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  1. songbird52

    Sweet Baby Darlin

    Thank you sumonicky! You brightened my day!
  2. Oh sweet baby darlin, sweet darlin love, oh heaven had sent you to me from above. And now it has taken you back there again, to live with the angels, and leave me in pain. Sweet baby darling, you know I love you, the stars up in heaven, they know it too. This is a cold world, and life is so hard, I wish I could be there, wherever you are. There's waves on the ocean there's stars in the sky, I love you in this world, and the sweet bye and bye. Sweet baby darling, an ocean of pain fills up my heart 'til I'm with you again.
  3. songbird52

    Tell Me There's A Chance

    Oh I'm back in the 1960s when I hear this. Very pretty! You did a great job with the instrumentation and vocals. You have a great voice, IMO. The whole thing sounds expert to me.
  4. songbird52

    What's Wrong With My Heart

    Thank you for your comments Moptop! I double the voice because I don't think my singing is strong enough. Also because I don't have a great microphone. I do it by just adding another track and trying to stay in sync with the first. But as you noticed, I don't always succeed. Also, the second voice track can sometimes cover up errors in the first. This is my lazy way of trying to get a decent recording without spending all day on it. But, of course, I am hoping to get better at recording and at singing, with practice. Thank you for listening!
  5. songbird52

    What's Wrong With My Heart

    Thank you for listening, and for your nice comment!
  6. songbird52

    All I Want is You

    We're different but we like each other's styles. I am more into traditional and country, which has the least commercial appeal of all, especially since I live in the northeast. But I am so glad you like it, makes me want to keep going! Well, even if no one ever liked my songs I would keep writing them. But it's so great that we can appreciate each other's work.
  7. songbird52

    All I Want is You

    Thank you!! I noticed after I posted it how similar the title is to the one you posted recently. We seem to really like each other's songs! Good rivalry!
  8. He said I don't know what you're looking for, I don't know why you think it's me. I don't even know if we should go on. Maybe this should never be. chorus: But I said All I want is you, that's all I ever wanted, baby all I want is you. He said I might never make you happy, I don't know if I should even try, can't ever know how things will really go, I might just make you cry. He said my heart it was broken, and now I don't know if I can trust, every love that I have ever tried, somehow it all turned into dust. He said I'm living in the shadow of a love that turned into stone, and I sometimes think I would be better off, livin' my whole life alone.
  9. songbird52

    All Of You

    I feel the same way. I could spend all day trying to record one song perfectly, or I could spend the day writing a new song, and practicing guitar and singing.
  10. songbird52

    All Of You

    Well I somehow imagined it with male and female voices intertwined. I assumed you're male, but I don't know, sorry if I assumed wrong. Either way, your singing is great. The whole thing is well made, would never guess it was just a demo.
  11. songbird52

    All Of You

    Oh beautiful. I like how it alternates between low key and high drama. Real good lyrics, an original concept. I would like to hear this as a duet with you and a woman. You're a great singer by the way.
  12. songbird52

    What's Wrong With My Heart

    Yes Gary is helping me a lot with I Miss You. Hopefully I will get my part done tomorrow.
  13. songbird52

    That Was Then

    I re-recorded this and fixed some problems.
  14. songbird52

    pure purple paradise

    Love it! Makes you wanna dance!
  15. songbird52

    That Was Then

    Thank you for listening sumonicky, and for your nice comment!