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  1. Human With You Here's the cold separator Fix the wheel and make it spin You'll come along even if you don't want to He checks you out and checks you in The boss whips you with a grin All I wanna do Is be human with you Here comes the man in his nice suit With his mind sealed shut He's got real good intentions With his knife ready to cut We're all on the chopping block but All I wanna do Is be human with you. Oh I try to make it, all right I try to take it day by day To live my life my own way Here comes that cold separator Who's got it all figured out Another new instigator You can give in or you can get out--oh what's it all about now? All I wanna do Is be human with you
  2. bachandl

    The Exorcism

    I really like this! Love the vocals, lyrics, and somber sound to it all. The only thing that I might consider is maybe adding in a piano somewhere and/or putting some reverb on the guitar.
  3. bachandl

    What do you think?

    I like the groove you've got going here. Would you consider adding some vocals and some lyrics to it?
  4. I wrote this song a while ago...And recently recorded it. It's actually about a job change I had, but could easily be about any relationship...Anyway your feedback is helpful Line in the Sand I don't know how I've managed to live up to you. Maybe I don't. Maybe I don't. I try to find new ways just to talk with you, But nothin' works And I don't like to think it's all for nothin' Maybe it's all just, wishful thinking. So maybe it's time to draw a line in the sand That lets you know that I'm still here Cause every time I open up I lose you And that don't work And I don't like to try things for nothin' Maybe it's time to let it go. I don't know if this is the end, or a new beginning. I don't know where this path will lead that goes without you. Cause everything feels all blown open I guess it will get normal with time.
  5. bachandl

    Seedy Side of Heaven

    This was a very well done recording, and good song. Love the lyrics, vocals, and musicianship. I really have no criticisms, except to say that at times I wanted the chorus to be a bit longer: In other words just repeating, for example," Gimme a few more weeks with you I’ll be walking on the seedy side of heaven" before you sing "the way that I met you". But that's very minor. Good song! Bret
  6. bachandl

    Asking Me to Stay

    Discatticus, I really like this song! Love the words and the singing, and the structure of the song is great. The only thing I would change or fix about this recording is the electric guitar. To me, it just didn't sound right--it may have been off a bit in parts, it may have been the effects, but there was something about I did not like. If it's possible, I would replace the electric guitar with a banjo or mandolin. I did like the guitar solo, however. At any rate, I really did like the song and think you have something really good here Bret
  7. bachandl

    Baltimore by Spy Convention

    Really cool tune! It's got that nice 80s vibe to it, and some really nice production. The only thing I would change is to mix the piano part up a bit more through the song as the A G E A gets a bit repetitive--maybe take it out during the chorus. Nice job!
  8. bachandl

    I Dream Too

    Thanks for the feedback, SongCat! No offense taken. I really appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you put into your comments
  9. bachandl

    Into the Underground

    Thanks, Robert! Appreciate the feedback!
  10. bachandl

    Frankestein Love

    I'm glad you could relate to this as a parent. I've got two kids myself and just feel cut with time a great deal. Interestingly, one of my kids accidentally deleted this song...So I'll be starting from scratch And I think you are absolutely right about that lyric change to "Its complicated love"--I like it.
  11. Kruminsh, You've got some good production skills. This was a dark beat, which could be in a horror film or the background of a dark level in a video game. While I like the beat and the production quality was strong for me, the piece did tend to get a bit repetitive for me. Something needs to happen in the middle of the piece to break it up a bit, or to add some variety. Maybe you can add something to the--is a flute playing the melody about midway through? Maybe you could even add some background vocals whispering something strange...I don't know, but something. At any rate, those are my thoughts. Bret
  12. bachandl

    'Til Daybreak

    Hi Jim, I can tell this song has strong emotions in it and is very personal. In terms of the mix, the only thing I would do is add, perhaps a female harmony and maybe some more ambiance to the vocals to allow them to blend in more with the guitar. I enjoyed your lyrics and thought they conveyed the emotion of the song well. The only suggestions I would make are to try and shorten some of the lines so you are not struggling so much to get pack in all the syllables when you sing. I gave you an example of how I would change the first verse: It's hours before dawn, your head's lyin’ on my chest Everything's quiet, but my mind won't rest I feel your breath, warming my skin But I can’t sleep, ‘cause I’m deployin’ again
  13. This is a VERY rough draft of a song I recorded today. All guitars need to be redone as do voices--planning on adding female voice. At any rate, could use some feedback Frankestein Love Make time to be together Young ones... We're older, much busier Makes us realize... We could make time, out of the pieces A frankestein love. And it's not what we wanted But it's what we get I wish you'd realize You complicated love And we could regret it Maybe we won't We could be satisfied Peculiar, distance Not easy, though normal Feeling, out of sync And out of time
  14. bachandl

    "Maybe Tomorrow"

    Gravaged, This is a really cool tune. Nice lyrics, cool guitar riff, and I like the sort of staccato singing and harmonies. In terms of the song itself, I liked it and don't really have much to offer as a suggestion. For production, there was something missing. While I really liked the guitar work, at times it felt like it was all I heard. So I think the vocals need to be brought out more as the face of the song. You might also consider adding some organ to fill it all out a bit more. Bret
  15. Hi Robert, Thanks for posting! I only listened to the song, so my comments will relate to that (so forgive me if you covered some of this in your comments). First off, you clearly have an excellent voice and nice guitar playing skills, as the song shows. Generally, I thought this was a nice, chill jazzy tune and I enjoyed hearing you play and sing it. The rhythm of the song changed a bit in the verse and chorus--which I think was intentional, but I couldn't tell, so it made it a bit hard for me follow. However, it would probably be better with a good bass line. The song has a lot of potential with a bit more development, but you clearly have something good to work with. I just think the verse and chorus needs a something to connect them a bit more. For the lyrics I wanted to hear something a bit more concrete--is this a relationship song? Or is it just a general song about identity? Bret