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  1. moptop

    So what's new on the horizon for August?

    I also thought one would have to be a moderator. If I wasn't so overwhelmed right now I would be happy to do it. Could I possibly take a rain check on that idea for this month and try for next month?
  2. Yeah, I'm a little anxious! Any thoughts on what the next one will be? Thanks, Dominick
  3. moptop

    July song competition

    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the contestants. This month was outstanding in the quality of music entered and the efforts to create and produce it. I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words about "Kinda Crazy". You've given me a boost of confidence with them. I'm involved in another project right now and I am short on time so please forgive me for the abbreviated reply here. I will try to give a more proper review in the next few days. Take care, Dominick/Moptop
  4. Johnathan, this is top notch! great vocals and guitar, great mix and sound all the way around. There is really nothing I can comment about that I feel needs anything tweeking without nitpicking! Good job on this one! Thanks for sharing. Dominick/Moptop
  5. moptop

    Let Them Go With Love

    14M, yes, you are correct. There had to be some compromises on this one. It was a tough decision on whether to "tell the story" or just write another song. I admit it was more for my healing than anything else but I do appreciate your comments and your thoughts. Bachandl, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Well my thought was to phrase the bridge in a way that the listener would be able to inject their own feels and emotions into the song, drawing them into it. It might not be "songwriting" correct but it sounded good to me at the time so I went with it.😉 Miuzia, Thanks. Yes, that was my main intention here. Glad to hear your special one is still with us and yes, love them while you can. R-N-R Jim, I remember KLAATU, in fact, I think I have one of their albums around her somewhere, the one with "Calling Occupants" on it. (showing my age here!) Very good band and music. I do remember all the hype about them possibly being some or all of the Beatles reunited.
  6. moptop

    July song competition

    Words and Music by Dominick B. Giarraputo © Copyright 2018 Kinda Crazy V1 Well I know this sounds kinda crazy But I love you more when you’re gone The farther I’m away from you The closer I get to you This crazy love of mine is upside down V2 Well I hope you don’t think I’m lazy Cause I love you more when you’re gone When the miles keep us apart They energize my heart I love you more when you’re not around Bridge: But when you walk out that door You really can’t blame me I just love you more than I can say So let me make it very clear I’m dyin’ for your touch But I love you so much more when you’ve gone away V3 Yeah, I know this sounds kinda crazy Cause I love you more when you’re gone And the farther I’m away from you The closer I get to you And I hope you feel the same way, too
  7. moptop

    Let Them Go With Love

    S/B, well I'm sorry I made you cry but you've given me the biggest compliment I think anyone could have! Thanks!! Starboi,........heavenly! I'm the one who's saying "WOW" now! Thank you! I'm glad it reaffirmed the love you have for Butter. Yep, they're special! You're a Peach as always! Thanks. Paul, I guess it could be be interpreted like that. Of course, being focused on it being about my pup that I never considered that. I agree with you on the rhyming scheme, and it's not like I didn't try, but with me, sometimes you just can't find something that will work, it's like more like the idea's don't flow as easily when you're so focused on conveying a specific thought or message. Thanks much!
  8. moptop

    I Dream Too

    I just love the guitar work on this piece. I'm very jealous!! You have a very good groove going here and a very open and airy mix that does nothing but compliment the overall feel of the song. I can hear influences from several sources here, Brothers Johnson and Ambrosia are two that come to mind quickly, and have you done an excellent job of blending them into something cool and smooth. This has such a good feel to it that I listened to it several times. The only small suggestion I would make, as mentioned above, is to give the vocals a little more body to help lift them and make the stand out more. Sonicly <did I spell that correctly?> they sound a bit thin against the music....and do I realize that this is a small production issue and I cannot hold anything music wise at fault for that. Not knowing your recording situation, but if you are like me, doing this in a small home setup, a good mix can sometimes just be almost impossible to achieve without hours and hours of working with it. Great piece! Thanks for sharing. Take care, Dominick/Moptop
  9. Luke, this is very, very good! This song has a very new and fresh feeling to it. The musicianship and arrangement is top notch. The flow is smooth and easy on the ears. The only small critique I would make is to raise the level of your vocal a bit and maybe add just a touch of reverb or delay to give it some depth. But overall you have an excellent song. Good job! Thanks for sharing. Take care, Dominick/Moptop
  10. If any of you have ever had to deal with the loss of a family pet then I'm sure you can relate to this song. This is one I've been working on for a while, as you can imagine it was a tough one to finish. It may sound more "amateurish" than professional to some, but it is from the heart and that's what matters to me. We should all be grateful we have the gift of music. It can be a great healer in times of hardship! Your thoughts are welcomed. Lyrics are posted below. Thanks Dominick/Moptop Let them go with love © 2018 Word and Music by Dominick B. Giarraputo V1 I can still recall the day when I realized That one of the family was feeling his old age 16 years a faithful friend, who always made us smile And I took for granted he’d always be around V2 I fought with the decision I knew was mine to make Hoping there could be just a little more time Broke my heart to see him suffer just to climb the stairs Then remembered what my mother said so many years ago Chorus Let them go with love Let them go with dignity While they still can hold their head up high To face what lays ahead Let them go with love Let them go with dignity Help them gently close their eyes and free them from their pain Let them go with love Bridge When they come into our lives they capture our hearts and in that time they never let it go And when it’s time for them to leave they go without regrets and they leave behind an endless love you never will forget Chorus Let them go with love Let them go with dignity While they can still stand tall To face what lays ahead Let them go with love Let them go with dignity Help them gently close their eyes and free them from their pain Let them go with love
  11. moptop


    Even if you don't subscribe you are able to read some of their past articles, some of which are pretty informative. Dominick
  12. moptop

    June Song Contest

    Congrats to the winners! And for everyone who entered .Well done! It was almost impossible to choose with having so many great songs. I had to listen to all of the several times and still couldn't begin to score them. I did my best to score them on content of the song itself and less on the production. Dreaming of You, Love and Joy, I'm not giving up on you, and Summertime Song were at the top of my list. And thanks to everyone for your kind comments about Snabbu's (Gary) and mine's entry, Right There and Then. It does help to get that feedback to let you know that HEY, I can write a song that others like, maybe not a great one, but at least a decent one! Thanks again to all Dominick
  13. moptop

    June Lyric Competition

    Yea! That's my girl! Congrats to all the winners.
  14. moptop

    Feels Good

    Great energy and that amazing voice! This one is a keeper! I can't find anything that I don't like about it and I'm not going to nit pick it. Great job! Thanks for sharing, Take care, Dominick/Moptop
  15. moptop

    "That Empathetic Man"

    Yes, as said above, it is a well written set of lyrics. It takes a strong person to tackle these kinds of subjects and to "speak your mind", and music is a very courageous way to do it in, and sometimes is the only way you can get people to listen. Your vocal performance was top notch. It fit the theme of the song perfectly. Love your guitar playing and am very envious. I have no issues with the production to speak of. It's a great piece as it is.....regardless of whether one agrees or not with what's being said . Thanks for sharing Take care, Dominick/Moptop