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  1. M57

    The Exorcism

    Yeah! Simple and minimal is really nice with this one - I think there's no need for another musical section. Lyrics are captivating. Riveting vocal performance. Great ending. Maybe sometimes the BV oooh line seems a bit over the top for me (maybe too lyrical when it should be mystical), but really that's more a stylistic choice on your part. Congrats on a wonderful little song. -Mark
  2. M57

    Prophet (Demo)

    I see lyrics, but nobody is singing on the recording.
  3. You post the topic in a more appropriate forum.
  4. M57

    A Harrowing Night

    I think the lyrics are the star with this one. The story is layered, yet accessible. the lyrics scan beautifully, and the rhyme is well executed. I'm jealous. A quick listen to one of your other songs and I realize you have a higher vocal register than you use in this song. I'm pretty sure you're a baritone. I suspect you choose to sing it in a lower register to darken things, but if you were able to bop the key up a minor third, I think you'd eliminate a lot of muddiness and be musically more appealing to a wider audience.
  5. M57


    Hey Cap, First, really nice song and recording. Beautiful vocal performance. So I'm working on a song with a somewhat similar guitar part - finger picked, hammer-ons, pull-offs, etc.. My guitar is a Taylor and I have to say, yours sounds not too dissimilar so I'm kind of hyper-focused on that aspect of things these days. The guitar almost seems a tad too close miced maybe, but for the most part I really like the sound you're getting. What recording chain are you using for it? It almost sounds like you're using two mics, but I'm guessing just one?? Anyway, the one thing that bothers me a bit with this are the strings. What you're doing is taking it in a Nick Drake direction, which is really cool and I think I get what your intent is but the strings betray their virtuality in just a few places a little too much. I get it - note attacks and ends of phrases are just so tricky to make sound right. Also, I think the strings are a bit too cinematic ..when I think they need to be more of a chamber string section - but you may have no control over that. The arrangement is entirely legato with very little breathing (like @1:47) and not a lot of motion. I'm being hyper critical here because I'm wrestling with these very issues in my string writing right now - and I'm not necessarily suggesting that you throw it all away, go out and get a different set of strings and re-arrange, but there are a couple things that I think you could play with that might help. First, use more dynamics automation to create just a little more in the way of swells. Experiment with letting the ends of some of the phrases die. It just feels unnatural to me that the poor players have to saw away for two minutes straight without ending a phrase. I don't know what you're using for a string section, but if there's any controller that lets you manipulate parameters like intensity or vibrato, consider playing with them. I know, it's a lot of work and time to go in there and fidget with things like this, but I think they're entirely worth it, especially when you consider how exposed the strings are in this arrangement. Congrats on a fine song. -M
  6. Can you post the lyrics please?
  7. Agree with Malcolm about how the lyrics aren't scanning quite right in places. Music and production are great. Your vocals are fabulous and the guitar playing is solid. The virtual drummer is perfect (that's kind of not a compliment). ..which begs the question. What makes this a demo? Are you going to re-record it? ..or are you trying to sell it??
  8. M57

    All For You

    The original.
  9. M57

    All For You

    Couldn't listen all the way through - too loud (too much compression). The guitar needs a lot of EQ notching. No lyrics posted - can't understand enough of them ..and even if I could I would want to see them posted - so I can't really offer much in the way of criticism.
  10. M57

    What I Need

    All good comments and recommendations above.. I would add on the mix side that I find the kick drum to be too mushy. I LOVE LOVE the guitar intro and just the over-all feel the guitars impart on this one. The way you turn phrases on the verses is fresh and exciting - so I have to admit that I found the changes in the chorus and the melody that parallels it ..well, not as appropriate to the genre and just too predictable ..in an old-school way. After the way you set up the verses, I was just expecting something more creative and fresh when the chorus hit. Subjective opinion to be sure, but that's how it feels to me. Your voice is AWESOME! Wish I had those notes full chest voice.
  11. Yeah, I can't understand the lyrics either. Great harmonic motion - voice leading - melodic writing. All top shelf. The arrangement is highly stylized, and in expert fashion.. I get Micheal McDonald/("Living on the Fault line"/SteelyDan vibes, which are great, but it's so solidly and consistently in that vein that I keep on waiting for it to break out. Looking for a nit to pick.. I find the bass line in the verses.. (e.g. @ 0:24) doesn't really bring the hip. More appropriate to my ear would be to add some snappy funk articulations OR something more interesting than that walking octave thing. You're writing instincts are fabulous, but with this one you haven't given us a lot of room to breath (harmonically and melodically speaking). So one solution I can think of is to make the rhythm section breathe a little more. Right now it just feels like a wash of the same colors instrumentation-wise. Maybe the BV's will make a difference, but I'm tempted to say it's asking for even more, like a drum beat that turns things on its head every once and a while or some horns. That quarter-note piano ostinato toward the end is on the right track, but I dunno.. I'm just blathering at this point. I'll go back in my hole..
  12. M57

    My Soul In The Breeze

    This is really nice.. I like the lyric. I had to look up "senescent." To my ear, the melodies and changes are jazz - so I kind of expect more derivation in terms of voicings and performance nuances. The drone strings on the guitar are nice and all, but I think it would be cool if you could bring in some Rhodes-like keys to break things up. Are you taking it to the studio? I'd like to hear where you go with this. What instrumentation are you considering? Drums?
  13. M57

    Home in the Stars - LOCKED

    Nice.. Can't wait to hear the music you have for this one.
  14. M57

    Home in the Stars - LOCKED

    ..I was hearing his ukulele.
  15. M57

    Home in the Stars - LOCKED

    Hah! How funny - because he just commented on my "Chasing the speed of light" song - and Justin, it's OK to use it (not that you need my permission) On the other hand, I think references to light speed are not really appropriate for the theme of this lyric, unless you are referring to the distance travelled to get to the moment. As far as the use of 'night' in the lyric is concerned. It doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I picture the ship making a desperation landing on the dark (night) side of an exoplanet. The line that makes less sense to me is "frozen satellites." I'm assuming this ship is making an emergency landing on a world that is uninhabited. I.e. , there are no satellites. So when you say they're frozen, I immediately think frozen in time.. which opens up too many alternative stories for me and detracts from the one I think you are trying to tell. Am I missing something? Good to see you here.. Hope all is well, -Mark