saw my girl just the other night Long brown hair, eye so bright I followed her all around But when she saw me, She screamed and lit out of town Chorus/Refrain: I got the zombie blues Yeah the zombie blues It all went South when I tried to score My jaw fell off and hit the floor I got the zombie blues V2: I used to be a foodie, loved my gourmet fare It was linen table cloths and polished silverware French wines and pink champagne But now all I’m craving Are fresh sautéed brains Chorus/Refrain: I got the zombie blues I got the zombie blues Using cutlery didn’t go as planned Used a knife, and cut off my hand I got the zombie blues Bridge: It sucks to be alive this way Wandering aimlessly every day Can’t even sleep in my own bed ‘Cause I’ll just wake up dead. Chorus/Refrain: I got the zombie blues I got the zombie blues It’s hard walkin’ ‘round dead And no one gives you the news I got the zombie blues Outro: I got the zombie blues I got the zombie blues The looks I get really hurt Even though I’m on this side of the dirt I got the zombie blues I got the zombie blues Yeah the zombie blues
  8. JMichaels

    #MeToo version 3

    Hi Mike, just a couple quick suggestions. #MeToo V3 Long time friends, seem so safe Until the drinking starts binge Alcohol unleashes the animal And things fall apart come unhinged (this couplet seems to rhyme better than the hard "t" and a "ts" combination if that makes sense) Ch Br Is it so hard to understand That ‘no’ really does mean ‘no’? Who has defined what it is to be a man Has society sunk so low? It’s easier to hide her past Then to tell the whole world Avoid all the Insults and attacks And inside still be that shamed girl ( personally, I try to use adjectives only once in a song....shame has already been used. Maybe find another word carrying the same destructive impact?)
  9. JMichaels

    I'm Sorry

    Get with it David.....It's by an Amazon drone these days.....
  10. JMichaels

    I'm Sorry

    First off....I'm going to say "Good story!" I'm going to agree with David with the length....unless you pull the tempo up in the arrangement or do some editing, this will go on for a lonnnng time. there are a couple instances of "yoda-speak" such as: Before we had time to adjust Our first born son to us was sent - great for a poem...not so much for a song Then as your Mother duties started I somehow just felt deserted Maybe rephrase it like: We didn't have time to adjust before our first born Your mother's duties started I just felt ignored It's not a perfect rhyme and doesn't follow your rhyme scheme, but the picture is more dynamic and flows more naturally......obviously it's up to you to decide what you think is best for you. Just a free observation......worth what you paid for it.
  11. JMichaels

    #MeToo version 3

    Hey Mike, I struggle with this one too.....feels too bandwagon-ish to me and it subverts the message. I think it would hit a lot harder if you told a story of abuse that wasn't obviously inspired by recent events.....relate the character to yourself...like a mother, sister or relative of some sort...or maybe tell the story from the villain perspective...that would get people's attention. I guess my point would be to make it personal to drive home the emotional aspect of the message.
  12. JMichaels

    Let's Do Sunset

    Thanks Gary......it only took me 3 years to get the song this far......I'll post it again when it's done 3 years from now. I really appreciate the time you spent with that response....I know it took a lot of effort. Thank you.
  13. JMichaels

    Don't forget the 'magic!'

    wow...I wouldn't call it a "wine fueled hissy fit" I believe all art needs a structure of some form. At the same time, by definition, artful structure needs to be malleable, otherwise one would not be able to create the magic that reaches our emotions. I think that in songwriting there is a misconception for some people that following a rigid formula will result in a commercial success and a great song ....sort of like "just add water and presto! - instant hit." I do believe as with any other art form, one has to learn the basic mechanics and rules in order to understand how to manipulate and bend them to create something artful and memorable, otherwise we'd all only be able to sing "Kumbaya" (shudder). Just my 2 cents.
  14. JMichaels

    I Miss You

    Hi Polly, I'm going agree with Gary, the double vocals just do not work with this one.....maybe in the chorus, but definitely not in the verse. otherwise, the song has a haunting and lonely quality to it that makes it interesting. I believe a piano, or maybe an even slower, more introspective guitar finger-picking rhythm would stand out more. Cheers ~ John
  15. JMichaels

    Let's Do Sunset

    Dang you David!.....how dare you make my song sound like it should.....now I have to go back to the drawing board and re-do the entire thing. your "idea" is spot on. I also think you're right about bringing the tempo up a notch more. I think all this rework will also address Gary and Songbird's comments at the monotonous melody. I suppose it's one of the things I struggle with, especially with some of my earlier works. "sigh".....I guess it's back to the salt mines. And here I was, more concerned with the bass work sounding decent because I just started learning it a couple of months ago.....shows how much I know.