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  1. Brettles

    Ode to Pinecrest

    Fabkebab - thanks for listening! You may be on to something about the Pinterest idea.. Patty- I love that you know Pinecrest! It really is such a beautiful place. I think you are spot on about the harmonies! I like them but they are a little random and I think they could have a better flow. Thank you so much for this feedback short order look - I think you are so right about the pauses and it’s weird how I never really noticed them. I also agree about the harmonies and think they should build rather than be placed in little sporadic bursts. Adding cello or viola is my dream and I’ve got to make it happen! Thank you so much for all the feedback slowd - thanks for taking a listen and for the kind words. I definitely need to figure out how to add some melodic variation! Gettin back to work. Thanks all for the helpful feedback. this message board is fantastic. -brett
  2. Hi everyone, I’m a new singer songwriter and am ready to begin sharing my music and hearing feedback! I’d love for you to take a listen and let me know your thoughts. I wrote this song about a beautiful lake in northern California where I take an annual summer camping trip. It’s the first full song i completed and I feel it still needs some work to be stronger Cinematic lake premiers a mirrored sky. for the show I’m pouring wine and I’ve got you by my side. Pull you closer in, skin, cedar smoke. On a canvas of calm air sun paints in amber’s tone. Daylight to starbright i’ve got you sweet lapping water, stones growing smoother where the days are far from time. Breathe in listen, you’ll hear it oars dip in water row back and forward. Pendulum in rhyme. Well this is sure to bring you in my arms. Embers glowing bright, burn august night. Sillouhette of a smile, thatll fill you heart with light. Jeffrey pine stand tall, circle round us all fortress wood and green vanilla sap serene night time, your eyes grow softer crackling cedar flames changing color eyes grow soft in time shadows dancing, in rythym move to the laughter strings of the guitar drifting off so far well this is sure to bring you in my arms
  3. Brettles


    This is a such a lovely song. Thanks for posting it. Like everyone else, I was immediately soothed by the guitar. The chords are so comforting and rich. They quickly take you somewhere both peaceful and contemplative. Towards the second half of the song, I can imagine some chunky piano chords coming in to embellish what you already have and keep the listeners engaged. Lyrically, I will say that I felt roped in at the very beginning, wondering what you had to say and I felt really curious to see how it would be resolved. However, by the end I wasn’t as engaged. The idea of wishing that you believed in wishes is really intriguing and meaningful and I think you could really hit this point home by adding some color, specifics, and sensory detail to your verses. All in all, this is a great song with an excellent hook, that in my opinion can be made amazing with a little lyrical work to elaborate upon your idea, as well as possibly adding a few more instruments to make the second half more interesting. Keep up the great work and I’m excited to hear more!
  4. Brettles

    Break Free

    This song is incredible! I love the overall vibe. I think the vocals are perfect both in how they are sung and the sound effects put on them. All the Sonics really have a psychedelic vibe that pulls you right into another place! My only comment would be to possibly abondon the prechorus and go directly into the chorus. With the first verse and prechorus, I started losing interest at “disconnecting from our soul... wanting more” but as soon as the chorus hit I was immediately drawn back in 100%. I think it can all be tightened up a bit because the transiton form verse to chorus is amazing. i think it could happen quicker to keep the listeners engaged. Wow the instrumentation and sounds are are really really wonderful. Great job i will listening to this again!