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  1. Syl, incredible is kinda high up there but I'll sure give it a try! Thanks for you faith! Take care, Dominick
  2. Syl, Thanks for kind comments. I do have to agree with you on the vocal level. It didn't sound that loud but in listening to it after it was uploaded,,,yeah, it's a bit too much! I'll try to fix that in the next couple of days. It's just so nerve racking when you think you've got it as best you can and then it sounds totally different after you post it. Thanks again, Dominick
  3. Hello all, this is the final version of our song "Waiting for my life to kick in" that Patty wrote the lyrics for and I worked up the music track. This song went through several versions and styles before we all agreed that this one was the best and are very please with the result. As always, Sumi did a wonderful job on her vocal performance and Patty's word smithing was top notch!!!! I was honored to work with such a talented vocalist and gifted lyricist on this project. So take a listen and let us know what you think. Thanks, Dominick V1 Feels like riding a merry-go-round Spinning and going nowhere Wanna step off, start livin’ my life The answers are in the air V2 Packed and ready, I wanna take off But here I am, standing by My life in limbo, nothing feels right How much more can I try? Chorus: Come on, life! Let me know Where, exactly, do I want to go? Wanna get started, my patience is thin I’m waiting for life to kick in Instr. V3 Tired of living a life that’s not mine Searching for what I believe Trying on choices to see how they fit Till the right one tugs at my sleeve Chorus: Come on, life! Let me know Where, exactly, do I want to go? Wanna get started, my patience is thin I’m waiting for life to kick in Bridge: When will I find my passion? What will set me free? Runnin’ in place while I’m waiting For a life that’s truly me My story has yet to begin Waiting for my life to kick in Waiting for my life to kick in
  4. Songwriting problems

    I have to agree with a lot of what is being said here. For me inspiration comes from some very strange and unexpected places....it also seems to come at some strange times....like in the shower! Of course, a place where neither pencils nor paper would survive for very long.. When I do get ...well...what I think is a good idea while in the rain room I just have to do the best I can to remember it until I can write it down. I am an home appliance tech so I spend a lot of time traveling from call to call. I keep a pocket recorder in the van ...the mini cassette type, yeah I know, it's an oldie but it still works....anyway, I keep a recorder handy to jot down any ideas that I get and them transcribe them later. A lot of my song ideas come from ..well, other songs. Not direct ripoffs but just general type stuff. I like to listen to some of the college or community radio stations. They play stuff that I've never heard before.....that search for that "new and fresh" that was mentioned earlier! I've played in rock/country bands too many years and there is only so much classic rock, country, and oldies that I can stand anymore. Now, most of my stuff is not worth the paper it's written on but I try not to let it discourage me from continuing to write. You'll write a lot of bad ones before you'll have good one. I heard the question asked over and over.."When writing, which comes first, the music or the words?" When I do come up with a completed lyric I usually have a music and melody already figured out, the music and words seem to come together. That's mainly the way I write. I'd be interested to hear other's thoughts on that. Dominick
  5. January 2018 Song Contest

    Steve, that is quite the complement, thank you very much!! I do understand what you mean about songs and lyrics being accepted or critiqued more on the formal, technical, and scientific aspects than on mood and feeling. Not being a professionally trained musician I write from the head and the heart, so to speak, what sounds pleasing to the ear not from a instructive framework or formula. I Draw from my years of experience and sense of what does and doesn't sound good when I write. I always felt that even if a song is not "technically" correct but still sounds good that should not be a reason to discount all of the other qualities of the tune. thank you again! Dominick
  6. January 2018 Song Contest

    Congratulations to the winners. Great contest everyone! Thank you to all for sharing your talents with us. Dominick
  7. Tom, I see that your in St. Louis and just thought 'd let you know that I'm just down the road in Columbia.

    Nice to see another Missourian on the forum.


    Take care, 


    1. tunesmithth


      If memory serves, Kerry Parr's over in KC, so that about covers the state. ;)

      Thanks BTW !



  8. September's Dream

    Joey, you have a wonderful song here. What a great story. The music and instrumentation is great. Did you play all of the parts yourself? Great work! Thanks for sharing your talents. Domnick
  9. Dreams

    Micky, I know we're supposed to offer critiques on how to improve things but this is first class in every way! The recording quality is superb and the musical and vocal performance is outstanding!!!! I love pop and rock and it's great to see a good one come around, and your's did not disappoint! Very enjoyable to listen to. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. Take care, Dominick
  10. You You You

    Patty, I see nothing wrong with using the triple to's and you's and do's. If it's good enough for Taylor Swift (Shake it off) then go ahead and do, do, do, it! I think it fits well and adds some attitude along with the frustration of the person is talking about. Good work as always! Dominick
  11. January 2018 Song Contest

    Hello to all, this song is the result of ideas and inspiration from several different sources. Peko was instrumental in helping me with the lyrics. Thanks for the listen. Good luck everyone!
  12. Luke, this is killer! I love the vocalist, it that you? I could only dream of being that good! Great song all the way around. Excellent musicianship and great mix to boot. Well done! Dominick
  13. "Haribo Jellies" My new song :)

    Great piece. I like the mix. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Holding On

    I love the guitar work on this one, very good! The only thing I would mention is I would raise the level on the guitar leads. They seem a little too far back in the over all mix. When the rest of the instruments come in it's a little startling. It is very dynamic and that may be what you were looking for. Good work all the way around!!!!
  15. I really like this one! Very uplifting feel to it. The mix is excellent too. Great work!