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    Songs advice

    A lot of excellent advice guys, thanks for the feedback. You've hit the nail on the head in terms of not doing this as a money making project. It's more about putting some songs out there, even if it costs me more than I make. Better again, I might just break even! I'll take it away and have a think about it, see where it takes me. I like the idea of experimenting with a publisher, and then trying to do it myself!
  2. karmagarda

    Songs advice

    That's an excellent question. I guess their contacts / network! Outside of actually pitching and getting your song on an album / dvd /etc, I had no idea what exactly a publisher did until I read the above. And from reading it, it seems to be quite a lot of admin! In short I guess I'm looking to offload all that admin side and I just do the creative stuff and try get a bit of a catalog of songs going (even if it's small enough). I also have a day job that I'm pretty certain will always generate more income than this, so it's not about the money. I just think it would be a shame to at least not try do something with some of the stuff. To answer your questions, I don't play live at all anymore, only played live a couple of times many moons ago, so unfortunately no following either. I guess that's a reason why I was thinking publisher. My brother is a songwriter too, and we've discussed creating stuff together and seeing if we can come up with some good stuff. I guess I'm not quite sure what direction to take to be honest, so open to suggestion.
  3. karmagarda

    Songs advice

    Thanks David. Irish Pop/Folk might not be a bad punt... seeing as I'm Irish and there's a country/folk twist on the recording! I've been tempted to get them re-recorded, but if they were worth sending someplace in their current format I'd nearly do so (with another song or 2 depending on what the requirements are these days)
  4. karmagarda

    Songs advice

    Hi All! Newbie here. I have a question around a couple of songs I recorded some time ago if you wouldn't mind sparing a minute or 2 for me! I have a lot of songs gathering dust for a long while, 2 in particular I managed to get recorded... but the usual story - family / work / ... life happened! These songs and a load of ideas are now something I'm looking to start developing. The 2 songs that were recorded were done so with a slight country edge to them, although I'm not sure on the rules in general conversation on how many songs you can post a day so I'll link the main song I'd be interested in people's opinion on initially (although there are only 2 on my soundclick page if it's ok to discuss both?). Anyway, if I am limited to 1 song on my soundclick can you listen to "Time": http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=470473 My original versions were very acoustic so were more of a "romantic" rock, but when in the recording studio this happened to be the direction they took. So this is throwing my idea on what genre I'd put them in. So, my questions are as follows: What genre would you put them in in their current format? I'm not averse to any genre really, I'l accept whatever they might be suitable to. Are there any publishers or companies you'd recommend that are currently accepting submissions that are worthwhile (considering the song I shared)? I'm a complete newbie on publishing so have no idea. But I hear the bigger companies just bin most stuff unless they've taken a DNA sample from you, but maybe there are smaller publishers that you have a better shot at getting stuff pitched with? Should I just spam Nashville with 10 million CDs? (just kidding!) Thanks in advance! Conor.