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  1. UnitedByRhyme


    Hi Mike I did know about the original mixtapes, i knew someone would say about those eventually. I just wrote about the mixtape definition in my case. But you're right I am young and I wasn't around for those mixtapes.
  2. UnitedByRhyme


    Thanks everyone, I can see the issues now, its becoming a bit clearer. I suppose if for nothing else, it comes down to courtesy.
  3. UnitedByRhyme


    Hi So I've done a bit of a blog thing cause I'm interested in what the fuss is with this permission thing...but I can tell all concerned I have just contacted the artists I plan to use and asked about beats, MAT RAFLE, PLUTONIC LAB & PHIL & FLU. I'm awaiting a reply. I'm glad to have been picked up on this, I can't see the issue myself but for more information or if you want to fill me in on what I'm missing check out the blog post I did. THE COPYRIGHT ISSUE Thanks to HOBOSAGE for pointing this out, I'm pretty sure like myself you are a bit of a piss taker (I can tell by reading your interests)
  4. UnitedByRhyme


    Hey guys So I've been asked about copyright and if I have permission to use the beats I'm using and stuff (In the comments in BANQUET). I have just contacted the places I am using and asked, I'll be waiting on responses. Emails were sent at roughly 10:30 Tasmania time, on the 3rd of May. But I still feel like it was unnecessary, I'd love to hear from anyone exactly what the big deal is. I am not writing that out of spite, I would honestly like to hear and learn. I would understand if I was making money off the tracks, but I won't be. As well as that, I did do some research prior and it was 50/50 about whether or not you needed permission. 1. It's a mixtape, that means an unofficial release and the only people who ever know it exists will be people who search for it. 2. Everything will be creditted where necessary. 3. No money will be made. 4. I see it as a win/win. Sure, I get free promotion by using the beat but so does the underground artists who the beat belongs to. If someone likes an instro they hear in my track, they look in the credits and can be directed to the real artists. 5. Even if I get permission and the artist say yes, all they'll do is say 'but you can't sell it and it must be creditted.' The only difference between what I was doing and that was not asking. Of course, they could say no, but does anyone have any suggestions as to why??? Maybe this is an issue because of demographics, age differences, attitudes...I'm not really sure. I can see how using someone else's work is an issue, but to me it isn't as serious as some of you seem to think. Anyway, I'd like to hear your say. And one other thing: its not only beats I'm planning on using. I was going to use some samples from THE SIMPSONS GAME at the end of BANQUET, there's a line about "slugs sucking up sexy sleaze with a smile" which I kind of think fits in with the theme. Thing is, from my research the massive businesses won't bother chasing you for an uncredited/no permission sample. They make enough money and it isn't worth their time and resources to chase down someone like me. Thoughts on that? Can I also just clarify that people know what a mixtape is? It's an unofficial release usually used to promote yourself when you start out (though as I prefer underground stuff, it's not really about promoting, its about getting stuff out there). A mixtape uses beats by other artists and is full of samples, for example check out SAVILIAN KID OR KONCEPT MIXTAPE (I admit the lyrics to his stuff suck). It samples beats from heaps of artists. Often they are only used in rap, they arent as serious in other genres though do occasionally pop up. A rap mixtape will usually have no original production. Everything is done by you: album art, liner notes, pressing and all that (if you want, mine will just be digital). You basically spend money making it that you won't make back. I didn't mean to drag this out so long but yeah, hope to hear some thoughts on the copyright thing and has anyone had similar issues, either with not getting permission or using an uncredited sample? Cheers guys
  5. UnitedByRhyme


    You can be rest assured i won't be pinching anyone's lyrics or instrumentals. I'm not trying to take credit for work that isn't mine. It will be made very clear who created the instrumental. And if I'm doing wrong its an honest mistake but im glad to stir some controversy. I'm sure if it bothers the creators they'll sue me for the moths and cobwebs i make off the release. Is this a problem with everyone or just you? I really don't think i could have been more open since i posted the lyrics that the instro wasn't mine. Anyway, everyone your work is safe.
  6. UnitedByRhyme

    It's All Gonna Work Out

    I like how the song has the positive future ahead feel despite the negativity of the now. Two young people struggling to find their feet. Im not the professional but i didn't find the song to wordy, probably because rap is my genre. I found the .'boss don't appreciate what you do' like relatable as I'm sure many will, i reckon the lyrics are relatable to a broad audience which adds to its appeal.
  7. UnitedByRhyme


    As its a mixtape which is a free release i don't think i need to get permission but it will be credited. I won't make any money off the mixtape so its not like I'm gaining off their work. Anyway they are so unknown I'm sure they would be grateful that someone likes their music enough to sample it as part of their own work. 👍👍👍
  8. UnitedByRhyme


    Hi guys Not really happy with this one, and verse 2 is unfinished. I feel like its missing something. For those interested the beat is LIVICATIONS by PLUTONIC LAB, you can find it on Bandcamp. I'd love to hear title suggestions, the working title is 'the bright days lie ahead' but it seems wordy and too obvious, nothing mysterious about it. LYRICS I don't know how you're feeling right now Weak or powerful enough to take on the powers that would happily have us killed in a heartbeat Uh (sort of a throat clear sound) Winston against the party I don't know if you're so wrecked it's like you just survived a car crash I don't know if you're so on top of shit you're just sitting there wishing it was Jane Tyrrell underneath I don't know but, I wish I did Cause I want to lend you a hand, mine are empty Maybe yours are full with the stress that life brings The day to day struggle of existence that we all face, listen This can be my time, this can be your time, this can be our time I don't know if you're in the dumps or feeling high but if you're low, this is for you, uh Let it be your lullaby Maybe my dark days came so early cause my bright days lie ahead Maybe my dark days came so early cause my bright days lie ahead Maybe my dark days came so early cause my bright days lie ahead Maybe my dark days came so early cause my bright days lie ahead Maybe not and maybe I'm wrong, allow room for a miscalculation I never claimed to have the answers and I raise more questions than I address I admit that But I hope you know that life is a gift and you don't even have to wait for Christmas Maybe my dark days came so early cause my bright days lie ahead Maybe my dark days came so early cause my bright days lie ahead Maybe your dark days came so early cause your bright days lie ahead Maybe my dark days came so early cause my bright days lie ahead
  9. UnitedByRhyme

    Poltergeist Boy

    Sometimes the simplest choruses are the best and yours is very dramatic. I don't get the end, do you have to read the book to get the 'sir' reference or is that a reference to his power? I imagine the track to have a kind of boppy tune with a humourous tone, maybe sung like a nursery rhyme? Is that what you imagine ot to be?
  10. UnitedByRhyme

    IDK How to get ideas

    Hi I was drawn to this post, i hope what i say is useful. If im struggling to come up with something, what i do is think about everything that already has been written about (love songs, party songs etc.) Then i try to think up something that has never been done before or written in a particular way. It might also help to write from a different perspective rather than a common one, like the mind of someone deranged or something like that. Maybe this won't help but thought I'd contribute. ☺
  11. UnitedByRhyme

    Xposed Kingdom

    I love the alliteration towards the end of the verse, its a tongue twister alright. Catchy. Are you planning on a second verse? Im not saying it needs it, just curious.
  12. UnitedByRhyme


    Hey Thanks for your feedback. The chorus of GOOD ENOUGH is really strong, in my opinion. I don't think that should be touched. I'm crying, I'm screaming I've hit my glass ceiling I've nowhere left to go I'm hurting, I'm dreaming Also love this bit. although the song seems angry and confused this verse feels empowering and leaves a positive note. I feel like its a kind of heavy metal/rock track? You also used some pretty good plays on words, i liked the winning soul but always losing one. Good track.
  13. UnitedByRhyme


    No theres the instrumental version on that album of that song. If you are interested search PHIL & FLU CLASSICS BANDCAMP and the instro is track 9.
  14. UnitedByRhyme


    There is a reference to that, the watcher house. Some people reckon the new owners made it up to give the house back because they changed their minds. Its not about the watcher house, its about politicians viewing us as lesser beings and having a meeting where people are the menu. It takes 'eat what someone says' literally. The watcher line just fit in there because of the line before it about the watchful, people who are kind of paranoid and ask questions rather than blindly following. The reference to the watcher house is there because it is a haunting story (whether its true or not) and the track is trying to paint a negative picture of those in power. Rap music tends to reference obscure things. Obviously the track is incomplete. Maybe i haven't made the point of view clear, i would say the POV is from one of the 'watchful'. Any suggestions on how i can make that more clear?
  15. UnitedByRhyme


    Hi Malcolm, nice feedback. So the song is really about finding who we are in our darkest moments, i suppose when read it looks like a bit of a suicidal track but i didn't intend that. Your 'evil within' to me is really just finding your dark side in a moment of pain (mental). Whatever that may be. The dream state is there to kind of be a metaphor for saying its just a dream, that dark side to us doesn't have to come out. Most people have evil sides but for the good of society they are locked away. In a moment of mental pain though we may act out of character...this is why school massacres and murders occur. I'm not for a second saying its ok to act out, its a terrible tragedy to do so. But when we embrace that pain we find our evil within, which is us finding our dark side. The song is written through a dream so the idea is the narrator acted out on their evil side in the dream then couldn't remember it...maybe deliberately? Thinking about it now, maybe the verses aren't from dreams but nightmares? I hope i explained that ok and didn't just confuse things. With the bridge idea, you don't think that would make the track too long? Originally I had a rap verse for verse 3 but i discarded it, the song felt too long. As is it runs for roughly 3.05. I haven't actually recorded it, i just did a run through. Hope i didn't confuse you. With the meaning. But, a song can be about whatever you want it to be about. Two different people can get different meaningsfrom the same song, thats what makes music exciting. Thank you for the detailed feedback, I'll try work on a bridge for it.