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  1. Walter The Weasel

    Are you, by chance, related to Dr. Seuss? I like it.
  2. Love In Peace

    This is supposed to be humorous, and mean that I'm willing to accept anyone regardless of race or where the came from or whether or not they're "legal". A young person (born male and not physically altered) told me that he didn't identify with either gender. I am changing it to "other". Here again, I'm trying to incorporate everyone. This is about and addressed to everyone, thus the various types of people mentioned. This is in its early stages. The bridge in all my songs need work, once I figure out how I'm going wrong.
  3. Kiss Me in the dark

    Sometimes I let the gas go when I "go". 😉 I agree with everything @spanishbuddhasaid Also, with the lights down low and candles casting a glow, it's not exactly dark.
  4. Love In Peace

    Perhaps something like this would be better... [V3] You've no need to hide or pretend Even if I can't comprehend Still I will love and defend If you feel like sharing your pain You can tell honestly, no need to refrain Or You can open the dam and flood my brain And to take you as you really are
  5. Love In Peace

    I see now what you're saying... What I meant is that it's not important that I understand why a person is what/who they are. Some people tend to want to dig out the facts that a person may not want to share yet. That can come off as harassing. You're absolutely correct that we need to emphasize with any pain, thus the defender part.
  6. Blanket Fort

    I'm touching "gorilla glass", though I have had a plastic screen protector...
  7. Blanket Fort

    Sorry for the extra post. Didn't mean to submit when I did.. Back to plastic; I can't imagine anything plastic that a friend or friendly stranger could have read. Glass, on the other hand, could be a touch screen (using swipe or handwriting recognition) or a fogged window. It still leaves the audience wondering, but it's within reach.
  8. Blanket Fort

    Wow. The second line should have given it away, but I didn't catch the first line referred to writing with the digits, though I did understand that the digits were fingers. I think part of the confusion is that one would normally use a digit, not multiple digits. I'm also curious before and after understanding that, as to what the plastic is.
  9. A Summer Place--New Revision

    I see we're going rhymeless here. That's okay, they're on a lonely beach. Ha ha. If I'm reading this right, the name of "that song" is "A Summer Place" which is also the name of this song. Intriguing. That gives me ideas for a paradoxical song like the movie "The Never Ending Story". I don't really have any useful critique at this time.
  10. Smile For Everyone

    I agree. The school analogy was used previously, but here you've moved on to the train analogy where "fare" is more appropriate. ... But then both analogies are used in the last two lines of the next section so we may be confused here.
  11. I'm a bit biased here, but I'm going with walkin' money. BTW, I could hear someone feisty like Reba McIntyre singing this. I need to familiarize myself with Tracy Chapman as mentioned by @Ashfi.
  12. Winter Romance

    Yes, while writing, I forgot that a cabin was mentioned... Duvet does sound good, I was just saying that I didn't know what it was. Hot chocolate is great because it is both romantic and child friendly. On the other hand, a quick nude frolic in the snow would get her in the mood to join you in your cocoon. I suppose trampling knee deep in a blizzard/storm would have already accomplished that, though.
  13. You Made Me

    I'll start by saying that I was this pov more than once. I dreamed that someone would come and take me in. The first time, a lady working at my Whataburger hang out did take me in because she needed someone to paint her house. I really was left wanting to hear more about this pov as others here have said.
  14. Winter Romance

    I'm liking this. I googled "duvet" as I have never heard of it before. In the USA, we would snuggle/cuddle in a "sleeping bag" I think this song at that point needs a fireplace if indoors or camp fire if sleeping outside. Loving every second here with you.