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  1. Can you post the lyrics please?
  2. Agree with Malcolm about how the lyrics aren't scanning quite right in places. Music and production are great. Your vocals are fabulous and the guitar playing is solid. The virtual drummer is perfect (that's kind of not a compliment). ..which begs the question. What makes this a demo? Are you going to re-record it? ..or are you trying to sell it??
  3. M57

    All For You

    The original.
  4. M57

    All For You

    Couldn't listen all the way through - too loud (too much compression). The guitar needs a lot of EQ notching. No lyrics posted - can't understand enough of them ..and even if I could I would want to see them posted - so I can't really offer much in the way of criticism.
  5. M57

    What I Need

    All good comments and recommendations above.. I would add on the mix side that I find the kick drum to be too mushy. I LOVE LOVE the guitar intro and just the over-all feel the guitars impart on this one. The way you turn phrases on the verses is fresh and exciting - so I have to admit that I found the changes in the chorus and the melody that parallels it ..well, not as appropriate to the genre and just too predictable ..in an old-school way. After the way you set up the verses, I was just expecting something more creative and fresh when the chorus hit. Subjective opinion to be sure, but that's how it feels to me. Your voice is AWESOME! Wish I had those notes full chest voice.
  6. Yeah, I can't understand the lyrics either. Great harmonic motion - voice leading - melodic writing. All top shelf. The arrangement is highly stylized, and in expert fashion.. I get Micheal McDonald/("Living on the Fault line"/SteelyDan vibes, which are great, but it's so solidly and consistently in that vein that I keep on waiting for it to break out. Looking for a nit to pick.. I find the bass line in the verses.. (e.g. @ 0:24) doesn't really bring the hip. More appropriate to my ear would be to add some snappy funk articulations OR something more interesting than that walking octave thing. You're writing instincts are fabulous, but with this one you haven't given us a lot of room to breath (harmonically and melodically speaking). So one solution I can think of is to make the rhythm section breathe a little more. Right now it just feels like a wash of the same colors instrumentation-wise. Maybe the BV's will make a difference, but I'm tempted to say it's asking for even more, like a drum beat that turns things on its head every once and a while or some horns. That quarter-note piano ostinato toward the end is on the right track, but I dunno.. I'm just blathering at this point. I'll go back in my hole..
  7. M57

    My Soul In The Breeze

    This is really nice.. I like the lyric. I had to look up "senescent." To my ear, the melodies and changes are jazz - so I kind of expect more derivation in terms of voicings and performance nuances. The drone strings on the guitar are nice and all, but I think it would be cool if you could bring in some Rhodes-like keys to break things up. Are you taking it to the studio? I'd like to hear where you go with this. What instrumentation are you considering? Drums?
  8. M57

    Home in the Stars - LOCKED

    Nice.. Can't wait to hear the music you have for this one.
  9. M57

    Home in the Stars - LOCKED

    ..I was hearing his ukulele.
  10. M57

    Home in the Stars - LOCKED

    Hah! How funny - because he just commented on my "Chasing the speed of light" song - and Justin, it's OK to use it (not that you need my permission) On the other hand, I think references to light speed are not really appropriate for the theme of this lyric, unless you are referring to the distance travelled to get to the moment. As far as the use of 'night' in the lyric is concerned. It doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I picture the ship making a desperation landing on the dark (night) side of an exoplanet. The line that makes less sense to me is "frozen satellites." I'm assuming this ship is making an emergency landing on a world that is uninhabited. I.e. , there are no satellites. So when you say they're frozen, I immediately think frozen in time.. which opens up too many alternative stories for me and detracts from the one I think you are trying to tell. Am I missing something? Good to see you here.. Hope all is well, -Mark
  11. Hey R, First, thanks for putting this project back on my radar - I all but forgot about it. Having not listened to it for a while, I'm tempted to agree with you - I feel that the piece as a whole is lacking something. I keep thinking it needs percussion/set and bass. Also, there's a room for a little more development musically. I have a tiny vacation coming up where hopefully I can squeeze some time into this one.
  12. M57

    Iron-maiden world

    Really Nice - I enjoyed listening to this. I don't hear anything "experimental" about the changes - they're all just major and minor chords and there's a lot of V-I bass motion. But the progressions change keys nicely. Great strong vocals. The voice and phrasing is impressive. For the most part I like the arrangement choices. BUT I have a few nits/suggestions.. That string/synth patch is cheesy (for my tastes) and mixed way too hot, even when it's in the foreground. It helps a little when the horns are there to help out, but it sure would be nice if you could have something more realistic. I'm guessing that you feel the lyric demands that the song needs to be 6+ minutes long, but I was done listening at about 4 minutes - not because the song isn't interesting and good, but because the form had run its course and it just felt like the song should be ending. On the mastering end. it does seem a bit too loud to me. My ears were fatiguing, especially in those long instrumental tags and choruses. But I could be wrong there - I've been mixing and mastering a lot today and my ears are a bit shot right now. Congrats on a great song. -Mark
  13. M57

    What is "Music" to you?

    I'm in with a qualified NOPE. I'm definitely in the "music is organized sound" camp. And that includes Mr. Cage's 4':33", which challenges the definition (more on that later). However, I also believe that music is a decidedly human construct. Until we can conclusively prove that birds "sing" and are not simply communicating, what's to distinguish bird song from a human conversation? Now if you want to argue that human conversation is organized sound, and therefore music, then all bets are off. But that argument exposes a slippery slope, doesn't it? For that reason, "organized sound" is much too broad a descriptor for me, and so I must argue that the definition of music needs to be quite a bit narrower. Music is sound organized for sound's sake. Let me give examples.. Consider the clickety-clack of the train as it passes by on rails. Music? No! - But discover it and record it, or transcribe its rhythms and you begin to draw it into the realm of music. Same applies to bird "song" (a misnomer if ever there was one in my opinion). Does simply recording birds making bird noises make it music? Well, the more you organize it for sound's sake, the more it becomes music. We need to ask how much conscious editing was involved? You wouldn't go out in the field with a recorder in the middle of the night to record them, would you? My point: There's a degree of intentionality involved in simply recording sound, but we're looking at the fringes of the definition to be sure. If Mr. Cage decided to deliberately record the sound of sleeping birds, or even better, anesthetized some birds and put them on the stage so we could listen to them sleeping in concert, what's to say that isn't music? He's simply editing with drugs. On the other hand, Mr. Cage is challenging our definition with something I consider to be much more in the realm of Performance Art. Of course, from there we get into drawing the much more subjective distinction between music and music-AL. Would you go to see a performance of 4'33" to see it or hear it? Mind you, you can play it on your own piano at home with as much technical proficiency as a concert pianist.
  14. Very Nice. When I first read the lyric I thought that the facetiousness of the 'smile for everyone' line seemed was somehow lacking, but as soon as I heard the music - I heard shades of Eagles (like New Kid in Town) and I knew it would work. I have one nit and two suggestions. My nit: the emphasis on the word "pretend" is backwards.. It's pretend, not pretend. I only bring it up because you are consistent with the "rules" of scansion everywhere else. My suggestions: I think this would really groove nicely if you bumped it up a good 4+ BPM. (Listen to New Kid in Town - I didn't but I bet it's faster). I found the mix a bit too thickly slathered with verb sauce but that's just my taste. In fact, if you could bump it up a few BPM, I'll bet you would find that you could pull out the reverb because you don't need to fill in the air with as much sound. All in all, well-performed and well-produced, a strong good tune, hook and write. Congrats. -Mark
  15. I'm not much of a connoisseur of the genre, but I think this is is a killer country tune. Maybe you could work in a couple of BVs with Oos and Ahhs, but really this one is ready to go. The lyric is the star here for sure. Don't know what your intention is, but if I was inclined, I'd be peddln' this one. I can imagine there are artists out there who could take this and "make it their own."