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  1. Cheers thank you. Been having a play about with MULab.
  2. Are you able to use a guitar as a bass, as in a plug in effect that makes a standard guitar sound like a bass? It all sounds very complicated however I imagine the eventual results are worth it. Thank you i'm going to look into it.
  3. RealKevM

    Swipe Right (studio)

    Here's a live version from a gig I did last week
  4. Thank you. This was a really early demo version, the song has evolved a bit now with some sort of melody in the verses..also i've changed the arrangement with quiet chorus until the final chorus I think it has a more dynamic feel and brings out more emotion. You are right it needs a full working, second guitar track, a solo too....I use a BOSS BR digital recorder to record songs when i'm trying to nail a final version, with that I can do guitar tracks, bass, vocals all with different effects and it has the facility to do drums/beats but i'm buggered if I can figure out how to do that.
  5. RealKevM

    Swipe Right (studio)

    Hi Robus welcome to the site, honoured i'm your first post Thank you for having a listen too. My vocals are a big issue for me though they have improved a bit (believe it or not lol). I now play this song in a different key which helps. Thank you again for having a listen and giving me useful feedback
  6. RealKevM

    Swipe Right (studio)

    Thank you, yeah my voice need a lot of work, i've made improvements. Also since posting this song i've started playing it in a different key which has helped a bit (I think). Thank you for the kind words
  7. I've changed some of the lyrics in the second part of the first verse now, anyhow, anyone out there able to offer some feedback?
  8. Hello! This is a new song i'm currently writing, I would really appreciate it if anyone would take the time to have a listen and offer any pointers. I'm pretty happy with the lyrics i'm after some help on the phrasing for the verses to help it stand out and have some emotion and where to go between the chorus back into the verse. And anything else Lyrics In the room I fall apart Hear that boom That's my heart In this town There's no waves Hear my sound Time for change Chorus When you're falling from the sky Take my hand We'll learn to fly When i'm drowning lost at sea Take your hand and rescue me 2nd verse When it's dark On your knees There's a spark Here's a dream When the trust You've ever known Turns to dust It's time to go Chorus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOaz2l5iaus&feature=youtu.be
  9. RealKevM

    Princess and the Pauper

    Sounding good, not keen on when you go all high (personal taste) but yeah decent tune.
  10. RealKevM

    Swipe Right (studio)

    For anyone keeping track of this songs progress (if anyone! lol) I performed it live last weekend at the Springboard Festival https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MajCzbXQfoQ
  11. The scratches when you move up and down the neck are pretty annoying and take away from a decent song. Good voice. I like how the song builds.
  12. RealKevM

    Swipe Right (studio)

    I can't hear it myself but you're probably right :) Cheers for having a listen and the kind words.i
  13. RealKevM

    Swipe Right (studio)

    Thank you so much :)
  14. RealKevM

    Swipe Right (studio)

    Cheers Jim, I'm soldiering on lol but I get what you mean and it is sound advice. My voice has improved over the past several months (though it may not sound like it!) so I'm perservering. Good point about rap might ditch my guitar for a computer 😀 thank you for taking the time to listen and give me detailed feedback
  15. I posted a live early version of this a short while ago and took on board some of the helpful advice to improve the song. Recorded using a Boss BR 80 digital recorder. As always the vocals are iffy to say the least. Let me know what you think what you like about the song and any changes you think would benefit it Lyrics Summers here again Should be out with your friends Been two days since he wanted space and a week since he saw your face Swipe right here I am I wanna hear about all your plans How you're gonna live by the sea How you're just the same as me Chorus Don't you know i'm out here too Scratching around for someone like you Here come our sliding doors Give me faith in this town once more Second verse I'll dry the tears that you've tasted if you roll back the years that I wasted I know i'll only let you down But i'll always want you around Swipe right here I am I wanna tell you about all my plans How i'm gonna live by the sea How i'm gonna sing good to be free Chorus https://soundcloud.com/realkevm2/swipe-right