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  1. Cry Uncle

    Instrumental in need of criticism

    I liked that a lot; the guitar parts played off each other very well, I thought. There's a fine line between sounding too "improv," and too prepared and stilted; I think you walked that line very well. It sounded natural, flowed nicely. Faron
  2. Cry Uncle


    Just wanted to thank everyone for the input. The consensus seems to be that the song needs a vocal melody/lyrics to give it more focus than it has now, a center to hang around. Otherwise, it's just a pointless guitar instrumental that, TBH, I don't really have the guitar chops to pull off anyway; someone like Eric Johnson or Steve Morse might be able to make more than a wannabe wank out of it, but I'm stuck. Anyway, one of the members here has offered to put a lyric and vocal melody to it (with some necessary adjustment), so we'll see where that goes. But I've definitely profited from the short time I've been on this site, so again, thanks to everyone. Faron
  3. Cry Uncle

    Released (acoustic)

    I went to your SoundCloud profile and listened to the version with the percussion. That's a good direction, I think- the percussion adds to the guitar line, complements it, without distracting from it. I've used the same sort of percussion with a few of my short tunes that are mainly guitar lines. I also have a tendency to try to find complementary guitar lines, harmonies and so on, and this approach might work here with your song. But it's a good basic structure on its own, so you may not feel it needs any more. That would work too. Faron
  4. Cry Uncle


    Definitely has that cheerful 60's vibe, doesn't it? I can't say I was ever a big fan of that sort of thing, but this tune did have me tapping my foot and nodding my head in appreciation anyway. I like the way you went out on the repetition of the chorus by changing up on each iteration just a bit. I also have to say, some of those lyrics are just brilliant ("your glad rags of green"; I especially liked these lines- Especially the way those last two lines work- I don't know the technical terminology, but the way the "iss" sound is repeated really juices them up, makes them almost percussive in effect. Good tune Faron
  5. Cry Uncle

    Turn Out The Lights

    I like the natural flow. As mentioned, it has that Steely Dan Feel, maybe mixed with some Atlanta Rhythm Section- just enough of both to be distinct from each, I think. R-N-R Jim brought up a sax solo- maybe that would work over the piano bit at 3:30 that Zeligovitch mentioned, keep the tune strong until the last vocals. It's a good tune, doesn't really need much more than some minor tweaking. Faron
  6. Cry Uncle


    Yeah, it does kind of plod, doesn't it? Agree with you about the crash cymbal placements, they seem arbitrary and, on that account, a little obnoxious- like they're only there for the sake of being there. Which isn't actually far from the truth- all I have to work with are drum samples/loops from various sources (Looperman.com and an old Cakewalk Drag-n-Drop drums CD), and I tried using different fills to spice things up some, but none of them just really seemed to work with the song. Anyway, that's something for me to consider. As well as, obviously, the lack of a bass line (as I said, I'll probably beg, borrow, steal, or maybe even buy a bass and do my own). It could also probably be somewhat shorter. But it does have a definite structure, one which, with all due respect, it might take longer than two minutes to hear- that doesn't even get you to the end of what I think of as (for lack of a better term in the absence of vocals) the first verse iteration. The intro bit (two guitars playing variations on Em7, punctuated by Gmaj7 and Bm7) is reiterated as an outro, but could probably be cut short there, maybe faded out sooner, without any great loss. As you said, not much more than an idea at this point, which needs a lot of work. Thanks Faron
  7. Cry Uncle


    Pretty rough guitar instrumental. I'm not really sure where I want to go with this, or how to get there. Obviously needs a bass line; the only bassist I've been able to get together with couldn't seem to do much more with it than hit root notes, so I'm probably going to end up finding a cheap bass somewhere and doing my own (something that's a distinct line of its own, ala John Paul Jones or James Dewar). I'm also thinking of a keyboard part, kind of an ambience-type thing, like Pink Floyd (intro to Shine On You Crazy Diamond), with a pedal A in the little bridge thing. The big question to me is, does this song lend itself to a vocal melody? I'm not sure; it seems to me to be structured more around a feel hopefully conveyed by the opening and closing voice fx, and I don't know that vocals wouldn't be more of an intrusion than anything else. But, of course, I'm open to ideas. The lead lines are also something I'm working on polishing up a bit. Anyway, all feedback appreciated. Faron Abandoned, on SoundCloud ETA- just listened to the link, and I didn't realize how muddy that version sounds. I'd have preferred to link to my BandMix version, but couldn't get that link to work properly. I should also mention that I've been having issues with hearing loss for the last few years (seems to run in my family, and I am 61, after all), so what I hear and what everyone else does may be two completely different things.
  8. I won't speak to the vocals, since I don't sing (at least my wife tells me I shouldn't ), except to say that I do like the power of your voice; raw, but still carrying a distinguishable melody. My one suggestion would be to make the lead and the fill guitars a little crisper, more percussive; the way they kind of hang out there tends to make them blend in a bit too much with the other guitars, and I think they would profit by being more distinct in feel as well as tone. I'm not necessarily talking shredding style here (that's both overrated and overdone, IMO), just biting the notes off a little more. I do like the tone of the rhythm guitar, just enough distortion for rock without getting into that over-saturated metal sound that seems these days to be a cover for not being able to do more than crash a few power chords. Good job. Faron
  9. Cry Uncle

    Falling Sky

    Newbie here. Just listened to the V3 in the SoundCloud link in your sig, and that pretty much covers the way I was thinking I would go after listening to the initial version. The only change I would suggest is in the solo section- the last little bit that begins at 2:38 would sound really cool with a harmony line doubled in, and maybe let the delays bleed over (possibly even pan) a little more, just enough so they overlap lightly into the drum/bass section that follows. These are flourishes though- the song itself is solid as is. I also (respectfully) disagree with the suggestion above that the guitars not come in so heavily to begin. I think that crash to start kind of establishes the feel of the song. And beginning a song cleanly, then getting heavy is, IMHO, a little overdone in this genre anyway. Just set the mood and go with it, as you've done. Good job. Faron