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  1. Thanks for the rainbow idea. I had been looking for a place to use the term. To keep the rhyme, I changed it to "Full of rainbow colors all swirled". I am thinking of doing a song specifically about being an agender person. This poem is also about my experience of discovery with the help of some wonderful people in a couple of LGBTQ forums. That is the colorful world I stumbled into.
  2. Thanks for commenting @spanishbuddha. What actually inspired this poem is my own experience of living in ignorance about the various levels of sexuallity, then when researching the world of LGBTQ+ because of comments on the related song I wrote, I not only learned a lot about 'them', but I learned that I am one of them. I have always felt genderless (not masculine or feminine) and had no interest in sex, but I didn't know it possible to not be either male or female. As it turns out, I am an asexual agender. I know the poem doesn't specify a type of bigotry, but it's mainly about the hatred of LGBTQ+ people. The song that started all this, was inspired by a friend of my daughter who had to change schools because of kids ridiculing her for being lesbian and my pride in my daughter (and her other friends) for not only accepting the girl, but standing up for her whenever she witnessed such harassment.
  3. Untitled Born into a monochrome world, I never knew another way. “Ignore the surrounding blackness”, That's what the people always say, “And focus only on the white, Like a telescope in the night.” In a whirlwind of chance events I find myself in a cloudy mist. Fumbling and grasping about, Without knowing why I persist, I emerge into a strange world, Full of colors mixed and swirled. It's so varied and beautiful. Every soul emanating, A unique aura of color, Yet, none are discriminating “Welcome friend”, voices summon, “There's a place for all who come in.” But do I really belong here, Having this pure white soul of mine? “Look into yourself”, I'm told. The sight sends shivers down my spine. I also have a special hue, Similar to more than a few. “Look to the sky”, someone says. It's all white save for some black specks. “What are those dark spots”, I ask. “They are hatred’s many aspects, Always hanging over each head, The cause of our horror and dread”. Then let's erase those vile smudges, Or mask them with many bylaws! “No, it can only be destroyed, By eliminating the cause, That hides behind the veil of black, Waiting for a chance to attack. Someone must go across and fight I will go, but not just me, It will take an army of us all, To conquer that foul enemy With all our colors unified Let's cast our brilliant light worldwide. The brightness will reveal all truths, Tearing down that awful curtain, Showing each soul it's true colors, Making our victory certain. With every shadow undone, Then we can live in peace as one.
  4. Amerigo

    Put Something Real On

    I too thought this about clothes (which Beau would definitely comment on) but that's okay. I think Patty has a good idea with "play something real".
  5. Amerigo

    Crits needed please

    I love it. I no nothing of rhythm and meter, so that's on somebody else... I might suggest changing the coda to say something less definitive like "maybe" or "perhaps" Life was better, in the black and white days.
  6. Amerigo

    The Perfect Line

    I like this a lot. You have a good deal of internal rhymes. I'm not sure if it matters that they're not in the same lines of each verse.... The internal rhyme in line 7 here matches the other verses, but probably shouldn't be rhyming with your other rhyme in lines 6 and 8. How about... I can't talk and I start to balk (or walk)
  7. Amerigo

    Love In Peace (Total Rewrite)

    "so called deviance" means that I don't agree with the term! Exactly why I'm saying NOT flinching and NOT merely tolerating. Stop looking at words and read the whole sentence/paragraph. FWI, I'm done arguing with you people. I've reached out to my gay friends and they love it. Bye.
  8. Amerigo

    Love In Peace (Total Rewrite)

    Coda or bridge... I can't merely tolerate your so called deviance Because I truly celebrate your political achievements I'm sure getting a lot of criticism here, but no helpful critique. I said from the beginning that because this is a touchy subject, I need help finding words and phrases that are not offensive, yet still identify my target audience. I'm trying to NOT be offensive by not box anybody into any specific group or community. I've had many homosexuals, transsexuals, etc friends, acquaintances, co-workers come and go in my life and I always treated them like I would anyone else. Sadly, there has seldom been opportunities to talk privately about their feelings, pains, and torment. I have twice, however, suffered ridicule when standing up for two different young men who were being made fun of. One was "out", the other was in denial. The whole message I'm trying to convey is that in a world of bigots, I am not one of them. Is it wrong of me to address the issue at all?
  9. Amerigo

    Love In Peace (Total Rewrite)

    That's the exact opposite of what I intend. What specifically are you talking about and what would make it right?
  10. Amerigo

    Love In Peace (Total Rewrite)

    Thanks for the input guys. I know the coda sounds bad (thus the notes beside it). I'm just trying to say there, that it's not enough to merely tolerate them, but to embrace them as equals among us. Their achievements in having their rights acknowledged such as same sex marriage. Yes, I know. Just saying they have nothing to fear from me personally. My original lyrics mentioned that I would be their defender... Sarcasm? BTW, I this is exactly the type of critique I am looking for. I tagged the post "political correctness" because I'm not sure what terms are okay to use. I don't trust what I hear on TV and feel it may be offensive to ask them directly.
  11. So, I did a total rewrite on this. I also have a possible melody for it that I will post when I get back to my phone (left it at work). Please, let me know if you like it any better. Love In Peace [V1] I don't care what people say You can be straight, bi, or gay Male, female, mixed or switched None of that will make me flinch It's with open arms I stand So you'll see we can be friends [Ch] Let's all live in peace, love in peace Let the real you shine through Let's all live in peace, love in peace To thine own self be true (true, true) Love to live, live to love Love in peace, love in peace, love in peace [V2] You have no reason to hide Who you truly are inside You need to believe me I'll not be your enemy Even though I'm straight n bland We certainly can be friends [Repeat Ch] [Possible Coda (probably not)] I can't tolerate you sexual deviants -- I know this looks really bad, but it means I can't JUST tolerate them. ‘Cause I celebrate your awesome achievements
  12. Amerigo

    Walter The Weasel

    Are you, by chance, related to Dr. Seuss? I like it.
  13. Amerigo

    Love In Peace

    This is supposed to be humorous, and mean that I'm willing to accept anyone regardless of race or where the came from or whether or not they're "legal". A young person (born male and not physically altered) told me that he didn't identify with either gender. I am changing it to "other". Here again, I'm trying to incorporate everyone. This is about and addressed to everyone, thus the various types of people mentioned. This is in its early stages. The bridge in all my songs need work, once I figure out how I'm going wrong.