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  1. I would to, but its not that good unfortunately. I've always sung out of necessity, not talent.
  2. wadewulf

    I Dream Too

    vibing! Awesome. Vocal Defiantly needs to be brought up. I would personally change that to "You know, You're older now" or "An you know, your older now" You end up with you've, you, you're and know, now. A little more repetitive/ hooky. Just an idea.
  3. @RealKevM I would be inclined to split the chorus in 2 make the first half the 1st pre chorus and the 2nd the 2nd pre chorus and maybe just repeat rescue me for the chorus or add in some bits from the pre chorus like. pre chorus When you're falling from the skyTake my handWe'll learn to fly chorus rescue me rescue me rescue me (etc) Or pre chorus When i'm drowning lost at seaTake your handand rescue me chorus rescue me when im drowning rescue me take my hand and rescue me rescue me.
  4. It sounds to me there is a reservation in your voice like your trying to focus on hitting notes as opposed to feeling them out (Something I've struggled with) and the rhythm of the vocal is a little out. Did you write the lyrics before the music? If i do that i have to end up chopping them up and rearrange them. These are 2 things I've battled in writing music and i used to get disheartened about not being able to create what was in my head. The thing I've learned is that creativity is a process, If you try to create what was in your head completely you may fail (in your own mind) you need to be able to make changes cut things out, add bits and progressively work on a piece. Keep it up, I subscribed to your youtube channel. I'ld love to hear more. There is a song on my youtube channel called Beautiful life and its one of those songs where It meant so much to me lyrically that i was very uncompromising in its composition Ie what was in my head was how it stayed I never reworked it and its a total bomb, its awfull, potential but awfull. Some times you just need to look at work objectively and when your displaying your heart and soul can be difficult. I hope this was helpful and if you would like my opinion in future feel free to ask. Anyway keep up the journey!
  5. "Girl with the grey hair" "Gerald" witcher influence?
  6. Yeah I was sick for about 2 weeks making this. blocked nose, ears, Im surprised its not far worse plus I dont normally have a great ear.
  7. Thanks for listening guys. Feed back in this forum is really helpful I'm glad I joined. This is a new song written with some tips I've received I would love to hear your thoughts. Lyrics they say a mans worth more than words more than his title and his birth they say a soul resides inside with absolution in his mind and if we look through tunneled scope and see the world and all we know does this world look black and white or is there colour in the night Theres more to life than birth more to death than earth theres so much more to me so much more to see tell me tell me tell me tell me the rules may bend and break but this worlds not gona change so take all thats left inside and run run run run into the night Theres more to life than birth more to death than earth theres so much more to me so much more to see tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me why tell me when tell me how before you leave again tell me tell me tell me
  8. Wow i haven't logged on for a while and I a had a few more responses. Thanks guys I really appreciate it. I think your all right I've taken Triffid's advice and added it to a new song but i ended up rewriting it so many times its just kind of in limbo atm. I just posted a new song to youtube with some of this advise in mind ill make a new post for it. The scratches didn't bother me to much at the beginning but more so as time goes on, lay off the bass strings as I slide down pretty much solves it. Anyway thanks guys, The feed back I've been given has really helped me in wanting to make more music. You should post some links to your songs so I can listen.
  9. This is some good stuff Triffid. More of what i need. you..you!😃
  10. I'm a fan of the anti chorus as i like to call it, let it slow down a bit. thoughts would be appreciated especially with future production advice ie instruments to introduce. Any and all would be appreciated. Verse I've never known a year to throw its dice and disappear like shadows in the sun darkness to all that i have loved just a stones throw away innocence to insincere Chorus I have never known just where to lay my head but now i see i see the light verse these winding roads that we take just lead lead us astray fear that we consume fuels the seeds that lead us to bloom and ill grow old inside your arms until its taken away chorus I have never known just where to lay my head but now i see i see the light Bridge Lost in the dark for i while trying to find my way home i know im lost but never alone i know im lost but never alone with you with you with you with you Last chorus i never knew that i had a place to rest now i see i see the light.
  11. wadewulf

    Sands Of Time

    I dig it man. My first thought was David bowie? Alice in chains? its unique (in a good way) i don't think i have much else to say bar i would love to here the final version and rock i would just say its a rock song.
  12. wadewulf

    What I Need

    I walked into my studio in not so great a mood. Decided to listen to songs on this forum. This makes me happy, what can i say...its what i need.
  13. wadewulf


    I like it. its defiantly more ambient music that would suit a tv show or if you just had a cinematic sequence to play with the song. if your goal was to get people invested in it I feel like having an interesting video would do that as the intro is a bit long winded. that timing after the first verse did get a little choppy but... also I feel like the music was a bit busy over the vocals i would try more of a call and answer technique with the lead. I like your vocals man, at the end of the day its about story telling you don't need to sing 5 octaves.