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  1. Mr Distraction

    Be happy

    Hi mick70 yeah someone else said that about that line when I read it to them! Thanks for your idea always good to get others ideas on a lyric👊
  2. Mr Distraction

    Be happy

    Hi BB thanks for your input much appreciated🙂 yeah move 1st V to the top you are the 2nd to say that and it does make sense i will play with some of the ideas given and see what comes out Cheers
  3. Mr Distraction


    Hi Carl Back again lol! I have been thinking on the bridge after reading posts and wondered if his helps as a possible angle? The gates have been opened On an unsuspecting/naive society The savages unleashed There's no saving humanity The gates have been opened Our nightmares are set free The savages unleashed ??? I just edited and added this and wondered would the last 2 lines work if "Time" was the 1st word for both? Not saying use it just more ideas as I think about this lyric and hope they spark ideas for you and others👊 The gates have been opened The savages/Demons (are) unleashed Fear your worst nightmare/Time for your/our worst nightmare Prepare/time to face the beast edit Prepare for the nightmare Time to face the beast This line was prompted by Patty and again just ideas to play with Twist/corrupt the minds of children.......instead of educate! I love this thread it is so full of great ideas and possibilities! Mr D
  4. Mr Distraction


    Great idea for a lyric/song👍 Really different! I only found out what Alexa was from this lyric and some younger guys at work who are into this sort of stuff! I asked them lol! What's Alexa! So you made me curious🤔 I loved the line Her name is Sydney not Cyndy Auto correct for me is a nightmare 😂😂😂 I don't always check and some of the words it comes up with are so funny🙂 I edit a lot lol! Nice write I liked it once I understood what it was about and thought it quite original👊 Mr D
  5. Mr Distraction


    Hi Carl This has evolved so much in to a great lyric👊 1st thing i thought of in the bridge and i mean as soon as i read it i thought ”The animals are free” Goes with wild! Good job bro👊
  6. Mr Distraction


    Ch Lawlessness is here You can see it on the street The reference to ‘you’ weakens the impact of the notion of lawlessness. I suggest using an image that continues with how lawlessness is on the street, spreading like cancer. Spreading like cancer It's a plague we can't defeat Kill a cop for fun Get even is the scheme Better than ‘theme’ but sounds too organiised to be anarchic. Too clearly chosen simply to rhyme with ‘dream’. Can you find another word, or way to dramatise the point? For instance, ‘Make the bastard scream’? (Please note: The suggestion doesn’t reflect my own world view – it just sprang to mind in terms of the context. ) Blame the government To hell with any dream Lawlessness! Lawlessness!! Lawlessness!!! sss sssss sssss!!!.................. is here (softly spoken in an ominous tone) again thinking about Donna's comment! I want to put a swear word in lol! Kill a cop for fun Getting/get even is their goal Blame the (f*+%ing)( may be abbreviate it to F'in) government To hell with all their souls Sorry if I have brought down the tone but if you use shitting and its metal could you get away with f word? just ideas and this lyric is bugging me lol! I like it and only want to give ideas as I hear/read it and thought that swear word gave the chorus a bit of kick ass Boom!👊 If out of line please say and I will remove my comment 🙂
  7. Mr Distraction


    Thinking about Donna's idea in the chorus 2nd line! Just an idea Taking over on every street.... or similar? I will add if I can think of anything else🙂 A consuming hate on every/the street? trying to tie in with cancer as a sickness that consumes good cells! Still thinking!
  8. Mr Distraction

    Be happy

    Well here is an attempt lol! Needs a higher more lively voice may be than mine but had fun and remember I am not a singer Oh! Changed the last line of C1 to " I" and the "Don't" to "Wont" Cheers https://soundcloud.com/mrdistraction-59/be-happy-1/s-3a6mV
  9. Mr Distraction

    Toys were us

    Lol! couple of minors For a shop that's nice or for shops that are nice? may be Is/its useless now? Loved " Make Ken gag" lol nice one
  10. Mr Distraction

    Be happy

    Thanks Mick70 I will record the vocals but be warned I'm not a singer lol! It is meant to be an upbeat song and to me anyway it does sound that way but I wrote it lol! I will try, I like SB and Bernd's ideas and need to reword it slightly but I will record the original and see what you guys think! Thanks for the read and comments guys 👊 Still mulling over suggestions
  11. Mr Distraction


    Hi SB I think the changes are working but like others the word "illness"? I also thought sickness but more " a sickness" Aslo thought " They're on a killing trip" ? I want to use " plague" in the 2nd line of the chorus lol! It's like a plague upon our streets, there's a plauge on our streets! Something along those lines. Thought it went with the 3rd line? I wanted to get away from the battleship line but you use fleet in the chorus! Like the way you listen and have changed this and sorry I can't give you comments as indepth as some but offer what I can 🙂 Nice write 👊 Cheers Mr. D
  12. Mr Distraction

    Be happy

    Thanks guys for your comments i will have a proper read tonight as been away now going to work thanks again
  13. Mr Distraction

    Be happy

    Hi Guys Wrote this and seeing "Happiness" by Ty Cobb brought it to mind! No real reason for the lyric just that at the time it felt right I hope it makes you happy and brings a smile When I'm down i try to think of this and if you really want i will sing it lol! no music as I can't play anything. (or sing) Of course open to any thoughts you might have? The melody is all uplififting.🙂 Thanks for the read and any comments 👍 Be Happy Intro Today is gonna be a good day Nothings gonna bring me down Good things are coming my way Gonna wear a smile and not a frown C And be happy Won’t be sad Get happy Won’t get mad Wear a smile all day Keep the blues at bay Be happy happy happy as I can V Woke up this morning with a smile on my face The sun was shining in a - sky of blue Feels good to be apart of the human race I hope that you can feel it too This line is sort of broken up as you sing it! C And be happy Don’t be sad Get happy Don’t get mad Wear a smile all day Keep the blues at bay Be happy happy happy as you can B Uplifting happy musical bridge V I can't explain why I feel so alive There must be something - in the air Got a good feeling yeah a positive vibe I hope it's a feeling you can share This line is sort of broken up as you sing it! C And be happy Don’t be sad Get happy Don’t get mad Wear a smile all day Keep the blues at bay Be happy happy happy as you can Outro More uplifting happy music interspersed with “Be happy” “Don’t be sad” to fade
  14. Mr Distraction

    Battle of the Bulge

    Agree with mick awesome👊 Loved the chorus pretty clever 😂😂
  15. Mr Distraction

    Half-Baked Love

    Hi Paul I like the idea and story but agree on somethings said about fryin, stewin, baking I have been trying to offer ideas but changes the 1st verse a lot and then makes it harder to follow in to the Chorus! And may be make sense lol! Met her at a cookin' school I'm fryin' fries She's stewin' stew I've never tried to cook before But watching her I wanted more I had idea of reaching for the same pan for a moment we held hands But then your pre would need change! Still doesn't link to your hook! With baked! Sorry not much to offer but only ideas bouncing around as I read! And now I've got the Da duh Da duh in my head lol! Good idea and I've never seen one that uses this idea before so nice one! C