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  1. RealKevM

    I'm running a competition!

    I'm overwhelmed by the interest and responses, thank you's some really good suggestions, Stairway To Heaven has a nice ring to it Here's my soul is great @tunesmithth, fcuk forever made me laugh Here's My Soul is the best sounding I think so far, what do you think guys? Though I like Cant Erase as well. Do you guys like the song?
  2. RealKevM

    I'm running a competition!

    This is a new song that I wrote last week. What i'd like you to do is name it for me! The winner gets a shout out on all my social media and also the honour of naming what will surely become a worldwide famous hit song Winner picked from the most positive responses to your suggestion. Good luck! Here are thel yrics: Yeah i'm limping but i'm walking along This ships been sinking since you've gone I'll pretend that things are okay You wouldn't have it anyways There's one thing I can't erase Close my eyes I see your face Here's my soul go on take it Just know you won't break me I'll take my time this go around Yeah i;m fine i'm safe i'm sound I'm just daydreaming again I'm not meaning to offend I'll say that things are okay You wouldn't have it anyways
  3. RealKevM

    What makes this song great?

    Great find,. cheers for sharing.
  4. RealKevM

    Don't forget the 'magic!'

    Some sort of structure is necessary of course but I think to follow a set doctrine of songwriting isn't neccessary. Just my two pence.
  5. RealKevM

    Chord Progressions

    You're spot on. Some of the most popular and great songs ever are very simple songs. I think the issue we have as songwriters is that we know the chords we are playing and the structure of our songs but forget that to our audience the vast majority don't have a clue and don't care if the verse has the same chords as the chorus as long as it sounds good or interesting.
  6. There must be someone on this forum or similar forums who would be interested in taking your songs or at least one of them and producing you a decent demo using even just music software. Good luck.
  7. RealKevM

    What do I need?

    I need to get into this but limited time and patience and well, being a bit useless at video editing is holding me back. I can do like slide shows with movie maker. Aghhh
  8. RealKevM

    I'm running a competition!

    Hi guys, it's no major grand prize, mainly for a bit of fun but here we go I'm hoping some of you from here will get involved.
  9. RealKevM

    Unashamed cheap plug :)

    Thank you, i've subbed back
  10. RealKevM

    Sambas & Cigarettes (live)

    Hi, I did an acoustic sitdown set last night, i've a few videos up on my Youtube but i'm particularly keen to know what you think to this tune:
  11. RealKevM

    Unashamed cheap plug :)

    Thank you Sir, i've just subbed back
  12. Hi guys, i've posted a few songs on here over the past few months.I just wanted to share some of my links in case anyone wants to follow me on my journey to global superstardom :) I'll subscribe/follow back to everyone that does to me. Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/realkevm Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/RealKevM Twitter: https://twitter.com/realkevm2 Instagram: realkevm2 Website: https://bit.ly/realkevm
  13. RealKevM

    Even Though

    Lovely feel to this song, good work.
  14. RealKevM


    HI J, thanks for taking a listen. My voice has improved so i'm hoping with practice it'll get even better, well it can't get much worse lol. Thanks for the suggestion with the lyrics i'm going to give it a go :)
  15. RealKevM


    It's totally fine I didn't take offence