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  1. Reads like the Faust tale? RJ dealing with the big bad man? Dan
  2. Wow! What an epic tale! Encore sir! Dan
  3. Fun lyrics Theresa. Made me smile. Dan
  4. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    I'm not even in this contest but I'm excited! Good luck teams! Dan
  5. Walkin Money

    Fun number Patty. Toes were tapping! No technical advise from me, just enjoyed it. Sounded pretty slick! Dan
  6. Zedd - The Middle (E-Piano cover)

    I enjoyed Noches. Very cool mix. Beautiful voice! Cheers Gabriel. Dan
  7. G'day! Entertaining and educational Donna. Good stuff! Dan
  8. Beautifully written Theresa. Dan
  9. old man-father old dear-mother Wrapped In The Night my old man he kisses girls and my old dear she swallows pills and you ask me what's wrong tonight will you come over and stay by my side you take my hand and you say to me will you read me your poetry will you show me where you sleep will you hold me 'cos tonight I'm weak you and I wrapped in the night the stars smile above us the moon soft and bright you are my queen and you offer me hope we are bound in the darkness and love is our rope.
  10. Half of you

    Hi Ashfi, I like your idea of writing to your wife and using your lyrics/poetry to try and fix your falling out. Keep working on this and hopefully all will be well with you two lovebirds. Sometimes it's good to have a little argument, it makes getting back together even more fun! Regarding the language, I like the way you use it. Not perfect grammar but I understand what you are saying. Has there ever been a perfect song? ( perfect day-lou reed! Yes ok, forget that one.) To me the strength of a lyric/poem/fortune cookie is the message within and I understand what you are saying here. Keep working on the English. Myself I like your lyrics and find them charming, but I can also understand why people find them a bit hard to follow. Keep on writing, I like your work. SB has suggested a good title, or, Part of Me and Part of You? Dan Can I suggest for verse 2? We're sharing all emotion of our lives We hear the heart beats of each other. Like call & response each minute, I am a butterfly and you're my sweetest flower...
  11. Just been onto yt and read the lyrics. A grown hairy man should not be sitting crying into his Rice Krispies. The music was grand, I could handle that, very enjoyable and I felt pretty mellow and all cosy eating my warm toast and marmalade and drinking my perfect cup of tea. But those lyrics? Heart-breaking! Great writing OBF but now I must retire to my bed for a few hours and recover from this emotional encounter! (get angry again!) Good one! Dan
  12. Can you put this in a bottle? I'd have a small sip every day and I'd start smiling more ( although being Scottish I do quite like to be a little angry now and again. And again!) Very relaxing and happy piece. I can truly feel the love! Good work OBF. Dan
  13. Hi TC, Can't add anything wise regarding this track other than it is cool! Great guitar. Dan
  14. The Story of a Hermit

    Qindfish, Very good, quite delightfully eccentric. I like it. Feels like I could hear this song in a musical? Something on the stage rather than a c.d . It goes from tragedy to almost farce. Being lonely you must create your own reality, your own world. I liked the simple tune. I have a book full of sonnets too. Good stuff! Dan
  15. A cool experiment...

    D'oh! Only joking! Best sampling ever! Nice work Gabriel. Dan