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  1. This actually should be added on to my post regarding goals. After discussing how many used to blog but no longer do on another forum. One member said she may blog as a diary. That's dangerous stuff. Anyway I thought I'd keep a journal of my practice routines offline. That way I can compare goals and progress towards them. As I look upon it now I need to make time to get some Novation Launchpad practice time in.
  2. Tapper Mike

    1 Minute Home-Studio Tour

    It's funny and painful to see the price drops on old "state of the art" harddisk recorders. A few years back I decided I wanted to use my Yamaha AW16 G for recording. It took me an extremely long time to remember how to work it. So much that after menu diving and menu diving and more menu diving I finally decided to give it a rest. The DMCA protections built into it made doing simple things impossible.
  3. Tapper Mike

    1 Minute Home-Studio Tour

    I know that hard disk muti-track mixing console for some reason I'm drawing a blank. Roland VS?
  4. When I was first learning to sight read (notation) this was one of the first music study books I read and tried to master. https://www.amazon.com/Melodic-Rhythms-Guitar-William-Leavitt/dp/0634013327 Corniest melodies ever put to paper. Stuff that while I could play well I would never perform live. My takeaway at that point was to be as proficient as possible reading notation. But years later I'm wondering if there is any other literature on the subject of developing melodic rhythms. Years later I read https://www.amazon.com/Arranging-Techniques-Synthesists-Eric-Turkel/dp/082561130X Which has a chapter devoted to scoring melody which is mainly focused on how to score in a way that is easy for a vocalist to sing (and some other good stuff) As well I picked up this... https://www.amazon.com/Craft-Lyric-Writing-Sheila-Davis/dp/0898791499/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1526420506&sr=1-1&keywords=the+craft+of+lyric+writing which for all of it's wonderful tidbits on how others wrote songs included a small section that lyricists who aren't naively musicians should always work with a drum machine to see how the lyrics will flow against a beat. I was just thinking about learning basic rhythm patterns for guitar. And how well they served me through the years. How if I could get the rhythmic "flow" everything else (progression) would fall inline easier. And wondering why no one came up with a "pocket" rhythm guide of common phrasing without reference to key or progression. After all it's not what you say it's how you say it.
  5. I've been working on a tune in biab for about a week and a half. Trying to make the melody happen. As a thought experiment. I want to put it out and then backing tracks so that others could use the arrangement to write their own melodies. The thing is, I've got biab 2016 a very big pak with real and super midi styles. What I want to do is export to midi only for those who don't have biab and supply a fake sheet in pdf format so they can play through the changes. I've done collaborations on other forums with their daws and it's always a pain uploading and downloading all the stems (individual tracks) I don't want to go through that here. BIAB format and midi make it easier.
  6. How old is your version of BIAB and are you using a mac? There is an audio chord wizard in band in a box. It's been there since 2000. I can recall that older mac versions of biab didn't have this feature. First record the audio. Then Open biab and from the audio menu select launch audio chord wizard. It takes a few seconds but it will map the beats and provide a tempo (you may have to adjust the start time to sync things. Then you can send it to biab Your chords will be mapped on the layout and from there you can figit around at various styles that can work with it. It's important to remember that BIAB is not a DAW it's a composition and arrangement tool. That's why PG Music supplies RealBand with BIAB. Once you're done with the score then you can import it directly into Real Band (or export as midi and import it to the host of your choice) for finalizing such as using better plugins adding audio apply effects etc.
  7. Cheese is my wheelhouse. Long before BIAB I would write and record like Tom does. Played every instrument. Even then no matter how hard I tried to evoke different emotive qualities the happy go lucky side of me would ruin it. Finally I just decided that I'd rather be me.
  8. @Jim I used to have those things stuck in my head and when I tried to get them out they sounded like covers. Still do but less now. Mostly I work with Band In A Box. I determine the song form. Pick a style and tempo. Start inputing chord progressions. If it sounds like something I can use I would export it to midi, replace all the parts except the drums and create melody and solo sections from there. I put band in a box to one side years ago because I have a vast collection of jazz tunes for biab. I would just get into covering the melody and solo sections as well as improvising and have a really good time but that would be the end of it. Then I revisited something I did before biab. jazz solo guitar arrangements. The selection on the net wasn't that great. So I went back to biab and began to work out my own arrangements. It's as easy or as tough as you want to make it. But seeing a melody in notation or tab with the chord name allowed me to explore different tacks. As well biab has a "chord sol" function that you can pick an artists style and generate something similar to the way they would play it. After awhile I became bored with arranging/ playing jazz type chord-melody and wanted to explore more "pop" type fingerstyle arrangements. So I've gone back to looking for tabs. It's a struggle for me. I'm getting better but it's a struggle. I'm not much of a fingerstyle player to begin with but I wanted a challenge and I got it. (I've missed quite a bit to the story here, perhaps I'll save them for another day) Well.... I don't consider myself much of a songwriter and haven't really focused in on that in years. Then I joined this community because it seems like a nice place with nice people. Somewhere along the line, something flashed in my head and said.... wait I can write songs. I used to write them all the time. So I went back to Band in a Box. found a style with a "demo song" (no melody) and I'm using it as a backing track. I won't be replacing all the parts as I have in the past. ....
  9. Tapper Mike

    Where do you put your goals?

    The most used document on my computer..... A spread sheet with all my registration info. I've had it since 1997.
  10. Tapper Mike


    I have no issues with "period" music. from any of the last century or the current one. Right now the latest crazy is a rebirth of 30's swing. Spawned by PMJ originally as parodies now new bands are writing new music in this old old style. But I digress. As for the rest, yes I really really was hoping for a guitar solo or vocal arrangement to rise from the ashes. The drums sounded to me like they were just loops and fills that didn't build towards anything.
  11. Tapper Mike


    Yeah the acoustic guitar got me settled in fairly quickly but I just couldn't survive the vocals.
  12. Tapper Mike

    Turn Out The Lights

    Love it don't change a thing. I think the vocal delivery is spot on. I'm hearing ARS but also Steely Dan (especially the lyrical content) Bob Welsh and more.
  13. Sorry Tom I accidentally posted with content from another post. Anyway.... I love watching youtube videos of Solo guitarists. Be they finger style pop or chord melody jazz. It drives me insane when the guitar is not in tune, or intonated properly or has fret buzz or has to much reverb and is dark. I don't care if I can see the players face or not. I care that if they are going to make the effort to learn and perform it properly they also go to the next step and record it properly. Right now I'm working on my umpteenth revision for a track I'm recording. It seems that every time I try to get a decent take something with one of my guitars wants to give me hell. My Variax has a dent in one of the frets. My 16 inch archtop simply won't lay down properly. It's spring and full hollow body archtops like to expand and contract. One day the arch is lower and the next it's higher. Sometimes all in the same day and I'm trying to get a reasonable action on it for playing and trying to make slight corrections to the truss rod. No matter what I do it's either not playing right (in tune) or it's not playing right fret buzz or the action is through the roof and it's hard to fret. When I pick up my tele.... yeah it plays okay but the tone is all wrong. I'm not going to bother recording until I'm satisfied I can play my instrument at it's best. I just wish other guitarists would do the same before they hit record and do a video for youtube.
  14. Tapper Mike

    Where do you put your goals?

    When I was young my dad walked around with one of those pocket spiral notepads. Everything that he wanted or needed to do for the day was written down on a checklist during his morning cup of joe. There after it was either in his breast pocket or face up on a desk or the dashboard. He got a lot accomplished. I think the only time I saw him at rest was during the evening news. Me I'm great at organizing terrible about staying that way. I've got 15 chef coats that I purchased out of pocket for work just so I don't have to do my laundry every week. Even every two weeks I'm pushing things back and doing a set of clothes in my sink Because even though it's more labor intense it's actually quicker than using a washing machine and drier. I laugh when I see old Ted Greene videos from his apartment. Only because during my early 20's my place looked exactly like that. Books stacked on the bead, books and folders all over the floor. More books on top of the dresser and albums and cassettes stacked atop each other on the bookshelf. Somewhere in there Cervantes's Don Quixote lives. On the other hand Ted Greene was very happy eking out a meager existence as a educator and wedding performer. His passage had a groundswell of former students who went back to his studies on chord melody approaches. His memory lives on in the music they make it's a cult of dedicated followers.
  15. Tapper Mike

    Have you always been you?

    I've been mostly me. TM was a name given to me prior to the internet. Most of my nicknames through the years never stuck. I used Frets when I first got online back in 95. As for me being me well.... I've worn many hats over the years, gone through various transitions. I think that some of the same old me still exists. Though when I look in the mirror I see a stranger. I don't look like my old self I just look old.