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  1. Use The Ends/Wish I Wished

    Hi Nicoladee, Normally I like a long song but I feel the verses are just too long. Maybe a little trim ? Message is loud and clear, I also thought it was a love song but it has a nice twist to it. Potential. Dan
  2. "Todays music vs. "classics"

    It's maybe an age thing. The older you get you surround yourself with things that feel good, safe, things you understand. I'll keep listening to the music I enjoy but I'll keep an ear open for something different!
  3. "Todays music vs. "classics"

    Hi Melahide, I think it is just the way the world is now. Back in the day you had to be able to play, to be creative, no sampling nonsense, no made for money bands ( maybe the Monkees, but at least they had some catchy ditty's?) Everything is diluted now. Instant fame without doing the apprenticeship. It's ok, that's what is happening now. Same thing in the movie world, re-makes (Blade Runner though? Come on!) There are rays of hope, few and far between and long may they run. As for music, I listen to The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Dr Feelgood and Devo. They bring me back to a time when people played and they played well. Dan
  4. Ghosts

    Hi Songwolfe, This is a grim song, I like it, sort of! Haunting feeling about this. The news this week showed a man ( General?) taking poison at his trial for his part in this debacle. Very wild stuff and emotions still run deep regards this crazy period in what used to be Yugoslavia. I'm a big fan of the artist Peter Howson and he was over there covering this desperate situation at the time, he was very affected with what he witnessed. You've really expressed and explained the tragic events of this sad and violent conflict. Religion sometimes drives people to do wicked stuff. Dan
  5. November Lyrics Contest

    Bravo Patty! Nice one! Dan
  6. Metaphorical Murderer

    Hi Jordan, Pretty heavy stuff. Not A Cole Porter type of ditty. It's a real machine gun burst of desperate cries. I like it! I think it just needs put into a slightly more traditional song style, like Mike B above suggests. I like that it is also quite long, too many songs/lyrics are short, I like lots of words, a story. I don't think I could read too many of your pieces if they are all on this subject, I am a much too delicate butterfly. Good writing, enjoyed! Dan
  7. Go With The Flow

    Hi Rerry, I think this is pretty good. A mellow little number. Keep at it. Maybe some of the rhyming could be a bit tighter but well sung, good voice, likey! Dan
  8. Death

    Hi Ron, I like this. Very different feel to this epic. To me it sounds more like prose? Dantes Inferno or Ancient Mariner? Trippy and slightly weird, like my granny! Good one. Dan
  9. Solid Evidence

    Hi Paul, Nice number. Topical stuff. Money and power make some go crazy. Nothing new there! Seems that everyone has been at the fiddle and fiddling since some of us crawled out of the sludge. Thankfully some of us stood tall but some kept on crawlin'! Good work, songs can't always be about losin' your gal. Enjoyed it. Dan