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  1. Joe Vicas

    Reach Out

    I love the concept and the song is nice but I had a hard time trying to listen to the song while reading the quotes posted in the video. It was simply too jarring for me. I honestly think it might have been a better idea to show the lyrics of the song with photos rather than quotes, no matter how good they are, I think they take away attention from the song itself.
  2. Joe Vicas

    "Lost Upon The Deep"

    I thought this was a very moving and emotional song. The only thing that just bothered me just a little, just enough to make me notice, was that in some places, the music overwhelmed the vocal and sometimes the bottom end was too strong. Other than that, I thought the vocal was terrific and loved the bell ringing appropriately. A very nice song.
  3. Joe Vicas

    I'm Walking Alone

    I’m just going to post one or two more songs to continue my introduction to this community. This is one of my more popular songs on YouTube. Any comments on the song or video would be welcome. As always, Thanks for watching and listening. I’M WALKING ALONE V1 I’m haunted by the moments We stood side by side And by the soul I met through your eyes V2 Did it really happen? Are you a fantasy? It’s hard to know being a dreamer like me. Chorus I close my eyes and I see your face I open my heart and feel your grace I turn my head and softly moan You’re not here, I’m walking alone V3 You said it was an illusion And I have to agree You never actually said that you wanted me V4 The truth is painful When I realize A connection was only in my mind Chorus V5 I guess it’s finally over At last now I see The one that I want doesn’t want me V6 I really don’t know Why I feel so bad You can’t lose something you never had Chorus I’m walking alone
  4. Joe Vicas

    The Girl Who Taught Me How To Fly

    Thank You very much! I'm glad you liked it.
  5. Joe Vicas

    How to post songs

    AH!!!!! Thank You so much! That's what I was missing!
  6. Joe Vicas

    How to post songs

    I'm sorry, but I don't see a "share" link. I tried to use the "link" icon in between the Strike Through and Quote icons but that didn't work either. So far, I have been putting the YouTube link directly into the post but it doesn't embed.
  7. Joe Vicas

    How to post songs

    So far I've posted 3 music video links from YouTube and I tried 3 different ways to embed the video but I haven't been successful. None of the options mentioned above are available to me. I don't have a "cards" icon and right of the smiley face is an icon for inserting a bulleted list. I simply put the link into the description but that doesn't work either. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing or doing wrong? Thanks!
  8. Joe Vicas

    Don't Let Me Down

    I thought this was really good but I have to agree that the video is too repetitious because of the same camera angles and distance from the performers. The change in color helped, but it wasn't enough to break the repeated sameness of the shots. I liked the song and would have liked to see the lyrics posted. Overall, I did like it.
  9. Joe Vicas

    Hi Ho Motel

    Very nice indeed! I just wish you had posted the lyrics. I liked everything about it. The guitar playing, singing, and the overall mood of the song.
  10. Here is the second music video I’m posting to get acquainted with this community. Comments on the song or video are welcome. Thanks for watching and listening. THE GIRL WHO TAUGHT ME HOW TO FLY V1 “Spread your wings and fly with me”, she whispered with the wind My feet were planted on the ground I asked, “How do I begin?” She told me I needed to open myself in order to take flight “Embrace the air and hold my hand, everything will be alright.” Chorus Never did I imagine that I could touch the sky I often think about the girl who taught me how to fly V2 For a time we flew on the winds of a dream Ever higher, ever farther, a friendship supreme Two souls connected sometimes feeling like one Always supportive, always protective, always having fun Chorus [BREAK] V3 A new current invaded our space and took her away from me I saw her go and watched her soar to heights I could not reach She turned her head and smiled at me, beaming like the sun Sadly I watched her fade away, my own flight had begun Chorus
  11. Joe Vicas

    Just Like Gary Oldman

    Boy did I like this! Just really a fun video to watch. I also love the vocal. A really nice voice. In trying to come up with a meaningful or insightful critique, I simply don't have anything to offer. There is nothing about this video that I would say, "I would have done it like this". I like everything about it, including the music production. It sounds really good. It's just a really cool idea executed very well. Sorry I can't give you something to think about altering.
  12. Joe Vicas

    Pop Spirituality

    First of all, I love the visuals. Very nicely done and really entrancing. My only critique would be that in some places it's difficult to hear the lyrics which is a shame because I really want to know what's being said/sung. Of course posting the lyrics would solve that issue but I guess the vocal has to be "clearer" in order to understand what's being sung/said. With that point aside, i thought this is a terrific video.
  13. Joe Vicas

    Mile After Mile

    I have a large backlog of songs. I thought I would start to participate in this community by posting a few of my older ones that I still like a lot to show you where I’ve been, while I’m working on new songs and to let everyone here get to know me a little bit. Each song/video will be newer than the one before. To me, any song that hasn’t been heard before is a new song regardless of when it was done. Unfortunately, you can’t update videos on YouTube, so once it’s uploaded, that’s it and it can’t be changed. So although it’s unlikely that I’ll make changes to this song or video, I’d still like to know what people here think about it so I can apply any suggestions going forward. Lyrics are posted below. Feel free to comment on either song or video. Thank you for watching and listening. MILE AFTER MILE V1 I remember you from long ago I remember when we were both young I remember swearing I’d never let you go Your soul was as warm and bright as the sun V2 I walked through the old neighborhood Looking for the places we hung around Most of them are gone, gone and forgotten Time is trying to wipe my memories out Chorus Do you ever think about me? Maybe just every once in a while Right now, I’m thinking about you As I walk mile after mile V3 I walk these old streets of our past Alone and feeling blue But I still smile when I remember How proud I was to walk beside you V4 I wonder where you are, it’s been such a long time The shrines of our past are crumbling and worn They were new when you began your flight I hope you found what you were looking for Chorus Do you ever think about me? Maybe just every once in a while Right now, I’m thinking about you As I walk mile after mile V5 I remember the day that you left The day you packed up and had to go I remember you walked away and didn’t look back I remember I remember Chorus Do you ever think about me? Maybe just every once in a while Right now, I’m thinking about you As I walk mile after mile
  14. Thank You very much Dan! I've just joined and I'm already enjoying it immensely!
  15. Joe Vicas


    First of all, I LOVE this song! My only comments would be that in the beginning, the piano seems to get lost in the mix and sounds kind of muddy. I also think the drums sound a bit flat, like they could use a touch of reverb or something to give them more of a presence. Finally, I think the chorus is SO strong that it really doesn't need the key changes at the end. They don't hurt the song, but I don't think they add more to it either. Everything else is just terrific to these ears! Update: I just listened to your song again on my headphones and the drums sound fine. I guess the first device I listened to the song on flattened them out. I think this is a terrific song.