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  1. wfurgson


    I'm interested to know specifically what lines you would tweak and how. This is the whole reason I am on this site. I know my lyrics are not great and I really want to get better at lyric writing. Can you give some examples?
  2. Oh, you can’t be true, I never saw a single living girl like you You’re the cream, my dream You’re Adorable Oh, I couldn’t lie, You’re all I ever wanted, never say goodbye You’re a dream come true You’re Adorable Oh can’t you see, our love was meant to be And I was made only for loving you. Oh can’t you see, you’re love was made for me And I was made only for loving you. Oh dear, Please come here I’ll hold you in my arms until the stars disappear So right, So bright You’re Adorable You know I will be true, I’ll always wanna stay right here with you I’ll stay, you’ll stay Adorable Oh can’t you see, you’re love was made for me And I was made only for loving you. Thanks in advance to anyone who listens and gives feedback. I am new to songwriting and really want to learn ways to improve. ~wes
  3. wfurgson

    Call Me By Your Name

    Absolutely beautiful! You really owe it to yourself to get a good quality recording of that.
  4. wfurgson

    Hit the ground running

    There were a few opportunities for repeating lyrics that you missed in my opinion. Repetition in the lyrics will make it more memorable for the listener. That is about the only criticism I can think of. I really enjoyed it. It was very well recorded and I thought your melodies were creative. I loved how the dynamic changed in the bridge. You could perhaps build the dynamic towards the end a bit more. Other than the drop at the bridge it is pretty flat dynamically.