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    Yeah I wrote it originally as a poem but has been converted into a song 😂 I should have said to begin with. Thanks for feedback... in regards to the two lines you mentioned, Yeah you're right about "this IS a time to look at oneself" - error on my behalf "was I another stock on the shelf" is another way of saying "was I just another brick in the wall" - no originality throughout life, didn't follow dreams etc, just stuck to what was sensible and secure. Hmm, I guess it would make sense to separate identities - I'll have a think
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    This is my first post here, hello everyone! So in this poem I've tried to imagine two people's reaction to growing older... Hope you enjoy - feedback appreciated Time They say it will heal the pain Instead it's making me insane They say it makes you wise Ageing I do despise Watching my kids grow old Why can't they still do as they're told Feel like I'm losing grip As I leave my sinking ship The big sleep is looming A new age is blooming This is a time to look at oneself Was I another stock on the shelf? To me time is a platform What I build myself upon Able to see the wise from the fools Can now play by my own rules Watching my children grow Nearing the end of my show Many mistakes made Too much time spent afraid But that's made me who I am today Nothing's gonna take that away I don't sweat I live with no regret...
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    They Sold Their Souls

    I like this poem a lot, a very interesting topic and good rhyming in there ! However, I do agree with this point, maybe instead you could say "now they're/he's under the devil's control" ?