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  1. Kajetan Zduniak

    my first ballad - "Lucid Dream"

    Thank u for your feedback! No, i cant sing and i never tried to write lyrics. I just wanted to create good melody in more romantic style than i used to create.
  2. Hi guys, as i said my new ballad is done and ready for you to hear it. i added phaser to clean guitar and flanger to bass to create magic and cosmic atmosphere. i hope it turned out well, if not dont be afraid and share your opinion. There is only one question which is in my head all the time and i would like to hear your answers, is this melody threadbare or original? Lucid Dream: https://soundcloud.com/kajetan-zduniak/lucid-dream my Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kajetan-zduniak
  3. Kajetan Zduniak

    New ballad soon :)

    Hey i am back with new ideas for new songs.This time i am recording a ballad.All parts are done just have to record and improve it a lil bit.I am also working on new metal song but creating a solo and recording that will surely take much more time.Hope to share new ballad soon My Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/kajetan-zduniak
  4. Kajetan Zduniak

    "Haribo Jellies" My new song :)

    i wanted good feedback and here it is
  5. Kajetan Zduniak

    "Haribo Jellies" My new song :)

    thank u
  6. Kajetan Zduniak

    "Haribo Jellies" My new song :)

    Thank u ! U mean that some parts should match more to other parts?
  7. Kajetan Zduniak

    "Haribo Jellies" My new song :)

    any feedback?
  8. Very good riffs At first time i thought that they are too simple but then i heard that they sound magical and unusually
  9. Hi ! Its my new song i created majority of riffs about half year ago and solo parts were done yesterday and today because of improvising mainly i think that it has got a lot of feeling tell me what u think MY SONG
  10. Kajetan Zduniak

    My new song "Takeshi Kitano"

    Thank u very much ! Yeh the hardest thing isnt to create epic riff but to create full song of matching riffs. I know that part arent perfect but i am proud of japanse solo and those riffs I like this dark background of song
  11. Kajetan Zduniak

    My new song "Takeshi Kitano"

    Thank you i hope u liked it
  12. Kajetan Zduniak

    Old school/modern rock "Bluesberry"

    I have to correct drums tempo. It was my first song and i dont have experience on choosing samples. Even though i like that style. Max chorus on it
  13. Hey it was my first recorded song.I improved it yesterday and i hope u ll like it I know it isnt perfect in rhythm way but even though i want to hear your opinions.Song below:https://m.soundcloud.com/kajetan-zduniak/bluesberryMy second song below:https://m.soundcloud.com/kajetan-zduniak/takeshi-kitano
  14. Kajetan Zduniak

    My new song "Takeshi Kitano"

  15. Hi guys !I am 17 and its my second song recorded in Reaper.I have been changing this song a few times and i think its a final version.I dont think that this song is perfect,because i know that those riffs dont match 100% correctly.Solo of this song is half in japanese scale and classic modal scale.Takeshi Kitano is an badass action film actor and he was my inspiration during making this song .My style is inspired by Death and Megadeth mainly.Their guitarists are awesome for me.I am trying to combine playing agressive and melncholic riffs.Tell me what you think about it I will post by rock blues song too when i will improve it.Your opinions are the most important for me https://soundcloud.com/kajetan-zduniak/takeshi-kitano