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  1. Fracture

    My latest piece. Acoustic guitar, bass, violin, flute, a bit of synth and electric guitar. This is called "Fracture", and it's about the things in life that can happen to you, the small fractures, that pile up over the years. Something in the end you can get through, with help, luck, and wonderful people around you. There is a longer explanation on the SoundCloud page, if you care to look. Fracture
  2. Cinematic tune

    I like this piece, I like the way you develop the theme. I'm not sure about the drums and bass coming in - it was very formal/classical sounding, and it just didn't seem to quite come together for me. Also, when the heavier strings came in, they're too loud, they drowned the piano, which is really the feature instrument. Some adjustments in level would help.
  3. Unlovable (New Instrumental)

    I like the piece overall. The mix, there are a few things panned hard to one side, especially at the beginning, when there was nothing to balance them. Sounds odd. Near the end, there was a sudden increase in volume which didn't serve the music very well, either. Could have used a bit more variation in the structure as well. It's too much the same all the way through. Other than that, the mix was not bad, sounds were good, the build and the existing breaks were nicely executed.
  4. Latest Composition, "Endless Night"

    That's a lovely little piece. Would like a bridge, some modulation, it's almost begging for it. But great themes.
  5. My 2 cents worth. ^_^/> Feb-March Muses Muse scoring This Promise This was a lovely piece of music, and the mood perfectly matched in my mind the stated intention. The touch of ragtime in the verse gives a bit of an old fashioned romantic feel. Very much liked the transition to common time in the verse, and the change in feel that gave, serious but sweet still. Two things on the recording itself - the piano seemed to lack a bit of depth/resonance for me, some of the left hand work would have been enhanced, I think. And the run at the end does not sound like the same sound bank, which was a bit jarring. DSP Love Song Monso, that is my favourite piece of yours yet. Love the contrasts. Love the change between the factory, and the peeking at the girl. The changes, musically and tonally, flowed perfectly, and really changed the emotion each time. My one quibble was that the static was a bit too overpowering. It's a great effect though, really helped set the scene. Jazzy Got a nice blues, jazzy feel to it, but definitely needs something more. I liked it, but wanted some oomph to happen. I don't see why a vocal couldn't be layered on there, it would sound great. Good fun as usual. Thanks for the comment. I seem to be writing more difficult music to listen to, which is fine, though it still has to be listenable.
  6. Sad. Been in and out of here a lot over the years.
  7. Every two months works for me. If the muse is with me, I can just about do it in that time frame. Didn't realize the site was in danger. Doesn't seem to be getting as much traffic, I guess.
  8. Feb-March 2016 Instrumental Competition

    This piece started out with me wanting to write something in Locrian mode. Locrian is a weird thing. The root is minor 7th flat 5th. There is no dominant. It does not resolve well, so it feels unsettled all the way through. This is B locrian. I started out with the opening riff on guitar, and liked it. It sounds a little Spanish at the beginning, then the muted run sounds very Japanese. Hence mixed messages. I had to be careful not to lapse into A minor - B Locrian is the same key signature, and it was too easy to go to old ways. Once I had the flow worked out, I wrote it out in standard notation in Notion on the iPad. I added various parts, worked out everything but the percussion. I then exported it as a midi file, and imported it into Auria Pro on the iPad. I then redid the guitars, bass and synth as live tracks. The only thing left from the original midi is the piano. I played the percussion on my Percpad, with sounds from Lyra, the sampler in Auria. The synth is a wonderful iPad app called GeoShred, which is a synth, played on the touch screen, that is laid out in a very guitar like manner. It's a wonderful tool. I wanted to do something that was always teetering on the edge of resolution, musically. I wanted to make something musical out of it. I wanted drama and feel. I wanted spaces. I wanted a mix that was not muddy, where everything was clear. Hoping I achieved all that. Mixed Messages
  9. Jan '16 Instrumental Comp Discussion Thread

    I would say, remove the self vote.
  10. Jan '16 Instrumental Comp Discussion Thread

    Thanks, @monso. Yes, this was a remix I did, and while it was better than it was, way too much delay on the guitars. Pretty much saturates the track. The drums on this were an improvement over what I have done in the past, probably because they were all midi. Been working on that along with my guitar. Thanks, @ScenseFromPalacio, I have been messing with that chord progression for years, just because I like the sound of it. Thanks, @mephisto. I struggle often with naming my pieces, or what I feel from my pieces. It's rate that I start out with an emotion, and write to it, it's more what I think about it after.
  11. Most excellent. Get that post up, I'm ready to roll.
  12. Jan '16 Instrumental Comp Discussion Thread

    Here's my feedback on all the pieces. I jotted down a few notes as I listened. Mikey Lee - Remember With Sax Great sounding recording, love the sax. Pretty darn good for a single improv take. Piece has a great feel to it, moves along nicely. Nits: it's a bit too long to go without a break. The buildup at the beginning is nice, but after the drums come in, there is a sameness. The kick drum is not a kick drum sound. There is no bottom or fullness to it, and the piece could have used a little punch down low. Scotty - Loves Me, Loves Me Not I don't know enough about samba to say whether it is true to samba or not, but it sure moves like good Latino music. Love the transitions between the major and minor keys, it does break the piece up nicely. Solos were good, though the first one was a bit quiet, could have been up more in the mix. Monso - I Mean, Singularity Speaking What a lovely piece of music. It has a perfect feel, love the break at the 2/3ds point. Almost an early David Bowie sound to it, a la Hunky Dory. Very peaceful, sweet. Maybe a little too long, and the first break is a trifle jarring, not sure if flows. ScenesFromPalacio - Sea in a Strangers Eyes Really enjoyed the progression and the movement in this piece. Wonderful breaks and changes in timing and feel. Got some buzzes and such on some of the notes on the electric, acoustic sounded fantastic. Zeek - Higher Love Very well done. Got a touch of Journey going on in there. Lead could have been a bit higher in the mix, but overall production was excellent, everything in it's place. Moved along very nicely. It certainly matched the scenario you described. Mephisto - Life is Like a River If that's just thrown together, I'd like to see what polished sounds like. Great movement throughout, never a dull second. Drums are fantastic, really drive the piece, a very unique rhythm. No complaints or nit picks on this. Andy Lefevre - Lost Love Lovely tune, the melody is quite gorgeous. Backing tracks are excellent, well mixed. Only quibble is it maybe sounds too happy to be about lost love.
  13. Does that include all February, because I just put up a new piece on February 2nd, that I'm quite pleased with.
  14. Instrumental Competition - January '16

    Very well done, everyone. Congrats to the winners.
  15. Jan '16 Instrumental Comp Discussion Thread

    Bass notes are D, C, B. And yes, #5 is probably just a passing tone.