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  1. Thanks so much for listening Dan! Your comments were very nice to read. Have you posted any of your short stories or poems? Would like to check them out...
  2. I really enjoyed this song, dude. I actually feel the subject matter matches the melody perfectly. Awesome job.
  3. Thanks very much for listening, Dan. I actually wrote this song this winter as a different version of sorts of a song that I wrote last autumn so you are quite on the spot. The tone of the lyrics is intentional in order to set a moody sort of vibe; I will provide them below along with a link to my soundcloud if you'd like to hear more tunes. If you'd like to send me any of your stuff to check out that would be cool as well. Cheers, Derek Boardwalk Baby (Reprise) Lyrics: In the back of a dark room today Pinching lines of light come crossing I suspect that dawn is coming Marching orders are here one by one One by one by one by one One by one by one by one They shine, on me Oh they shine, on me Here they come, they come, they're coming now Here they come, they come, they're coming now X2