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  1. rwade

    "That Empathetic Man"

    @R-N-R Jim no worries there, not much hair left
  2. rwade

    "That Empathetic Man"

    No worries on my end. Sorry for the diatribe. I guess I was a little triggered. It is a really good thought provoking song. Cheers to all. -w
  3. rwade

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Hi Iron knee. I think your song strikes a strong chord that listeners can either relate with, or possibly be triggered by... In a way, this is a good sign that it invokes emotions and reaction. I didn't listen to your song through the ears of the left or right, took it more as a personal cry from just a guy, that represents a lot of growing frustration in the world. But I can see how it possibly steps into the great political debate. IMO I think America will be a lot better, realistic and open to non emotional discussions, when we break this "dweedle dee vs dweedle dum" binary system. We are currently only sheep choosing one side of the cage or the other, while the system continues to shove their two terrible candidates down our collective throats. In any event, I'm sure R-N-R has his reasons for his reactions, but I personally didn't hear anything offensive. @R-N-R Jim For what it's worth: Fox news is fake news, CNN is fake news, every main outlet bends their headlines to their political leaning. "Trump is starting WWIII with North Korea" vs "Trump should get a Nobel peace prize" It's pretty ridiculous, how far the outlets are bending to their stories, and how the readers agree or disagree depending on their personal slant. I do not believe there are fascists or bigots building in masses. I don't think the KKK is any more influential currently then ever. In fact, I have seen a healthy decline in the idiotic notion that skin color or culture has a damn thing to with anything. I can believe what the news says, or I can believe what I see with my own eyes. I grew up in east Tennessee (ultra red) and lived in Northern California (ultra blue), my daughter is bisexual, and my best friend is an orthodox muslim from Pakistan. In my circles, I'm just Wade, she is just Madison, and he's just Omar. We're all different, and that's cool. In all my dealings, I have not met anyone that was an asshole bigot or fascist or KKK member. They're out there, but I can assure you, there numbers are thankfully dwindling. My only personal experience with racism was when an Hispanic woman started screaming at me in San Jose because I was white and couldn't understand. As much as I tried to have a good conversation, and reassure her that I don't believe in racism, I think everyone should have the same opportunities, etc... but she (and others at the protest) didn't want to discuss what they and I were feeling, they wanted to scream and throw out that I was born a racist, I am a fascist and my white privilege blinds me from the truth. If you ask anyone that knows me, that's the furthest from an accurate description of me. I had no other option then to shut up and walk away. I really don't see where all this anger and blind rage is going to help. If anything, it divides us more. Breaks my heart. I think everyone decent (both sides) agree bad cops are bad, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We should prosecute without prejudice. I don't hear anyone arguing otherwise. I certainly didn't hear that in this song. I assumed the ideas he grew up on, were along the lines of "don't tread on others", "treat your neighbor with respect" and "don't judge a book by it's cover". All of which are getting tested, scrutinized and lost in todays social climate. Actually this did enter my mind when I was in college and had a beard, and a pony tail to the middle of my back. Four of Knoxville's finest, pulled me out of the car at gun point, and kept smacking me with their night stick. Ironically, one of the cops was black, and he was one the biggest azzholes in the bunch. They let me go with a warning (even though I had not done anything wrong). The overreaching police state is an issue that's been around since I can remember. But, thankfully the rise of cell phone and body cameras, has started to help keep them accountable. I wish that I had a camera back then, but was the olden days "being white makes it easy not to relate" isn't that... racist? Assuming something because of the color of my skin. What if I said "being black makes it hard to understand"? Sound racist to me. There are issues that we need to address, from racial profiling to cops being Nazis. But yelling at each other with hot words and profanity is not going to help. Also, being triggered so harshly to a great song that a man wrote from his heart and his vantage point, illustrates one of the biggest issue in this country. We can never come together, if everyone either starts each discussion being defensive, or alternatively people can't voice their feelings, so they stop talking and just walk away. Anyway. Great song.
  4. rwade

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Hi. I really, really enjoyed listening to everyones songs. It's so great to be amongst peers. Again sorry for my noob move. If I had to choose a winner, I would have to pick 'empathetic man', very clever and great voice. Below are my thoughts and feedback on the list. The countless few - impressed by the very full sound with just a simple piano and voice. Great ambiance and very different. Love it's uniqueness, and slight "bizarre?" feel. My only real critique is how loud you bring in the vocals each time you switch, especially the first time (:27), could stand to ease a bit more or bring it down a wee bit. Otherwise, I like the songs dynamics. Cold Lover - Very cool groove. I also like your falsetto voice with the acoustic. Compliments well. My only suggestion is about your delivery. Sometimes, your vocals are strong and sweet, but sometimes it feels a little weak, or too airy. For example, the first 2 lines seem airy, second lines a bit better... but you nail it with "I'm on the outside of the pain..." I would try and maybe let that be your bar for all vocals... VampyresandNuclearWar - One of my favorites. I actually went back to just "listen" because I genuinely liked it. Super tight, clever lyrics and awesome story. I have nothing to give. Wouldn't change a thing. Just trust the tales - Another top one for my ears. It was a close second. The guitar licks were solid throughout, especially loved the scale under "walking on the moon". The voice is very relaxing and sexy. There are a couple of times the vocals and guitar clashed a little awkwardly, and the breathing (panting) at the end was weird, but that's just being picky. Otherwise very nice. Total Loser Song - I can't really tell if you are tongue in cheek, or super serious, and I like that about it. The subject is intriguing and relatable. The music is tight, and melody goes well with the song. Nice ending. Tangled in my hairbrush - First, I love your voice. It's regal. The song is well structured, and your delivery is very emotionally on point. Got chills when you crescendo'd towards the end, and then ended it elegantly. My only critique is fairly petty: the vocals and piano are sort of fighting for dominance some times. I think your voice is in the same range as the piano, so your mid range get a little muddy in a few spots. If there were a way to contrast a bit more, it might help add some clarity and harmony. Maybe some keys higher up on the piano, when your voice goes low?? Don't think it's a problem by any stretch, might just be a way to fine tune. Also, you play the piano very well. I sort of feel like the song is missing a few more spaces of that great playing. Great song. Passengers - Deep song. I like the words and subject, very poetic. I like the way you voice sounds over the acoustic. They balance each other nicely. Guitar part is nice, but feels a little hurried to me at times. When I find my way - Another top favorite of mine. Very nice melody, and great words. Your voice is very nice as well. Goes well with acoustic. The first few lines felt a little light, like when you sang "crashing on the ground", later in the song you start hitting the second lines, but you should try and nail them in the beginning. Your guitar strum could be a little softer during the peaks, maybe a thinner pick? Most of the time it sounded really nice, but got a little harsh when you built it up. Hang on Shep - I think this song is the epitome of why I am digging this contest so much. Where else can you get amazingly unique songs like 'hang on shep'. It's so out of left field, but your awesome voice and tight guitar carries well. It's bizarre and classic at the same time. Kind of like 'old yeller' meets modern country. The strongest part is your voice. You really have a gift. I don't really have any suggestions, other than your vocals are a little loud in parts... Otherwise, was very entertaining. In my memory - I have played this song several times. I really like it. It's a great song. It actually touches on a recent personal tragedy, and helps a ton. I like the mini bridges at the end of each verse and the chorus is sweet. Your voice is very distinct, and the lyrics and song structure professional. You hit some awkward high notes that sour a bit, but overall it's a honest delivery that feels real, I suspect because it is. Perfect Light - Sounds a bit like the bare naked ladies. Neat run on lyrics. I like your voice, the words and music. I'll be honest, it started off weak, but after the first few lines, by the time you got going, I really started to dig it. It's just the first few lines don't seem to be at the same level as the rest of the song. The tempo drop could be a little tighter, but again, once you got going, it was very nice. Ted Talk - I can relate to this person you speak of. Very clever, hilarious and creative. Wouldn't change a thing about your vocals, your voice works well with a comedic song like this. The guitar is little intrusive at times with the hard strum, but overall works well. The Empathetic Man - This was my favorite song. Kind of felt like dropping out when you posted it Like how it comes across at first as a classic country picker, then roles into a very clever political message. Top picking, top voice and top story IMO. I especially enjoyed the dainty echoing melody you pick behind "empathetic man". very solid. My only critique is the ending. With your chops, I expected a finale. The fading out was a bit disappointing, but that's probably just my opinion. Otherwise awesome song. Game already lost - Did the link get removed for this one? I remember listening to it when voting, but don't see the link now. From what I can remember, very clever hook. I think this song could resonate with a lot of listeners.
  5. rwade

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Yeah, I would agree with changing it in the future. I think people are more used to "on a scale from x to y" with y be better. But, I could also have done a better job of reading the rules
  6. rwade

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    I personally think it's all good. I really enjoyed the songs, and it was a great experience. I just wanted to be transparent when I realized my mistake, and apologize. You could take my votes out and re tally if you needed to. Was a great event!
  7. rwade

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    @fabkebab so, you scored 5 as the best, and 1 as the worst? I assume since you said "so well done all. I think I scored everything as a 3.0 or above"
  8. rwade

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    BTW. I think i messed up. I graded as if 5 is the top, and 1 is the bottom Just went back and reread the rules, I did it wrong... sorry
  9. rwade

    April 1+1 Song Contest - Results Updated

    Wow that was fun! Thanks for hosting Justin. Congrats all. Love Kook's idea, when, where is the best place to add feedback to each song?
  10. rwade

    Imagine (4 Young Lads)

    Hi Silver. Nice song. I like this direction. Very nice and fun to listen to. The recording is tight, and you have a good signing voice for this type of sound. Was a nice listen. Not sure I can contribute too much, but will give it a shot. I have a couple of thoughts that might be worth considering IMO: 1. I would consider officially just making this about the Beatles... It practically is already. I think if you focused the song and the words on them, it would make the song a full fledged tribute, instead of sort of about the beatles, sort of about the 60's. With clever lyrics, and a focus on the fab four, it could be very popular. 2. Your sound has a tinge of early 70's punk to it. Almost a sarcasm to your voice. Your range and delivery reminds me a little of Elvis Costello. Especially his song "Allison". A listen could give you some thoughts on expanding the sound some. 3. You might want to think more about the title. "imagine" is already a well known song. Naming it the exact same as a Lennon song, is a little weird. If you named it something else, it would then become a truly clever twist to use "imagine" in the chorus. More of a hidden jem. My absolute favorite line in your whole song is "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" which could make an awesome title for a beatles tribute. 4. I would consider playing up the "yeah, yeah, yeah" at the end of the chorus. Delivered right, with an exclamation, this line could be the anchor that carries the song and theme. Hope any of this helps. Thanks for sharing. -wade
  11. rwade


    @RealKevM Thanks Real. Yeah, I like to build up the intro, but agree needs more to keep the attention. Thanks for the encouragement!
  12. rwade


    Hi. first, I'm glad to hear you don't beat up your dad, wish your friend didn't I bring up this point about lyrics and your reason for writing a song. If this is a song you are going to share with your friend only, as a gift, then cool. If you want others to listen and dig, I'll give you my honest opinion... this is an ode to your friend, and I was feeling the genuine vibe, and then when you dropped that bomb about senior abuse... the ode lost it's luster. I wasn't offended or anything, and your certainly free to say/sing what ever you want, but from a songwriting standpoint, it's a good idea to say things people might like to hear. If this is a misunderstanding, attempt at a inside joke, or not as serious as it sounds... doesn't matter... you have to think about how others will hear your words. On timing: I think R-N-R's suggestion of a metronome or click track is spot on, helps me a lot. On sound: You might try playing down the effect you have on the guitar, and move back towards a clean guitar sound. IMO a touching piece like this would go better with acoustic or at least a softer sound. For you voice, you don't sound as comfortable as you should, ease up and flow. deliver with confidence, not with stress. This could be because your not in your comfortable range, or something else. Your key is off as well, perhaps for the same reasons. There is a pretty awesome chic on youtube that does a great job walking through the fundamentals of singing. I've watch all her "free" videos, and they've helped me a lot. I'v added her first video below. Hope any of this helps - wade
  13. rwade

    What is "Music" to you?

    throwing the wiki definition in the ring... According to the Etymology, music can represent any of the arts, not just audio. Echoing the slang "that's music to my ears"... I think music is simply a thought or emotion provoking catalyst, that provides insight, comfort, entertainment, or simply an alternative method of looking at things. The word derives from Greek μουσική (mousike; "art of the Muses").[1] In Greek mythology, the nine Muses were the goddesses who inspired literature, science, and the arts and who were the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry, song-lyrics, and myths in the Greek culture. Modern spelling [dates] from [the] 1630s. In classical Greece, [the term "music" refers to] any art in which the Muses presided, but especially music and lyric poetry.
  14. rwade

    Half-Empty op.1 no.8

    Nice piece, I sort of feel like this is a riddle clues: The title Half Empty op 1 no 8 135183096 with a half glass of water I heart music observations: Doesn't sound like Vivaldi's "spring" (op 1 no 8) all fibinacci numbers except 96 you love 8th notes Probably not, but would be cool if it were. Otherwise, I like the music very much. Very relaxing and simple.
  15. rwade


    @R-N-R Jim I remember the 4 track days. Had (still have) a yahama MT 100 II, collecting dust in the corner Was never really good at it. Always sounded so muddy. Stopped trying to record, years ago, only recently taking it back up with my computer. There is def a lot I'm missing in capturing a crisp clear recording. I recently stepped up and bought an AKG C 214, so it's a little better, but I'm still not getting the results I hear in yours and others. I also think one of my biggest challenges is levels and standard volumes. BTW The Beatles owe everything they were to George Martin. He was the genius in orchestrating their sound. He wrote a great book called 'All You Need is Ears", I would recommend, if you haven't already read it. @Oswlek Ah dude, that is so sweet. Totally agree. Would love to have that softer feel. I experimented with garage band's drum tracks. It makes a lot of good auto suggestions, and is easy to cut up and control elements and volumes. But it doesn't really let you control tamper. May try building with loops and bytes in Pro Tools to get more control of the sound.