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  1. Add Pressure

    Hi Dan. Thank you so much. Great feedback.
  2. Brand new piece, as always - feedback is very wanted!
  3. Folke Nikanor - Actual Danger

    Thanks! Great feedback!!!
  4. Folke Nikanor - Actual Danger

    Thanks so much! Yes, a choir would be interesting. Thanks!
  5. Folke Nikanor - Actual Danger

    Thank you so much! Interesting thought on AI, I agree. Great feedback, thanks!
  6. Folke Nikanor - Actual Danger

    Thank you so much Brad! Great feedback, thanks!
  7. Folke Nikanor - Actual Danger

    Thanks! Appreciate your feedback!
  8. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one
  9. Breaking Point

    What do you guys think of this one?
  10. Pop Spirituality

    Omg! This was great! Mega trippy, have´nt seen/heard anything like this. I love this!
  11. Folke - Good Manners

    Wow! That just made me so happy. Thank you so much for that!
  12. pwonder

    I like this alot in most parts, the melacholic athmosphere and melody is great. I would shorten the begining of the song, for me the song really kicks in at 1:20 so i would make the first segments shorter. Interesting choice of notes from 4:20 - i like really like those, didn´t expect them. I think the hi-hat is a bit to loud, especially the open hi-hat, but i´m listening through a laptop so that could be wrong...Overall interesting and good!!
  13. Folke Nikanor - Good Manners

    Wow! Thank you so much! Yes, i agree with the drum/bass levels....sounded awesome with my phones and gear at home....hahaha. The track could really benefit from mastering. Thanks again!
  14. Folke Nikanor - Good Manners

    Thanks a lot! I mostly work in logic and addictive keys, like to blend midi with real stuff. Big fan of 808s and 909s regarding drum sound and also a sucker for early synthezizers. But really just want to create something not to obvious and "new" but most important is a strong topline. Thank you for your thoughts!
  15. I´m preatty happy about how this one turned out. What do you guys think?