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    Danoise - Step Back

    Hey man, great song and I love the vibe. I think because there is so much drenched in reverb it might be cool to hear drier vocals (especially in the verses), which would help the vocals stand pop out of the mix a little. I also think a bigger kick drum sound and some master compression may go a long way to helping more rhythmic parts or heavier beats (like the chorus) sound punchier. I also agree with some of the other critiques that there seems to be lack of variety and surprises and the instrumentation and the production. It being EDM gives you the opportunity to add little variances here and there by chopping up audio or applying a number of effects to it. For example it would be cool to hear the reverb on everything suddenly die down for a moment only to picked back up again by a huge chorus beat. But again, I do love the current vibe and production. Cheers!