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  1. bachandl

    Let Them Go With Love

    Hi Dominick, Really strange, but I listened to this after I heard a good friend of mine was dying--made me really sad. Your song is truly heartfelt and I enjoyed the music. One suggestion I would make is with the lyrics in the bridge. You start to talk about "they"--the song is personal, why not keep the reference to "her" or "him," the one you are talking about? You end with "you never will forget"--why not make it "I never will forget" and keep it about your feelings? Thanks for posting! Bret
  2. bachandl

    I Dream Too

    Thanks Dominick for the feedback! Yes, my recording equipment is minimal to say the least. It's literally me, my guitar, and garageband. I try to find a quiet place when I sing. Probably would be better if I invested in a nice mic, but haven't been able to get the funds to do it. So I try to just make do
  3. Really like the drumming and bass playing on this, and the chord changes. Lyrics are good and the song is really good, and could potentially be great. I can still really hear the Thome Yorke influence--which is not a bad thing (Radiohead is my favorite band). Here are my suggestions: There definitely needs to be more happening between the verses to mix it up a bit--After the bridge would be a really good place for that The break to the bridge seemed a bit too abrupt When you do add vocals, consider adding backing vocals and harmonies.
  4. bachandl

    Into the Underground

    Thanks so much RoadDog! I do really like Phish--saw them several times in the 90s--so not surprised with their influence. I also felt the beginning had more of a Los Lobos sound. Also very glad you noticed the Duane Allman notes--I was shooting for that when I played it Anyway, Thanks and glad you like it!
  5. bachandl

    I Dream Too

    Thanks, Joey! Glad you liked the song. The singing could perhaps be a bit louder at points. I wonder if it just needs a bit better mix or master...
  6. bachandl

    I Dream Too

    Thanks, Fragile Gods. I struggle a bit with the mixes in part because I don't entirely know what I'm doing and due to a lack of quality equipment. My dream would be able to just have somebody professionally record, mix, and master...alas, isn't that a dream for all of us Thanks for the feedback and glad you liked the song!
  7. Lost time all of the time You've got to be patient Cause now, you're older now And you can't rush things But you can't slow down Friends die and kids run away It's closer to our homes And the end is always nearer than before Still I'd like to be alone now with my thoughts And I'd like to fall asleep on this old bed And I'd like to wake and see changes coming in the world I dream too Lost time all of the time Don't tell me to be patient Cause now we're all older now And we've seen just how badly things can go Kids die and friends run away Another accident Now things are really hitting close to home And I'd like to be a part of something bigger than me And I'd like to find a place with good company And I'd like to see changes come in the world Don't tell me to be patient Lost time all of the time Don't tell me to be patient Cause we've all seen how wrong things can go And I'd like to see changes coming in the world
  8. Hi Wadewulf, You've got a good song here that I enjoyed. I like the structure and the words, and the general sound of the song. You clearly have a good voice, however there were some parts were your voice went flat (for example when you first sing "there's so much more to see"). That is easily fixable with your voice. The guitar solo was nice at the end, however you did not hit all the bends as those were just a hair flat.
  9. bachandl


    Hi RoadDog, I like the intro and think the song has some potential. The singing seems to me to be too subdued for the rest of the track. This is a loud song, so you should be shouting the lyrics with the guitar. Some questions on lyrics: "Wake me up gently like a gatling gun"--This rhymes but does not make sense: what is gentle about a gatling gun? I wasn't quite sure how the confidence of chorus fit in with the rest of the lyrics that seemed to question your ability to get going on a Monday. I do like the line: "Don't ya love Mondays like your hand in blender?" YES! That's how I feel on a Monday...but I don't feel that I'm going to cruz like a Tomahawk etc....Instead i want to kill Mondays and all the problems with a Tomahawk
  10. Hi Kev, I like the emotion of the song and think there is potential and room for development. I have a few Lyric suggestions: 1. Instead of "Hear that boom, that's my heart" change it to "Hear the boom of my heart." 2. I'm wondering if it should be "When you're falling" since the song is more about you and your struggle. Should it be "I am falling from the sky...take my hand"? 3. Same with the second line of the chorus--lose the "When" make it immediate: "I am drowning at sea...rescue me" 4. Looking at the last verse, I would take out the "When". To me the song began more about a real problem now for you (or the character in the song). So why talk about "when"? I suppose it just got confusing to me because the song is called "Rescuing me," but the chorus and verse starts to talk about somebody else and their issues.
  11. bachandl


    Hi! Your song has a cool Rolling Stone's vibe. The break in the middle seems a bit off rhythm, and could use some work. I would lose the horns unless you get real ones, for now I would use organ on those parts instead. I don't think the song is too depressing, but posting the lyrics would help. I could not hear the organ if it was there, so you might want to turn that up. Thanks for posting Bret
  12. bachandl

    20th century kid

    Cool tune. Sounds very influenced by Radiohead. The music is mixed quite well and sounds great--I like the spacey and dark vibe, and the guitar work. I like the vocals, but thought that some reverb and delay would fit better with the music. Also maybe harmony on certain vocal parts would be cool--just something to think about. The vocals were also difficult to understand at parts, but you will probably fix that with the new mix. BTW, when you say there will be a female vocal do you mean a the song will be sung by a female or it will be added to your voice? I like the song and musicianship. Good quality stuff! Bret
  13. When it's passed impossible And you feel most vulnerable When my queen has lost her crown And the sun has gone down I wanna give you the moon So you've gone outside naked Now you're begging for all your bread And you're crying is all your sound It's too the late when the sun's gone down I wanna give you the moon So much for the fairytales So much for happily ever after I'm gonna give the moon I'm gonna give the moon I wanna give you the moon I wanna give you the moon
  14. Hi Tjpinkgirl, You have some good stuff here. The chords are nice and the lyrics are OK. As mentioned in other posts the singing was off a certain points--particularly check the harmony. Your voice is pretty and has potential for development--you just need to work on making sure you're on key. The piano sound was nice as well. Thanks for posting! Bret
  15. bachandl

    Into the Underground

    Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad you liked the song