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  1. HoboSage

    Needs a title.

    Given it's apparently a letter to her, and that they are first two words of that "letter," I think Dear Gran might be a good title.
  2. HoboSage

    July song competition

    "10,000,000,000" https://www.hobosage.com/tenbillion You can bring up the printed lyric by clicking on the music player icon that's looks like a musical note with page lines to the right. Thanks to Fabkebab for running the show. David
  3. HoboSage

    Chord Progressions

    I appreciate the props, but I'm no master, Bro. I just want my 1+1 recordings to sound good, so I record the acoustic and the vocal separately. Since I'm not gigging and don't practice my 1+1 performances beyond what's necessary to write the song and record it, and then I never really play and sing them again, to be honest, I'm not even sure how well I could play and sing them simultaneously now- at least consistently well. I would certainly have to practice doing that a lot more than I have, and that's assuming I can even remember what tuning I used, what I played and how I played it - things I can forget! LOL
  4. HoboSage

    Chord Progressions

    I too enjoy 1+1's, if they're decently recorded. What you might think is as a "lo-fi" recording, I might think is just a crappy recording, and I seldom enjoy those. I think your recordings are simple ones because they're recorded live in one take, but I don't hear them as "lo-fi," and I typically enjoy them because they are live and one take and still sound pretty damn good. But, if they didn't . . ..
  5. HoboSage


    For various reasons, I decided I wanted a reboot to wipe my previous slate here as cleanly as possible, and Alistair was kind enough to indulge me. It's still me though . . so watch out!
  6. HoboSage

    illusion • WiCKED B

    Don't get me wrong, there's a lot for me to like about this production - many very creative and cool sounds and mixing choices.. But, sometimes production can detract from the heart of a song. This isn't some song being sung by a teenager in puppy love. This wants to come across as a heartfelt plea from a real woman to her man. If I were producing this, I would keep the backing heavily effected vocals because they sound cool, but I would want the lead vocal to sound as natural as possible to sound sincere. The tone of your voice here is "breathy" to begin with, and by only allowing higher frequencies on that track to pass through accentuates that to an unnatural and borderline-annoying extent for me. Plus, even if you need a little technological help to put you and keep you on key, that can be done with pitch correction in a much less obvious way than is done here. I recognize that the heavy pitch-corrected effect is a staple in urban and pop music these days, but again, depending on the song, it can be overdone. I think it's overdone here on the lead vocal, and, in my opinion, it really detracts from the sincerity you want to convey. But, that's just one person's opinion. David P.S. I also think the song should really be entitled Confusion instead of Illusion.
  7. HoboSage

    illusion • WiCKED B

    Damn, sultry tune! For my tastes, the lead vocal could be less "megaphone-like" and have a bit more body to it by allowing some more lower frequencies to pass through - plus, you already have that effect to an even heavier extent on one of the response/echoed backing vocals.. Plus, it's difficult enough to make out the words being sung with the heavy pitch correction and slurred deliver, and I think a bit more body to the lead vocal could maybe help the listener hear the words a little better too. Good Stuff! David
  8. HoboSage

    Best opening line to a song

    One, two, three, four, five, six . . . Oh oh oh oh oh oh Invisible Sun - The Police
  9. HoboSage


    I think this is pretty cool. I don't think it sounds at all "depressing." It is kind of a "dark" lyric, but the organic sound of the music together with the sassy chastisement imparted by the way it's sung as if coming from the point of view of a simple common man, for me, gives the whole thing a fairly pleasant "rootsy" vibe. The "horns" don't sound at all like real horns, and they do sound a bit cheesy. BUT, I think it sounds like someone's blowing on a recorder (the instrument), and I actually think the sounds works really well in this. My issue with it, is with how it's mixed, and that's my main nit overall with this. Except for that horn/recorder sound which is stereo and panned hard to each side, just about everything else sounds like it's crammed in the center of this mix. Thus, except when that horn/recorder sound is playing, this essentially sounds like a "mono" mix. It sounds like you have at least a couple of guitars playing. I would try putting those more out in space to the sides of the mix, though not all the way hard to each side, and I'd bring that horn/recorder sound dead center mono, but with a splash of stereo reverb on it. I think the organ during the bridge needs to come up in volume more, and that too should have more stereo width to it. The drum mix is heavy on the kick. If you can raise the levels of the snare, cymbals and toms to match that kick better, the drums would sound better balanced overall. The mix isn't terrible by any means, and it does have a certain "lo-fi" charm. But, I think you can mix it better and fuller and not lose that charm. Anyway, FWIW, that's what I got. Good Stuff! David P.S. Do you know someone with chops chuggin', blowin' and wailin' on a blues harp? Letting a good blues harmonica player improvise to this might yield some tasty fruit to embellish this organic sonic salad. P.P.S. Another sound that would seem to be potentially appropriate for this would be a "bottle blow" sound.
  10. HoboSage

    Best Synthesizer for for beginners

    For the 25-key mini synth, I think you should have put "5 octave Range" under "Cons" instead of "Pros," because the only way a musician would ever believe that a board having fewer than 49 keys could have a true five-octave range, is if they've fallen prey to the manufacturer's advertised "con job."
  11. HoboSage

    Greatest Misses

    Cool tune. And so is your other one. Maybe it's just the current state of my ears/hearing, but I swear, in this mix and the mix of your other tune, there are more higher frequencies coming through on the right side than the left. With the other tune, some of that is do to the fact that the hi-hat is panned a bit right and the crash even further to the right, and it's only when the ride comes in left that there's more of a balance. With this tune, the swoosh sound is panned a bit to the right, but the hi-hat is centered. Still ,the left side just doesn't sound to me like it has the same "presence" as the right side. But that's all I got in terms of issues, and again, it could just be my ears.
  12. FWIW, I agree with everything Tom says, above, expect for one thing I think I'd qualify. Tom was very insightful about forgetting about social media, coming up with an artist name, etc. At this point, that would be a waste of time and wishful thinking that's just a distraction for you But, while I agree that learning how to record music well can also wait until much later or be something you delegate to others, "recording software" can typically do more than just record sounds - it can create them. A Digital Audio Work Station with on-board and/or plug-in sounds , is also a tool for making (and arranging) musical sounds in creative ways - it's a musical instrument - and a very powerful one at that. And, even though his musical instruments of choice are typically more traditional "real" ones, I'm sure Tom would agree that it's always worthwhile to take the plunge to learn any musical instrument - expcept maybe the accordion. <heh-heh> David
  13. HoboSage

    MP3 killed the CD

    I know you folks Down Under have some unusual sayings - at least from my American p.o.v. But, is "dish the compact' supposed to be "ditch the compact"? That would make more sense to me. David P.S. Instead of expressing that you're wondering/questioning if CD's will go the way of the dodo, you can make this a more of a commentary on the inevitable given the present state of affairs by using something like: "And it's clear to me that the MP3 . . . Is killing off the music CD." Also, I don't think there really is a casual connection implied by "Because you can't dish/ditch the compact... When vinyl is making a comeback." I think it would make more sense, and be kind of humorous, to instead express the wishful thinking that, since vinyl is making a comeback, maybe CD's will too, with something like: "Besides, why should dish/ditch the compact? . . . I mean, even vinyl's making a comeback." In fact, FWIW, I think the best suggestion I can give you is to inject more humor into this lament about a guy who's resistant the techno tide. You could even end this with a spoken tag line that's also relevant to car audio tech: And, what's all this about a blue tooth?" Just my opinions.
  14. HoboSage

    "Fall to Pieces"

    Robert! LTNS, Bro. Cool tunage! Yeah, it needs a bass line, but, you already know that. I look forward to hearing that, and whatever else you might add to the arrangement . Major kudos on the vocals. You've never sounded better. I recall that you used to have a tendency to trail off the end of lines by going down in pitch. You don't do that here, and it sounds really, really good. Good Stuff! David