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  1. Scotto hi and thanks. Good info!
  2. Hi again, Mike. True. I hear you. I definitely lose in that regard as you’ve mentioned above. I think, for now, I am just looking at this as an exercise. In that regard, it seems useful to me. The studio is cheap too. Big bonus 😏
  3. Thank you onewholovesrock. The studio I’ve chosen is a simple place. Kinda lo-fi. This was intentional for financial reasons. But also for simplicity’s sake.
  4. waxwing

    Need help with song writing

    Give yourselves permission to be horrible initially. If you can get out of your way you will find your way. Patience helps too.
  5. Thanks for jumping in, Mike. You made me think for awhile why I don’t do as you suggest. I realized, for me, this is still the way to go. The covers I will record are ones I’ve known for a long time and have made my own. Though making extra money playing my guitar would be good, I feel like it just isn’t my emphasis at this point. I mean, if I’m recording my stuff before I really know what I’m doing in a studio than I most certainly will be wasting my time and dollars. So, in the words of the emperor in Amadeus...“Well, there it is.”
  6. Sven thanks. That’s a cool idea I had not thought of. Worth a go I think as I can definitely recall feeling self conscious about pretty much everything I ever recorded. Maybe it would be worth replying with a brief recap once I’ve begun recording.
  7. Thanks again. The end goal is to record originals both solo and with a small band. Baby steps first.
  8. Thanks for your kind reply, Alistair. The problem is studio specific. I have performed in front of small groups in the past but it has been years (I am a songwriter on the side-certainly no pro.) I think the real issue is that I just haven't spent much time in the studio. So, I've never been that comfortable recording because I have not put in the time. By regularly and intelligently working at it I feel like I will gradually become competent. I am kind of viewing it as a skill I just haven't acquired yet. A session would be a one hour block at this point. More manageable for my brain early on. I have recorded both live and by separate tracks before on a limited basis (Again, it's been awhile 😁.) My idea is to record both ways each session if time allows. To start, I just want to record a cover I know well as I mentioned above. Take the pressure off. Record the first takes live to get used to being there, hearing myself through the headphones, and communicating with the engineer. Then to recording just guitar and then voice. Thanks for the metronome suggestion. Practicing with a metronome is a good idea I hadn't thought of. I definitely agree on the first time being a learning session. Honestly, I just want to record covers for the first several sessions. That way I can really focus learning basic studio etiquette, for example, and hearing what is being offered. Thanks again, Alistair. Cheers. More suggestions always welcome!
  9. Greetings! First post ever. Looking forward to learning and connecting. My question is related to performance and recording. If I’ve posted in the wrong place please let me know. Ok. I write songs. I want to record them. In a studio. But I’ve limited, infrequent experience. I find the process intimidating. I want a studio, as opposed to home recording, so I can just focus on my music. How do I get better at recording in the studio? Here is the plan. First, I’ve found a local studio. I chose it because it is small, inexpensive, and the engineer seems like someone I can relax around. Second, I only want to record solo guitar and voice. No band. Third, to prep myself, I’ve connected a microphone and earphones to an old boom box at home so I can get used to hearing myself through the cans before I go into a session. Fourth, I am only recording covers for now-no originals. I figure this will take a little pressure off myself. Fifth, I’m looking at booking two sessions a month. I would really appreciate your feedback and questions on this. Whether from a performer or engineer perspective. Thank you kindly.