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  1. I am going to a lot of country music concerts. But I wish I could see Brett Young. He singes like an angel and I love Rascal Flats Dan and Shay. Keith urban and a lot of others. I wish I could meet Dan and shay and Brett young.
  2. I love country music any country music fans on here??
  3. Are there pro country music singers on here like I love Brett young.
  4. msrie

    Stop Cussing me out

    Verse 1 When i look at you when we are both working. You know you can just keep on hurting me. That's not what love is going to be. So don't bother me. You don't know what i go through. Baby all you had too. Was be nice to me. But your not being nice you have done this more then once. Its too late for both of us to be together. I wish i could have not met you. And your not going to be mean to me any more. That's not what love is for. So baby I have something to say. you can just walk away. Chorus Stop cussing at me. All you will feel the sadness you put in me. But you don't see what love is to me . That's what men should be that they should be in love with me. Stop Cussing at me you will not need me. Stop saying bad things all it will bring me down. I wonder why love is not around stop cussing at me. I wish you would not sat it to me Stop Cussing at me. Verse 2 How would you like me to say just bring you down any way. You don't want to stop what your doing. And all its proving not to change. I don't want you any way. There is nothing left to say. But good by any way. You know what your doing. And I am not going to stay with you. It was up to you. And you could not be nice to me. All I do want want to be in love and not leave me. You will have to see. i am not wanting to be mean to other's that not what lovers do. Thank you for making me cry. I did not want to say good by.