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  1. OBF,nice! very unusual sound you have. why not read out the lyrics over the music if you aren't going to sing? good writing, good music. enjoyed. dan
  2. Nice song Mike. Good video. Has there ever been a time when we didn't want to change the world? We better get the finger out before the world has had enough of us? Good one. Dan
  3. Thanks Kuya. If you get a minute check this out? Dan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_Herbicides
  4. Hi Bob. Every poem is like eating a favourite meal! Constantly great writing! Dan
  5. Dropping Rainbows They’re dropping rainbows from the sky pretty colours from on high, killed the crops, killed the trees killed it all, now nothing breathes, synthesised by mans cruel hand rainbows came from a tin can, pink and green, purple and blue white and orange and orange 2, still the rainbows have their say continue killing every day, burned the people, burned the homes seeped through skin and clung to bones, killed yourself and killed your foe Oh! What a pretty way to go!
  6. Dan Brady

    When the Ravens Call *updated 9-6-18*

    Good one Mike. There is something very creepy about the crows when they're in their gang. What or who are they talking about? Brooding song. Good ideas offered by the real musicians, I offer only my enjoyment at reading. Sing it, love to hear this one. Dan
  7. Dan Brady

    "Tamer of Horses"

    Hi Satincross. Good stuff. Has a classical feel to it. Like the story but agree with the others, timing and speed are a bit out. Needs work but big potential here. Keep at it. Dan
  8. Hi Amalek, Different. Interesting. Very unusual. I liked it. Not being any kind of expert, I'd say it needs to be longer and to add more lyrics. Good stuff. Potential. Dan
  9. artificial hibernation Droperidol it cures it all if you are high it makes you small if you are worried or talk too much Droperidol comes after lunch there's really nothing we can do god forbid we'd talk to you you see it let's us move you from chair to chair it keep's you out of nursing's hair it soothes and smoothes and is well used it calms desire and quenches fire it cools your brain when you're a pain it gives us rest when you're a pest Droperidol will set you free but best of all? it lets us sit and watch t.v
  10. Beautifully simple. Nice work.
  11. Brilliant Bob! Great tale. Dan
  12. I can see myself standing in a queue, a long queue, waiting to buy sausages in the butcher's. I can hear this piece as I get closer to being served. A young female butcher looks up and catches me looking at her bloody hands as she brings down her cleaver on a rack of beef. The heavily perfumed lady in front of me is buying lamb chops. I always buy two, she tells the butcher who looks like Max Von Sydow. He died five years ago, she continues and winks at Max. Max winks back and asks, would you like me to deliver this personally? Hi Folke, I like this. I always think there is something Hitchcocky about your music. It always feels like there is something darker, more sinister lurking beneath the seemingly normal sound you have. Maybe I smoke too much weed? Eat too many sausages? cats are happy! excellent stuff! Dan
  13. Dan Brady

    Wood Art

    nice work! love the various colours. wings look smart. as a bit of a birdwatcher, I see it as two little birds also. again, good work! great gift. talented!
  14. impressive. has a feeling of finality. melancholic piece. nicely done.