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  1. Good evening fellow Musers I’ve just joined this website tonight in the hope I can get some help and advice for my husband. He is not technical at all! He’s been on a course to learn about protools and M Box etc but hasn’t picked it up so he’s gone back to his Tascam and is still struggling! He wrote a song for the Eurovision Song Contest once and got down to the final few! Basically, in my opinion he is a genius at writing songs and music but can’t record them! He would like to take his ideas as clear as possible to a studio down south to produce to a good standard. He wants to arrive at the studio with a good idea of what he wants so as not to waste too much time and money. So what I’m asking is ...... Is there anyone that would be willing to collaborate by helping to record his song and music from the raw form for him to take down to London with him? We live 15 miles south of Manchester if that helps. thanks Sue