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  1. chance gonzales

    all alone

    It's about all of time. All the times the people who work within the government have used their position against the American people in one form or another
  2. chance gonzales

    all alone

    Thank you for your advise, I'll apply it right now. As like a rock song though, does it have quality enough structure?
  3. chance gonzales

    all alone

    ALL ALONE(anti government) Pulled to the end^ by strain and desire Fed to the wolves all alone^ Make me believe^ ill climb up higher Letting the way set the tone^ Finding in me^ a way to expire Let this foul lie be exposed^ Free me^ from the chains and the fire Free me^ to call you liar Left me to fend for myself Come and see^ the people with power Growing up quick^ thorned like a flower Spreading so thin^ our hearts have run sour This is your fault^ all alone^ Setting us up^ for success just to fall To blind to see^ while were building our walls Pull back the curtain^ find you with no balls Hiding in the shadows^ to make all the calls Leave us be^ were fine monotone Youll always know this is your fault alone Planning to enslave us, a thought of your own Raping our people and burning our homes War wages on^ serving your dark desire Risking our lives^ so that you can retire Polluting our lands^ with greed and black metals Build on your mask^ while the dust settles Our great men die^ you pay us with money Thinking to yourself^ now isn’t that funny Grow young and die, eating your treated honey Though we chose it ourselves, this is sick irony Collect up you cash^ run off and get married Itll keep your warm, once you find yourself buried Free me^ from the chains and the fire Free me^ to call you liar Left me to fend for myself Come and see^ the people with power Growing up quick^ thorned like a flower Spreading so thin^ our hearts have run sour This is your fault^ all alone^
  4. chance gonzales

    shining star

    when i have a new version of this or anything else, do i post it in this reply box to connect it to its original or just post on the main board again? probably a silly question
  5. chance gonzales

    Coffee Break

    This was fun, and true. Everybody needs a coffee break when things get rough:)
  6. chance gonzales

    There Is No Other Place Like Home

    You've written a nice story here, I usually use some sort of rhyme to keep myself in a framework in my lines, the end of each line rhyming or every other line. This helps me personally when I write.
  7. chance gonzales

    shining star

    Once I came back I read mine over again parts of it had a good rythm to it so I decided to shape it into a song, just starting out clearly lol
  8. chance gonzales

    shining star

    I'm not really sure, I usually imagine an out of frame voice narrating over some scene I see in my head with the lines I write. When I looked into a poetry contest the material they were had read and felt completely different from mine.
  9. chance gonzales

    shining star

    Thank you so much
  10. chance gonzales

    Dreams (new 2018 version)

    man, id be down to come see you live
  11. chance gonzales

    shining star

    Ok, i will work on that. i don't have any music imagined to my writing at the moment, so im basically writing this with just a story in mind. So far my work has just been read aloud as poetic speech more than song lyrics, so i'm really just getting things figured out. Thank you for your input, definitely.
  12. chance gonzales

    shining star

    Thanks for the feedback, i really need it. Ill put in more spaces as you've suggested. Any more feedback you have will be graciously accepted.
  13. chance gonzales

    A Beer Will Have to Do

    that was so cool, good rhymes to tie lines together, and its just as dark as life actually is. very nice.
  14. chance gonzales

    End of Day

    what a sweet song, made me feel like i was in highschool holding hand with my first love again
  15. chance gonzales

    shining star

    Shining star Your minds a mystery I’ve been seeking No answers I’m sinking Lost in the maze That keeps your gaze Call to me, I’m coming close I have a future to propose Take me or leave me I’ll be yours Embrace me, my heart would soar Leave me and I’m nothing more Than a shard of the man I thought I was What would your answer mean for us A vision of you lights my way Empowering my spirit day after day The twists and turns life throws my way Has never shaded the glow of your face Ill press on to find you again Ill press on to hear you sing Your voice in my mind ringing Your strength in my arms pressing Your heart in mine reaching Your eyes in mine guiding Your life in mind teaching Your courage taking my steps Leaving behind what was left Letting the past turn and shift Nothing more than a memory Nothing left there for me I’ve let it bring me down before Before I felt the love you have in store I wanted it then as much as I do now I just needed you to show me how To find you in this world of fear Fighting through misplaced tears Fighting against falsehood peers Fighting for you in secret Fighting with no regret Fighting for something to present To you in the end as a replacement For all you’ve lost getting here You are worth all my years I’ll come and wipe your tears I’ll come and fight your fears I’ll come and hold you dear I’m yours till the end grows near Your fight through your life Has brought you this far All your strength and all your resolve Kept in place to help you solve The question in mind of who I am No matter what problem came I see that no other person is quite the same Should I accept it or place the blame Should I change or remain the same Crying out in the fall of the rain I tell you with a message clear Your beauty cannot be denied Your spirit cannot be defined Your mind is a precious find I’ll be standing there to remind You of the light that you shine The world will have learn to mind To move around you let you grow One day hoping to get to know Who you truly are My precious shining star