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  1. 😄Nice instrumental. Loved this section...the chord progression was so surprising! Also some interesting use of words rhythm - wise. Vocally, good pitch, and tone, couldn’t always make out the lyrics you sang, but still enjoyed your voice! Great job! Miu 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR-VlTrsAFM3gYnlAdk4Ucw
  2. Hey there songwriting community! I started out with this song, wanting to use instruments I hadn’t used before...( enter the GarageBand string section) then I ended up thinking it sounded like music you’d hear at a Royal Palace somewhere...so, I ran with that idea, and decided that sometimes you have to claim a mentality of ROYALTY for yourself...and love those around you as though they are Kings & Queens. Give yourself permission 😄✨🎶✨👑. Looking for feedback as to feel, lyrics, and form. Please excuse the choppy video editing...I’m still not pro at that yet...lol! Thanks in advance for your time spent helping me with this song! Miu xoxo Music, lyrics, and video by Miuzia. ROYALTY © 2018 MIUZIA MIUZIK Verse 1 Dont need tuxedo or a crown Just holding hands downtown Dont need a castle on a hill to see you really love me still PreChorus Its not about the diamonds, or about the gown Its that look you give, and how it makes me live And it turns my frown upside down Chorus You’re my king, don’t need a title or crown I’m your queen, don’t need a diamond or gown You’re royalty, baby, You are royalty, sincerely (repeat) Verse 2 Don't need a life of fairytales Bury treasure, wedding veils Just hold me close, on the dance floor So I can give you love galore (repeat pre chorus and chorus)
  3. Wow! Love your voice! Super edgy and cool! The rhythm of “ help yourself” felt a bit rushed. Loved the long drawn out words and the synth in the background. Very moody. Hear a bit of Bowie in your voice. Love the emotion in your voice on “send a valentine” line. Would’ve liked to hear that type of vulnerability pushed more. Really great song! Beautifully written! Thanks for sharing it!
  4. Miuzia

    Let Them Go With Love

    My sincere condolences for the loss of your pet. I really enjoyed the sentiment of this song, and appreciate the heart with which it was performed and written. Would have liked to hear more of a rhyming scheme happening, but I guess maybe then the story would’ve had to have been sacrificed. It’s a great way to honour your pet, though Miu dog is still with me, it reminds me to really appreciate her while she’s here. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Miuzia

    Love Divine

    Hi bachandI, Thank you for the compliment! I do play a bit of keys...I haven’t been lately just because I don’t play at an extremely high level, so it’s faster for me when Songwriting to use GarageBand, and then learn it after. I will try it ...now that’s you mentioned it though! Thanks for taking the time to listen and give me your feedback! Miuzia
  6. Miuzia

    Love Divine

    Hi Short Order Kook, That’s a great point, I may have to enlist some outside help to establish a model clear picture for my listeners. I’ll put some extra work into the details of my future lyrics. Keeping in mind character details need to be more accurate and thorough. Thank You for explaining what you meant. I appreciate your taking the time to help me with my song! Miuzia
  7. Miuzia

    Love Divine

    Hi R-N-R, Thanks for listening and giving me feedback! Good to Know about the percussion. I’ll take another listen and make changes accordingly. That’s very kind of you to say that you think I’m American Idol worthy! Thank you!
  8. Miuzia

    Love Divine

    Hello and Thank You for your condolences. Sad world we live in. Well, if your listening to those two R&B singers( who are two of m FAVES!!!) you’re doing VERY well in my opinion! Thank you very much for your detailed analysis of my song! I’m happy you appreciated it’s possible value to your girls! That’s so cool! Never thought of that when I was writing it. I guess I was so focused on the story I was trying to convey... Seems that mystery is not always a great aspect in songwriting...I wrote thinking it would be a good thing for the listener to get to interpret certain things on their own (as in “the loss she left behind”), and make of it what they may ( there’s only so much time and room for lyrics in a song...) But you found it a bit off-putting it seems. How could I get around that? Crossed the line for me, meant to she had crossed an imaginary finish line, after which she has thereby proven her divine love for her tribe and family. I think most of the word corrections were unfortunate typos on my part ( “treasure” twice...) great that you suggest it, I did sing “measure” in the song,which was how I wanted it written. What does stodgy mean? I imagined her to be a very calculating, powerful, nearly psychic and super human queen. I meant never taking chances in war/ business, unless it was something obviously fun...like dancing. The word dance was a metaphor for fun. This means a lot to me,so thank you for listening, and helping me make it better! Miu 😄
  9. Hey there Songwriters!!! This song is dedicated to my friend & neighbour, Charles who passed away 2 days ago. The day I wrote it, he took his own life. In between writing the lyrics and shooting the video, I found out he was gone. He always said he could hear me singing, and playing music above him, and to keep up the good work! So I did, and I did it for him. Rest In Peace friend. ✨🙏🏽✨ The actual story of the song was initially inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest of a warrior queen that’s just gotten back from battle, who has tales to tell and love to share with her tribe. I called it “ Love Divine” because the main theme of her love for her tribe, and how strongly she felt for them was important to me. I would love feedback on lyrics, and flow, and whether or not you think this story comes across well or not. Thanks in advance! Love Divine Music and lyrics by Miuzia Verse 1 Eyes ablaze she takes her place, and starts to tell her story, They’re amazed at how unphased, she’s back from battle glory, Takes her time, voice like a chime, no trace of fear or worry, Crossed the line, a love divine. Pre Chorus Never wasting words on people with swords in their hands Nebwr taking chances ‘less it’s on an unplanned dance Never gave her heart to one cuz she shared it with all, Thats the reason why she’ll never fall, cuz she’s Chorus Queen of her thoughts, a mastermind Queen if the loss, she left behind, Queen of her world, so unconfined, Queen of her heart, and she showed a love divine. Verse 2 Rebel days a cold hard maze of searching for the treasure Steady gaze fo-coused always, a necessary treasure Takes her aim, in the war game, for family not for pleasure Crossed the line, a love divine... repeat pre chorus and chorus
  10. Miuzia

    Racing the Lions

    Great job! Your voice and style reminded me of Grimes... Who I love as an eclectic pop artist/ producer. I was actually hoping you’d put a sample of an actual lion roar ( not sure where you’d find that), but thought it may add an even darker feel to the song. But depending on the quality of the sample, could be too cheesy. I could imagine this being used in a horror or action film. Very moody, and epic sounding. Congrats on a great piece of music!
  11. Miuzia


    Hey there! Really beautiful! Kinda repetitive, but the subtle changes ( adding a soft Melody line synth or whatever the instrument was...) were helpful with that. I felt like I was waiting for a big booming chorus...or bridge...but I guess this ain’t that kinda song. I’m a sucker for a heavy sub bass! Loved that! Thought it would be Great for a chill ambaint trance song. Very dreamy and fresh! Congrats!
  12. I agree with Jonie. Titles ARE everywhere. Since you write mainly pop, I’d like to share that I once did a songwriting course that recommended going specifically to Huffington Post and making a list of all the front page article headlines, then putting your twist on each. Editing as you feel, until it’s a title you like. Then keep adding to the list every so often so that you have a pool to draw from when you sit down to write and need inspiration. I’ve been doing this, sometimes it helps, sometimes I’m im just sick of my list...lol! Hope this was helpful in some way!
  13. Miuzia

    Fake Life

    Hi girl_offline! Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback! I’m a huge R&B fan too! I think your piece of feedback may be great! I’ll try it, and let you know how it goes...I may have had a weird reason why I accented “to”...but can’t recall right now lol! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR-VlTrsAFM3gYnlAdk4Ucw
  14. Miuzia

    Fake Life

    Hi Allan, Thank you for your comment, and compliments! You’re correct- there was no autotune used in this performance, I sang it live ( again, and again til I got it right) also without a mic. LOL! That’s very encouraging that you think I have a commercial sound! Thank you, and chat soon! Miu 😃
  15. Hello Songwriters! This song is about a break up with a friend. We’ve probably all been there. But I feel that this song dissects the various emotions, not just anger, or sadness…it looks at the recovery phase as well. The getting better. It’s called “Better Now”. I use Garage band to make my backing tracks, and the lyrics are below. I’m getting a condenser mic soon, so please excuse the possibly annoying sound quality if you’re used to more high level videos. I’d appreciate feedback regarding flow, overall vibe, what genre you think this is, tempo, other instruments you think may possibly go well, I’m still finding my voice as an indie artist after 5 years of cover band life… Better Now Intro Better, yea I’m feeling better now that you’re gone, you’re gone. Better, yea I’m feeling better now that you’re gone, you’re gone. Verse 1 Let go, of the fake show, that we put on, No more, it’s a closed door, I’m moving on Done deal, it’s how I feel, I must stay strong, so long! Chorus Heart ache, heart ache, you brought nothing but All take, all take, I’d give it all up Heat ache, heart ache, that’s all that you brought Intro Better, yea I’m feeling better now that you’re gone, you’re gone. Better, yea I’m feeling better now that you’re gone, you’re gone. Verse 2 Secrets, like a fetus, grow into lies, Weakness, helped me welcome you into my life Sleepless, over drama, I’m cutting ties, bye bye! Chorus