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  1. Im_trying

    Sin city

    It's great
  2. Im_trying

    Life goes south

    Wonderful chorus man
  3. Im_trying

    I know.

    Thanks for your support guys. It's my first time writing and I'm looking forward to learn from experienced writers. Malcolm, that's a wonderful song you've written thanks for helping me understand how a song should go like and what makes it different from a poem Also, Thanks a lot Jim, i'll try rewriting
  4. Im_trying

    I know.

    Hey Buddy! Thanks for the welcome and feedback. Do you know what i could do to make it seem like a song?
  5. Im_trying

    I know.

    I saw you standing in the dark down those empty lanes I know that things have gotta change between the two of us I know we both've felt the pain I know that we've made mistakes and never learnt Yeah, it's kept me up at nights thinking of you and I oh it hurts me every single time. I saw you crying in the street why'd you run away from me you could tell me how you feel and i'd never judge I know i didn't deserve it back then lacked the courage, the strength didn't stand up for my friend things got bad but that wasn't how i wanted things to end. I wish i could forget it wish i didn't regret it cause every time i think of it makes me wanna cry can't stop those tears can't leave the past behind I know I felt bad so i wanted to apologize no i didn't want you by my side no i didn't want you to sympathize now you didn't know how i felt inside i know thing never worked out but i'm glad i tried *my first try*