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  1. I am an upcoming artist. Currently, I post only covers of songs on YouTube. I am testing the water. I am just trying to learn the ins and outs of online marketing for when I actually launch my own music. My goal is to learn how to market to a wide generic audience so as to make it big. Currently, I have very basic gear. An IPad with Garageband and iMovie I record with. I use mostly open source software like Openshot, Gimp, Audacity, etc. for mixing. Ia m saving up to buy better gear and also learning recording mixing etc. My motivations are not based on making music for the intrinsic pleasure of it. I have been singing and writing from childhood. I have created enough and will keep creating all my life, for internal pleasure and satisfaction, anyway. This thread is about making it big in the global music scene. So keeping that in mind, and also keeping in mind the current popular music (Beyonce, Lamar, Jay Z, Adele, etc.) what advice can you give me? I seem to get very few views if any at all. If people don't view, how will they like or dislike or leave feedback. Can you give me feedback based only on the marketability factor of the videos I have put up. This is one of my current videos. I have a few others on my channel (it's not letting me post a link to my channel, just individual songs). Thank you.