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  1. Hi Mike, Good video. Amusing. The big man is in my neck of the woods shortly. Maybe I'll go see him, just to see if he is orange. If I see him shall I pass on your good wishes? Dan
  2. Good stuff Bob. Good humour, dark but I like that. Some of the references I'm not familiar with( Scottish and living mostly in the dark! And rain!) I will check out the rest. Talented chap. Enjoyed it. Thanks Bob. Dan
  3. Dan Brady

    Best Movies Related to Music

    A Mighty Wind, made by the Spinal Tap gang. Fantastic. Dan
  4. Thanks Carl. It sounds like doom and gloom from me but I really don't want it too happen in the near future. I've just booked 6 trampolining lessons and I've just made an appointment next Thursday to have a Carlos Valderrama perm done. I agree that when our time is up, mother nature will remove her teat very quickly. Dan
  5. no walls, no fences will be found when finally man is underground, when the statues have all tumbled and the concrete has all crumbled, when threadbare flags wave no more and the last plastic raft reaches the shore, and when the sounds of men have gone we'll hear the skylark sing its song.....
  6. Cool! Nod to the 50's. Nice one Paul. Dan
  7. Excellent Mike. Feel good song and a feel good video. A winning combination! Good job. What a beautiful place. Dan
  8. Dan Brady

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    Very good collaborations, fun to hear the results. Coyote was my favourite, genius! Very 60's-70's terribly dubbed western feel, instantly forgettable movies but they always had a fabulously over the top theme song about the mysterious hero. Great stuff. Vocals spectacular. Dan
  9. Swanky duds Tom! Good video, thank goodness you added in the comic touches or this could have been very depressing. People were getting shafted right left and centre back then. I don't think much has changed recently ? Enjoyed. Dan
  10. Sweet! Nice Robert, very nice. Dan
  11. in ye olde medieval times sitting below the salt at the dining table was for the lower ranks. the penny wedding we have no wine, no meat to eat no richmans drink to down we’ll have what little we can buy with our paupers purse in town all I have is this wooden plate my broken spoon of bone you’ll find no silver nor porcelain in this poor poets home oh the master he has silver the master he has gold but tonight I am a rich man and my true love I will hold now fiddler play our wedding waltz tonight we sit above the salts friend and family bring a penny there’s broth and dancing for the many love and friendship are the measure life is sweeter for these treasures bring a penny if you’re able and come and sit here at our table oh the master he has silver the master he has gold but tonight I am a rich man and my true love I will hold
  12. Hi Joe, Song intro was fab! Good work. There are lots of excellent musicians here and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay. Dan
  13. Nice one Tom. Liked it!