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  1. THIS. ^^^ And posted by a guy who has actually mic'ed a glockenspiel, and isn't just guessing based on "what I read on the Interwebz." Also, if I hear one more piece of commercial music that features a uke and a glockenspiel, somebody gonna get hurt. That sound is played. SO played.
  2. Dude... in most home studios, an LDC (Large Diaphragm Condenser) at one meter IS a room mic.
  3. California James

    Time Stretching

    Melodyne is the very best at time and pitch correction. It's also real expensive. Reaper is not the only DAW with built in stretching capabilities. To my ear, MOTU's Digital Performer does the best job of this (among DAWs). MOTU's approach let's you tweak and nudge and goof with the stretch without degradation of the original file. No offense to anyone who uses it, but Reaper is the last program on Earth I'd trust to not screw up the audio. Stretch an entire mix works great, up to a point. With so much harmonic info flying around, even Melodyne will produce digital artifacts if you stretch too far. But Logic, ProTools, Cubase, Studio 1, etc., etc... they all do it, for better or worse.
  4. Tracy! Is that you? I was once Gravity Jim. We're friends on FB...? The pillow is beautifully done. I love the offset composition and the faceless mermaid. Lovely.
  5. Wow. Delusional is a mighty strong word. I think you meant "mistaken."
  6. California James

    Is it a rip

    I don't think I would typify these things as "rips," which implies a kind of malicious intent. These seem to be examples of what happens because there are only 12 notes. It's all been written, it's all been sung. You are not writing a single melody that's never been written before. Every phrase you compose could be found elsewhere if you wanted to dig for it.
  7. California James

    Gibson files for bankruptcy

    Gibson's bankruptcy has nothing to do with the guitars: regardless of individual opinion on robots and the largely Internet-invented concept that Gibson makes bad guitars, the guitars still sell well. The Gibson guitar division is the only part of the company that makes money. What really happened was that Henry Juszkiewicz saved Gibson from certain doom back in 1986. He and two investor friends bought the company when it was an eyelash from closing, and brought it back to prominence (if the "mis-management" trope was true, Gibson would have ceased to exist in '86). Henry is a smart guy, his specialty was mergers and acquisitions, and he knew how to save dying companies. He decided to use those skills to turn Gibson Brands into a massive musical corporation, very much along the lines of Harmon. Unfortunately, Henry and his board had a bad habit of choosing dying companies that owned some piece of music tech they were interested in, so they were kind of involved in buying an apple, taking one bite and ignoring the rest. The first failure was Opcode Systems in 1998. Many guitar players still repeat the canard that Gibson "killed" Opcode, as if they had no interest in making money with it. The truth is, Henry thought all Opcode needed was a huge infusion of cash, which he gave them... but it was to late. Opcode was already in ICU, and they didn't make it despite Gibson's best efforts. But like every MBA knows, debt isn't a problem... it's only the ability to service that debt. Gibson kept buying bad companies (the most recent being TEAC/Tascam) and kept piling up debt. Hey, no sweat, said the MBAs... one of these acquisitions is going to pay off and we'll survive. But, none of them did, and finally last month, a 100-million+ bond payment came due, and they didn't have the money to pay it. Their plan now is to correct their mistakes by taking a huge loss on their acquisition by selling them off, concentrate on the core biz, and listen to players. They'll be fine, just as they were in 1986.
  8. California James

    Thoughts on Offensive Lyrics

    Freedom of expression is for everyone, even Nazis. I lean toward trusting people, in general, to be able to make their own choices as to whether to accept or reject an idea. I'd rather let people I despise rail on then think of living in a nation with a Taste Council.
  9. California James

    Who's In Your Dream Team (band)?

    Vocals - Paul Carrack Lead guitar: Robben Ford Rhythm guitar: Dean Parks Bassist: Pino Palldino Drums: Keith Carlock Keys: Greg Phillinganes MIDI, Samples & Turntablism: DJ Shadow
  10. California James

    New Old Kid says "hey!"

    Hi, all. I'm Jim Bordner, formerly known on the Muse Forums as Gravity Jim. I'm semi retired now (Gravity Music has become a part time gig), and I live in California's North Bay (Santa Rosa, to be precise) and am happily pursuing my new life as a grandfather and coastal bum. I hope to spend more time writing for fun now, and thought I'd come back here looking humbly for some help.