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  1. Fragile Gods

    Blast From the Past - cover tune

    A nice sounding live recording from the 70s. The Nickels were a force to be reckoned with. The video is jam packed with interesting text which is a good strategy to keep people watching until the end. Your archive of materials across the decades is impressive. I've lost audio tracks from last Win XP machine because I was too lazy to backup properly.
  2. Fragile Gods

    She's Only Watching The Clock

    The new mix sounds very good. Good job on the falsetto vox.
  3. Fragile Gods


    Hi Dave. Glad you liked the melody and synths. I posted a song a while ago in another forum that had non-stop vocals and someone made the comment that it might be better with some instrumental breaks in between the vocals. I took the comment on board and here is the result, a song with meaningless instrumental breaks in the verses. I guess I can't win. This song is done but my next song won't have any breaks in the middle of the verses so perhaps it will be better.
  4. Fragile Gods

    Danoise - Step Back

    A pleasant song. The mix is generally good although the vocals are a little buried. There is a lot of potential but it lacks surprises in the choice of chords, melodies, or rhythms. It is middle of the road EDM pop. Please take some chances! Everything is quantized and all notes are of the same duration giving this a mechanical sound. It would help if you took up playing keyboards to come up with more varied parts. Please read the forum rules above about giving feedback. Thanks.
  5. Fragile Gods

    Hit the ground running

    Great song! Some wonderful lyrics here: "Says she’s running out of sky | Falling down". Please work on the arrangement and production to bring them up to the level of the songwriting. I think this deserves a more interesting arrangement than just arpeggiated piano.
  6. Fragile Gods

    She's Only Watching The Clock

    Great song with a fantastic and varied arrangement! I like the way the female vox, synth pad, synth arp, and guitar tastefully pop in and out of the mix. There is always something interesting happening making this an enjoyable listen all the way through. At times the vox seem a little strained. I wonder if lowering the key a whole tone would make it easier to sing. The mix balance is good. However, the use of reverb and stereo width sounds unnatural although not necessarily bad. I can tell it was a deliberate choice. I think "road block", "headlock", and "deadlock" are all the result of perfect rhymes with "clock." I would consider using more approximate rhymes in the future to give you more possibilities to chose from.
  7. Fragile Gods


    Glad you enjoyed this! Yes, my vocals often end up in the Bowie zone (especially on the new song I am working on.) I agree the female vocals really lift this. They are from the talented Aika Zabala. You will be hearing more from her on my material. That downtown dive bar sounds great. Hey, wait! Your Soundcloud says you're only 16. What are you doing in dive bars?
  8. Fragile Gods


    Hey, thanks Pete! Glad you enjoyed it. Zappa, "circuit dialogue", high school in the 80s. I think I could write a song around that.
  9. Fragile Gods


    This is a great song. It could fit easily into any number of playlists. My only complaint is that I think it overstayed its welcome on the final chorus. I would have faded it 30 seconds earlier. Great job!
  10. Fragile Gods

    Princess and the Pauper

    I can hear an excellent song here even with the basic production. Your voice is very good. The instrumental melodies are good. Lots of potential here! The lyrics are sort of a mash up of Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" with romance novels. Not exactly my thing but I think there are plenty of damsels in distress waiting for their knights in shining armor who would relate to this. Hey this catchy! I'm on my third listen. Keep going and get yourself a proper DAW so you can polish this up.
  11. The lyrics are imaginative and entertaining. This could be adapted into a hit TV series on Netflix! This could be arranged and produced as a powerful song but I think the basic guitar strumming isn't putting the song in the best light. Ideally you would have a full band to help develop and complete the arrangements.
  12. Fragile Gods


    I wasn't trying to emulate Zappa here. But I could imagine one day raising a nice little crop of dental floss. Glad you liked the vibe and the singing. This song wasn't aimed at the dance floor but the song I am currently working on will be very dance oriented. It is interesting how lyrics focused this forum is. I am not trying to tell complete stories or create standalone poetry. Sometimes the lyrics are just noises that I make with my mouth that fit the mood of the song. Thanks for commenting kuya!
  13. Fragile Gods


    Glad you liked the vocals and the song overall. The "I said" lyrics in the break were improvised while recording and kind of a throwaway. Unfortunately, they are featured rather prominently in the Lyrics video. "Stars below" is generally about the feeling of disorientation -- possibly falling for real or in a dream, e.g., "falling slowly" and "drifting in my sleep." Pretty confusing, isn't it? I appreciate the comments, Paul!
  14. Fragile Gods


    I think that is a fair point -- not having enough contrast in the arrangement. It's an area that I need to work on. Hmmm. On another forum, someone made a point of saying how much he loved that sound. The synth is u-he's Repro-5 an emulation of a Prophet 5 and it is quite retro. I tend to like retro stuff but I can see how it won't be to everyone's taste. There is heavy compression, saturation, and EQ on my vocal. The female vocal is more natural. I am happy to hear that the vocal effects sound good to you. De-essing is always a struggle and I am glad that I was mostly successful with that. Glad you liked the overall mix. Thanks very much for the detailed feedback, Gary!
  15. Fragile Gods

    Pretty Blue

    A great little garage rocker that packs a punch! The lyrics (on Soundcloud) are brief but clever. FYI, I also had an "ouch!" reaction with respect to the mix. Good job overall!