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  1. I really appreciate this feedback guys. To respond to your points: @HoboSage - I agree, F#m would definitely be stronger. I'm gonna go with that @MGIFOS_SF - I'm glad you like that part! It's actually part of another song idea I had, and am thinking about combining them. Agreed about the powerful drums! @AndyLeF - I do have a looper pedal, and you know what I think I will be including this in my live set. You think the loop should include the F# part? or maybe I pause the loop and just play the F# part. I like the idea of soloing over the riff
  2. Thanks man. Definitely want to make it a cool bass line. Tambourine would be a great touch as well
  3. Hey guys, I've had this song idea cooking for many years now. Never did anything with it, but it'd be cool to finally get some feedback on what kind of direction it should go in. I think it has some potential. Thoughts?
  4. Iron-maiden world

    I'm digging this! Voice sounds nice. I agree that the mix could be a biiit more in your face, but the song has a nice open clean sound. The synth melody is nice as well!
  5. A Summer Place- Demo

    Voice sounds nice. I'll admit this type of music isn't my cup of tea but it does sound clean and well put together. Is the acoustic guitar recorded directly?