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  1. Geoff T

    Turn Out The Lights

    Sorry for the delay getting back to this, life's interfered lately...some good feedback here, thanks! The perception that the arrangement needs a couple more points of interest, I definitely get - that's kind of my impression too, and where I might be headed with adding a sax break or some other changeups to the sound. Re the lyrics, they're meant to convey a general sense of paranoia, yeah, kind of like a conspiracy theorist who knows he's crazy and knows the outside world knows it too, but he can't shake the idea that he might be right about it after all, and the whole thing's taking its toll on him (so maybe not quite suicide, but an escape of some kind; don't mind leaving that up in the air). Still working on the vocal delivery, though I think it's getting closer to the vibe I'm looking for.
  2. Got another one for y'all - again, these songs are in the middle of the demo stage, far from the finished product. This is a rough mix with scratch lead vocals, like the previous one I posted. There may be some other instrumentation added, along with some backing vocals in certain spots. Mostly looking for general observations about style/genre, songwriting and arrangement stuff - looking to get some of that kind of feedback early in the process. Not so much worried about production/audio issues at this stage, though if you have feedback there I'll gladly take it as well. (These are demos for a second Trembles of Fortune album; you can go to tremblesoffortune.bandcamp.com to hear songs from the first album, and they're also on YouTube and Soundcloud.) Thanks in advance for any good insights you may have.... Lyrics: Downtown's burnin', I see the reflection on the water line And everybody tells me it's all in my mind Enemy jets on my radar screen I think I need a benzodiazepine Cuz the wrong train keeps on runnin' right on time Church bells ringin', I hear the devil on my radio The nice man in the white coat tells me it's time to go, let's go Cuz all the little drummer boys and girls They don't see what I see in the world Well I guess that every coalmine needs its canary... (Chorus) So you don't have to tell me twice I think I'll call it an early night Would the last one to leave the party Turn out the lights Turn out the lights Turn out the lights (Instrumental/chorus repeat)
  3. Geoff T

    Sands Of Time

    Cool sort of hybrid style here - in the same area as AIC vocally, I agree. Can also hear some (lightly) prog elements, Queensryche/Fates Warning/Dream Theater though more scaled down. Performances are solid, really like the clean guitar sounds here in particular. The track sounds like it could benefit from a stronger/edgier bass profile and maybe some deeper-sounding drums...might be some spots where a backing vocal or chiming clean guitar accent would add a nice listening moment or two. The chorus hook is catchy enough, though I might explore for some stronger or less obvious imagery in the verses to make the lyrics more distinctive.
  4. Geoff T

    Just Trust the Tales

    I like this - interesting, unexpected changes, and the guitar approach adds to the ethereal feel very well. Re the other comment about the vocals, I would say that the breathy, floating around the beat thing is very cool, though a good way to make it sound more assured might be to choose certain words or lines to sing less breathy and more on the beat - creating that contrast will make the breathier parts seem more strongly intentional too.
  5. The style and mood are clear here and executed well, and the synth sounds and beats are good choices...found myself wanting even a little more atmosphere around the lead vocal in the verses, something to blend it better into the mix - I like what the backing vocals are doing in the second verse and they help create that too, so maybe the first verse could use a touch more of those (while still keeping them less than in verse 2). The transitions before the choruses might benefit from adding a small element or smoothing things out so as not to drop as much momentum before the chorus hits. Overall, nice job!
  6. Good comments, y'all - definitely helpful. Even where I'm not sure I agree with it, the feedback can help get me thinking about ways to improve the song, which can spur fresh ideas. About the lyrics: The opening line about drawing with colored pencils came from something an old girlfriend of mine used to do as an escape/chill-out activity, which I always thought was creative and cool - the image stuck with me. (The song's not about her, or anyone in my own life - it's more of a composite of various situations I've seen or heard about.) So the first verse sets the theme: she's a unique/interesting/beautiful person, but her guy doesn't recognize this because he hasn't taken the time to really get to know her. He just treats her like a generic girlfriend instead, and he goes around assuming everything's going well just because he checks the boxes he thinks boyfriends are supposed to check. But if he doesn't change and keeps taking her for granted, she's going to leave him one day and he'll be cluelessly wondering what the hell happened. (About the clarity of the lead vocal part itself, yep, it's a rough mix that I threw together very quickly - for future songs I post here, I can try to bring the vocal up/make it a little clearer with EQ, etc. and see if that helps.) Some interesting comments about the song structure and arrangement here, particularly the one about the textures maybe not varying enough throughout the song to create little breakthrough moments. I think it does sound a little insular as is, maybe more than I want it to, and that's a good springboard for experimentation - taking certain parts out of certain sections, adding a drum fill or lead line or a different sound in certain parts. Backing vocals once they're on will help this, too...re adding a second verse, it's funny, originally I had a second verse planned (though not completely written), but it seemed like it killed the forward momentum of the song too much. I'm not sure there's enough of a second main idea in the lyrics to justify another verse, either; it's not really telling a chronological story as much as it's just taking a snapshot. I do think the outro might get a radio edit - I tend to like long outros more than most people, and I like the three-stage thing that's going on there now, but I could probably lose a repeat or two and be okay. Or as above, add a lead line or play with other elements to make it less repetitive. Cool! I'll listen and critique some other folks' stuff some more and then post another new one soon.
  7. Hi everyone! First-timer here...I'm Geoff, and I release music under the band name Trembles of Fortune. Just completed the first album, and it's out in the world now (go to tremblesoffortune.com or Trembles of Fortune's Bandcamp page to hear it, or you can also hear it on YouTube or SoundCloud). But that's not what I'm up to here. I'm currently writing and demoing material for the follow-up, so I thought I'd get some feedback from various sources on the new stuff. Here's one of the new songs - it's a rough mix (and also doesn't have the backing vocals on yet), so I'm not so worried about feedback on audio elements, though if you have it that's cool. More overall impressions, genre, vibe, spots that might be improved from a songwriting standpoint, etc. Lyrics: She's drawing castles with colored pencils On sheets of typing paper spread across the kitchen floor This is her beautiful soul This is her story being told But you never notice, you just shrug your shoulders again All that you're takin' for granted, what the hell could you be thinking of You shouldn't need me to tell you that that ain't love If you don't even know her at all, if you don't even know her If you don't even know her at all, if you don't even know I'm sure you think that you've done nothing wrong But it won't be very long before she hurts you, she really hurts you She's just another box to check on your list of things to do But all the flowers and rings, they won't save you Cuz you don't even know her at all, cuz you don't even know her Cuz you don't even know her at all, cuz you don't, no you don't No you don't even know her at all, no you don't even know her No you don't even know her at all You don't even know Couldn't see, couldn't see the day coming The best of plans, the best of plans undone Very soon you'll be learning that lesson It's only just begun You don't even know
  8. Geoff T

    End of Day

    This is really cool and inventive overall, with the sort of ambition you don't hear that often. The orchestration is thoughtful, though I think it would benefit from some more attention to the dynamics in the string parts, and also the sound choices - some parts swell too loud, others are too quiet to be distinct, and in general a lot of the string parts "speak" a little more late/behind the beat than you might intend. I actually liked the weird coda, though I'd shorten it and maybe leave the most dissonant elements for the very end of it (which might give them more impact). Also, I might slow the tempo in the main (first) part down just a little to let the vocal breathe a little more. Really enjoyed this, though!
  9. A lot of elements of a good sound are here already - can definitely hear a lighter 70s rock feel to it, the vocal sound is distinctive and interesting, the lyrics have some nice turns that keep the listener's interest. The biggest step forward here, I think, would be making things clearer-sounding overall and creating a sense of building up to something within the arrangement. A lot of the vocal lines have this trailing-off feel - that can be cool in spots, but a lot of times here the lyrics become hard to make out as the vocals trail off. Singing more confidently through each line (and singing the backup lines that way to match) should help with that. I might also vary the dynamics of the guitar more - softer/lighter touch in the verses and quieter parts, bolder/louder in the choruses.
  10. My first reaction is that there's a lot going on here - active bass, loud groove, vocals with a lot of mannerisms and unique phrasing. A good strategy might be to pick an element of the song that you really want to emphasize...which is usually the vocals, and I think that's a good idea here too, with the bass tone driving the instrumental part of the song. I agree with the other commenter that tightening up the bass and drum parts rhythmically would help this song a lot - with a tighter background, the uniqueness of the vocal lines come out that much more. I might also add a couple more short spots where the vocals take a break and the synths do some attention-grabbing sound effects - again, giving a break from the vocal in certain parts of the song will help it stand out that much more in others.
  11. I like the overall simplicity of this - very little gets in the way of the main point of the song. Bringing in the organ midway through is a nice touch. The "I don't think I'm strong enough to know", "I don't think I'm meant to know" lower vocal parts feel very conversational and intimate, which is good. You can probably expand on the lyrics a little bit, find a good descriptive detail or two to work in there so listeners have a little better idea of the story being told. And I think there are spots where you can bring instruments or vocal intensity up or down a little more, to create a little more tension and release that draws the listener in. Good concept here, I'd definitely keep working with it.