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  1. Fragile Gods

    I Dream Too

    This is a great song! Vocals are strong and the guitar is excellent. I am getting a 70s AM radio vibe from this. The mix has the tracks in separate frequency bands giving it an odd sound. The vocal has no low frequencies and the bass has no higher frequencies. The EQ is too drastic in my opinion.
  2. Fragile Gods


    Great song! I find it enjoyable, not depressing. I think the vocals and drums work very well. The horns don't sound real but they do fit in an unobtrusive way. I would leave the horns as is. I didn't notice the organ. It is probably very low in the mix. Something is a bit off with the bridge. I'm not sure if it was removing the drums or the change of time signature but the effect is like a car running of gas.
  3. Fragile Gods

    20th century kid

    The music is quite good. However, all those London references sound forced to me. What is your Scottish character? I think it would be better if you wrote about things you know from your own life.
  4. Fragile Gods

    I Want to Give You the Moon

    Great dreamy tune! I agree with Luke Min. There are some odd notes in the bass. I think the performance and recording lacks dynamics. Everything sounds soft like you are trying not to disturb the neighbors.
  5. Fragile Gods

    Greatest Misses

    There are stereo effects on the sounds so there could be a small frequency imbalance across the stereo image. I will check this when I revisit the mix later. Thanks for your comments!
  6. Fragile Gods

    Greatest Misses

    I may revise the ending when I revisit this with fresh ears later. I know what you mean about the instrumental break. I wasn't entirely satisfied with that particular synth sound either. Thanks for the helpful feedback!
  7. Fragile Gods

    Greatest Misses

    I guess my vocal style is an acquired taste. Thanks for commenting!
  8. Fragile Gods

    Greatest Misses

    Thanks for your feedback! Hopefully we can keep the lawyers out of this.
  9. Fragile Gods


    Thanks for listen and comments. Aika Zabala did a great job on the backing vocals.
  10. The lyrics are fine but the singing is off key. If you want to upgrade your setup, you can tune your vocals with something like this: https://www.antarestech.com/product/auto-tune-live/
  11. Fragile Gods

    MP3 killed the CD

    It's a good idea for a song but streaming (Spotify and the others) is in the process of killing off the MP3. So you might have to update the lyrics in a year or so as things progress.
  12. "Greatest Misses" is a love-gone-wrong song produced as an unabashedly 80s dance track. Once again Aika Zabala provided backing vocals. I spent ages on the production and mixing thinking this could be a potential single. At this point, I am probably not going to make a lot of changes but I am interested in hearing any feedback or comments. For the gearheads, synths used: Repro5, Monark, Icarus; drums: Soniccouture Electro-Acoustic, Drumatic4. Lyrics Traffic patterns Out of sync All red lights Down the line Leaves are falling In the garden Fruit is dying On the vine I push when you pull and you pull when I push Feelings just get in the way I push when you pull and you pull when I push What a touching display Chorus My greatest misses Involve your kisses It happens all the time It happens all the time I feel I'm losing you I don't know what to do It happens all the time It happens all the time Seldom speaking Calls unanswered Static and silence Down the line Icy days Frozen nights We are running Out of time I push when you pull and you pull when I push Feelings just get in the way I push when you pull and you pull when I push What a touching display Chorus All I wanted was affection All you gave me is rejection All I wanted was affection All you gave me is rejection This cold kind of love This cold kind of love Chorus
  13. Fragile Gods


    Glad you liked the song and recording. There are genres (gothic music) and bands (Joy Division) that specialize in "depressing" lyrics. It's part of the human experience and fair game for lyrics. I don't think this song is particularly depressing but I like my music to have a dark aspect which is probably what you are picking up on. Thanks for the listen and comments!
  14. Fragile Gods


    I think the points that there could be more variety sooner and the lyrics could be better are fair comments. I have to admit the next song that I am about to post probably has the same issues. Sometimes I put so much energy into sound design, drum programming, mixing, etc. that I run out of energy. But I will think about what you said and see if I can improve in the future. I appreciate the feedback.
  15. Fragile Gods


    Glad you enjoyed this! I commissioned this guy on Fiverr to make the video: https://www.fiverr.com/shoikot07 I am not sure which software he used. He seems to be very proficient in several different video editors.