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    i compose and write all my music.
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    lou reed, kali uchis, morrissey, kevin abstract, mac demarco, hope sandoval, phife dawg, tyler, the creator, pretty much everyone from brockhampton.. theres more but yknow whatever

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  1. texvirgo

    Yungteacan x Colossus - Shinobi

    good but very edgy lol
  2. texvirgo

    puppet (original song)

    thank you! i have performed before and its really great. i love how you always are so kind and sweet.
  3. texvirgo

    puppet (original song)

    of course!!!
  4. texvirgo

    puppet (original song)

    thanks for the advice.
  5. you might be surprised but i dont have any friends im just a decoration u might be surprised but i dont have any parents one died the other just neglected u might be surprised but i dont have any soul in the wind freely it blows u might be surprised but i dont have any words im just a puppet (skat bla bla) truth is this is just a cruel joke dont believe what i say im so lonely so ill write this down thinkin im the only one but honestly its just self pity i should be thankful piggy piggy keep in ur cage if u dont we'll eat you jesus sacrifaced himself for u u should be thankful you might be surprised x3
  6. texvirgo

    driving in ur car

    thanks for the long reply + great criticism
  7. texvirgo

    fish guts

    thank you. if u want to know, my brother was gutting a fish next to me while i wrote this song. i absolutely love u and ur support.
  8. texvirgo

    fish guts

    thanks 4 the advice. i wish i was good at guitar but i'll get better. and i plan on recording sometime.
  9. texvirgo

    fish guts

    i agree! thank you!
  10. texvirgo

    fish guts

    thank you!
  11. i dont mind the sky is so bright i can see you right through the curtains god is warming the sun in your eyes radiant orbs dancing slowly the fish are swimming it feels like a dream fire portrudes from your mouth maybe if we close our eyes ill be gone from this place im the fire in the night i glow slowly i die baby kitten lilacs for eyes smoky warmth holding me this feelings sacred i miss you so please dont leave ever again