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  1. Hi Joe, Song intro was fab! Good work. There are lots of excellent musicians here and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay. Dan
  2. Nice one Tom. Liked it!
  3. Man this is cool! You paint such beautiful pictures Robert. Excellent! Dan
  4. Nice track Gregg. Vocals spot on and tune and lyrics tight. Subject matter very positive! Enjoyed it. Dan
  5. Very cool Carl. How true, anything and anywhere, even places that aren't anywhere can be visited in slumber! Dream on and on and on... Clever and trippy! Liked it. Dan
  6. A happy little number Kuya.
  7. Hi Luke, Very upbeat and it made me feel good! Dan
  8. Good point. I think this needs to be finished properly. Thanks SB. Dan
  9. Hi Luke, Great vocals, sounded like a positive message? My Korean has slipped a bit over the years! Be good to see a translation. A bit confused about what was happening in the video so I will wait to see translation. It might have been better to have posted the song, then later added translation and video? Impressive track. Dan
  10. Sweet number. Very cool stuff. Liked! Dan
  11. What lies beneath my skin Life it seems to pass me by before I've had a chance to fly, to feel the sun upon my face to walk with you on summer days, if only I could let you in to see what lies beneath my skin, let you wander through my mind and let you watch my dreams unwind....
  12. I like this Robert. Good story, never judge a book! Reminds me a little of Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood. Captures the feel and taste of a small community and all their little secrets beautifully! Smashing stuff! Dan
  13. Brilliant Rob! Great fun! Dan
  14. Dan Brady

    The Story Behind The Song ("Slow Down")

    Hi Tom, Felt like I was taking part in a song autopsy. No fainting thank goodness! Very interesting, some of the words used ( most infact! ) I had to look up the dictionary for the meaning. Informative to a non musician and helpful in understanding method and madness in your song writing approach. Enjoyed the song, guitar solos, perfect. Great to see you musicians allowing us , me anyway, a look into your world! Thanks Dan
  15. Dan Brady

    Songs for Troubled Cricketers

    Howzat by Sherbet. Dan