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    songwriting, drums, nature, architecture, hystory, veganism, science fiction, green technologies

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    I write originals and cover arrangements. I also write lyrics but mainly in Italian language
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    too many - from beatles to korn
  1. Cover song video - Hey Hey My My

    Thank you Barneyboy! Thank you so much Clemo!!
  2. Cover song video - Hey Hey My My

    Thank you very much Alyssa!
  3. Just Like Gary Oldman

    I love it!! I watched it on your youtube channel (yes, I'm one of your subscribers) and I wanted to write something there but comments are disabled. Don't be afraid of haters, you are super talented! Waiting for the next one! Roberto
  4. Cover song video - Hey Hey My My

    Thanks a lot Joe. Osva thanked you directly on your youtube channel in a comment under this song you've posted.
  5. Cover song video - Hey Hey My My

    Thanks a lot SpanishBuddha! We are very slow in making videos. We should be able to post the next one by the end of march. We have ordinary daily jobs and do this as a hobby in our spare time. Thanks again! Roberto
  6. Cover song video - Hey Hey My My

    Hi everyone. I have already posted one video in this board. But for this one that I'm posting today I have not been involved in the video production. In this project I write the music arrangement and I'm in charge with the production of the song itself. My friend Osva is the singer and is in charge with the production of the video. He is a talented photographer but this one is his first video. It took 3 months to complete it. It would be nice to have your feedback.
  7. Columbo Mambo

    It really does :). You are a natural talent. Waiting for the next one!
  8. Mugen - debut music video ANIMATED

    I'm not fond of 2D animation but this Ozbox guy is a poet! I had to watch it till the end! Creative minds can use any tool
  9. MUSIC VIDEO (Leonard Cohen Cover)

    Loved the black and white. This Cyril guy has a great visual talent. Very intense and emotional video. Beautiful cover too.
  10. Columbo Mambo

    This is a very professional product. Did you write the screenplay? It is very entertaining. The group of people in your credit list are your friends or people doing this for a living? If you are amateurs the result is amazing
  11. Hi everyone. This is the first video produced by my band. We are doing everything by ourselves (screenplay, shooting, visual effects, editing). We used a simple full-hd Sony HandyCam for most of the scenes. For some sequences in stop-motion (the puppet symbol of the band) we used a cellphone camera. We use green screen background and a lot of CC0 stuff (both photos and videos) from Pexels and Pixabay. And we use Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate as video editing software. It is really our first experience with a real video project. Previously we have only made very simple stuff in Movie Maker. It would be nice to have your feedback (and some reviews and suggestions if you are a video maker)