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  1. She Lied

    I was debating about whether or which I should do this, but, I guess I'm doing this, and, here it goes.... This is a video/seminar devised to help people understand liars and lying in general....
  2. She Lied

    Yeah, when a chick cheats on me, I say, "Yeah, she lied.... on her back, that nasty b.....".... They'll sing it to you, and you'll never realize it, but that's what they was saying to you....
  3. So, my old desktop crashed, and I lost a bunch of old sound files, but I did manage to retain and salvage some of them, only through memory alone. I'm not talking about random access memory or read only memory, but my own actual memory, that I have in my head. Though a lot was lost that I will never be able to remember. This next idea is called project_5 Because that's the file name it had when I recorded and saved it. Hope you enjoy. Btw, sorry for the bad lighting, I lived in a very bad house at the time, I was sleeping on the floor on a mattress. But things are better now.
  4. You're right. I am fairly simple. Anyway, ummm, yea, k, thanks I'll be sending my selections soon
  5. I spent a very short amount of time on facebook. But while I was on there, I decided to explore some things that have always interested me, but, for whatever reason, was never able to pursue in real life. I have a tremendous interest in the paranormal, and I am also a very spiritual person. Though I don't believe in god, I do believe there may actually be a spirit world, and I don't believe that it is governed by any gods. I just feel it simply exists. Wicca was something that I found very interesting. Though a lot of the groups I searched also preached Paganism and the Occult, I found Wiccan beliefs the most interesting. From what I gathered, Wiccans are simply witches that worship nature, and use the forces of nature to cast spells. You can cast good spells or bad spells. But it was made very clear to me that you wouldn't cast a bad spell, unless you were a bad person attempting to do harm to someone else. That was pretty clear to me right from the outset - no teaching needed there - Wiccans use spells to expel and dispel negative energy, and to give themselves positive energy. I was very fascinated by their craft, witchcraft that is. Btw, just in case anyone is wondering, a male witch is not called a warlock. That's a television and movie thing. A male witch is still referred to as a witch, or Wiccan. Anyway, there was some music I discovered on those facebook groups/pages that I really liked and found interesting. Here are a couple of videos that particularly stayed my interest:
  6. I don't fully understand how to do this
  7. FYI YouTube

    You're way ahead of me, Onewholovesrock. I only have two subscribers
  8. Old Navy Footlocker

    couchgrouch, you rhymed that very well. I like it when poems/lyrics rhyme intelligently and flow naturally and fluidly within the story that's being told, as if the person telling the tale simply meant to tell their story but it just happened to rhyme. And great story about your grandpa But I particularly liked the way you finished it off
  9. Every Time (original song)

    Thank you for your advise and compliments, Moso. I always felt the song was a bit, no, VERY repetitive, and, just like you said, too long. I always wanted to provide more variety/variation in the song. A lot of times it feels like the song is going off on its own tangent, but that's just me grasping at sounds and trying pull a song out of it. I'm going to try everything you suggested, experiment and see what develops. I used to have a home studio program installed on my old desktop, but I lost all that when my old desktop crashed, and I lost the program and all my sound files as well. Oh well. I have my music pretty well committed to memory, so I was able to record my music onto my digital camera and upload them to my youtube account.
  10. January 2018 Song Contest

    I'm new here, but I would like to enter this contest. This is a song I wrote a long time ago I call Mountain This is the video I recorded and uploaded to youtube It ain't much, but it's just me, my guitar and my camera I write all my own lyrics, music and melodies, and I do all the playing and I sing all my own songs So there is no one else to give any credits to It's just me These are the lyrics: There is a mountain we all must ascend The path we choose will determine our end We scale it's sheer walls to see the unseen We want to see what our chosen path brings The mountain tapers far steeper for some It towers lofty and will yield for none There is a mountain we all have to climb Rising above us far into the sky It's peak is shrouded for clouds loom so low All you can see is the ground far below Losing their grasp some will fall down below Some won't climb further and some just let go The paths we travel are cluttered with those Whose only wish is to veer us off course And yet they wonder why all hope is lost But they don't see all the damage they cause There is a mountain, it's peak leads the way Others will follow the paths that we laid
  11. I can't sing worth a nothing. And my playing is crap. And my songwriting skills leave a lot to be desired. But I would really like for someone to tell me which direction to take this song in. I feel it has potential. I just really don't know how to pull that potential out of it.