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  1. Strange Medicine

    Absolutely loved this, the way it's told is full of imagination - albeit dark and grim, it's just a sprinkle of this well written piece.
  2. "Forgiveness"

    I don't mean this in a bad or rude way, I had no idea what the meaning behind the poem was but I did like it. Certainly it's well written, with more than meets the eye - yet I'm afraid in my current mood, it goes beyond me. I found the story to be interesting, yet it throws questions to me - Why was she playing the piano? Why did the dad never hear his wife play before? And, why is it titled forgiveness? I'll come back when my clouds have cleared. Your poetry and writing always intrigues me oxe57, there's no questions about that. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Graves of Angels

    Beautiful lyrics, full of memories and meaning - I am sure many will relate. I thought this was a repetitive style poem at first, I hadn't noticed your link to soundcloud. I had wished the music included the song, I would have liked to hear but the piano work is good. Keep 'em coming!
  4. Quantum in Solace

    Quantum in Solace When I am older, will I have solace? Will I see greatness, happen before I die? Or will my eyes, still see hurt, And tire of my unwinding heart? Will my mind know, equanimity? When I am old? Through time heals no pain. It only creates holes, in my mind, Where the echoes of retention leave my soul. And the sound of music, reminds me of innocence. And the sound of voices, Remind me I am loved.
  5. Do Not Attempt to Breathe

    Not a subject I like reading about really, though this is just personal preference and I think it promotes awareness (it just gets me down). I think the lyrics are very strong, though I cannot make suggestions. I do think the above words could be remastered in to a poem. Thanks for sharing!
  6. You Take My Breath Away

    I am someone who admires the simplicity of writing. You can have something simple, yet extremely well crafted and still 'deep'. I am frequently told to adventure a way from it myself, yet I think once you master the basics - it enables you to write better. I personally found these to be good lyrics. Enjoyed the youtube attachment also
  7. I Am

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the poem folks, I really appreciate the kind words. It's good to be back and writing more frequently.
  8. A Silent Muse

    Unfiltered life seemed better And nothing else would matter, My shell was getting thinner, It didn't do me well. I find this very meaningful, as it is something I can relate to. Really diggin' this wonderfully crafted poem, thank you for taking the time to share it. Keep 'em coming!
  9. I Saw a Rocketship

    I didn't realise I was reading lyrics, until I noticed the chorus (despite the mentioning of being busy making music). It's been years since I have attempted to write any form of lyrics, I've only really started writing more regularly with my poetry and I'm unsure what to say (type). I would actually love to be able to compare the lyrics with the music, I think this would make a difference hearing the rhyme etc. If you would attach it, I am sure others would like to hear it. What I can say is, the build up to the chorus it tells a story and I like the fact it shares some form of repetition between seeing a rocketship and battleship. It actually makes me think of a few songs which are enjoyable to sing along to. The chorus also seems very strong. Please do share a link, Keep 'em coming!

    I like the short, yet very detailed lines. The choice of words are very well crated and I find this reads very smoothly. I'm afraid I can't provide any constructive criticism or suggestions, if I noticed anything I genuinely would say so (despite not feeling the most qualified person). I really enjoy reading and this for me is a perfect example. Words of true beauty, thanks for sharing! Keep 'em coming!
  11. I Am

    Self admittedly I haven't written much in a very long time, plus since I did write frequently - I think my writing is less 'depressive' and that's probably really down to my mood. Anyway, here's a poem I wrote recently. "I Am" I dread the moment where I forget, all the days that passed me behind. And how I try to stumble, through cohesion, I try. Darkened mist blackens my mind, and how I try, through emerald skies. I close eyes shut & long for you, It’s too hard to dwell, I adjure. I wish I could explain myself, though I can’t no more. My memories escape, It’s who I am. I accept my fate, I try, I am.

    I find the format and style interesting, reading through the poem it highlights all the things that I like about poetry. I don't recall reading a piece quite like this, your certainly right about your variety of writing styles. This following part stands out for me. Keep 'em coming!
  13. Invisible

    It is sad and whereas it might get me down, I actually find this uplifting because you have highlighted things which people don't often see when they notice an homeless person. Just a couple of days ago, I noticed this elderly lady buying a 'Big Issue' (a magazine which homeless people sell to buy food etc). Your poem made me think of this and how we can help people more. I really enjoyed it
  14. Podcast

    Thanks, I'll have a look into watch you've touched upon here.
  15. Podcast

    Opinions please? I am aware that I need to fix the 'erm' etc, I am very new to speaking on audio and it's something I have put off for years but I know have the confidence to do so. Also, it will include interviews and opinions voiced by fans soon enough - this is just a starting block. -removed the link to prevent it automatically starting-