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  1. Azar

    Manchester skyline

    This is a first draft taking on some of the ideas so will make some changes plus thought if I write it as a story & capture some feelings without going to far would turn out fine, plus not written in a long time. now looking for someone to write music to the words then take it from there.
  2. Azar

    Manchester skyline

    I was never born here I've never lived here But my heart tells me I'm part of the machinery That keeps this city strong / going In this time of need We stand UNITED We are a CITY built on strength We will rise from the ashes Like the Phoenix from the flame We shall defeat this evil We shall be strong again A sea of flowers A sense of calm A feel of belonging A show of strength A wall of power We will stand (together) as one Mothers don't you cry Don't cry We're with the angels now Fathers don't shed a tear Shed a tear We're on our way Just caught the 22.30 metro Leaving Victoria for heaven I was never born here I have never lived here But I will share your pain I'll wipe away your tears We will stand together as one Manchester skyline Filled with angels Come to take them away Take them away Manchester skyline Echoing voices Don't look back in anger Look back in anger Manchester skyline Stand together do no harm COPYRIGHT AZAR MUSIC