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  1. Rerry33

    Love is memories

    Too funny we posted memories as titles back to back. I like this Lyric although it does feel forced in certain parts. A correction here and there could improve the song but it's only a suggestion, you have good writing skills.
  2. Rerry33

    Need feedback on some lyrics

    I agree with Kerry on this read but I did like the flow and it reads smoothly. I think it's awesome and fine sir keep up the good work.
  3. Rerry33

    Damage Done

    Hey Kerry I like the dark theme of the lyric and the start is very good but I feel it's half a story that needs further explanation. The last half of the lyric has a lot of filler and I think an addional verse would improve your Lyric as always I enjoy your writing keep it up buddy and Merry Christmas.
  4. I like it Paul, your Lyric has a catchy feel to it and the words fit together well. I side with Kerry on that one section but other than that it's awesome. Merry Christmas Mr.
  5. Rerry33

    One In A Million

    I like these lyrics. I got a power chord kind of feel from it. Had to read the chorus a few times to find a smooth feel to it but that's me not your Lyric, I enjoyed the read but I enjoy all your posts. Awesome Kerry I'm a fan.
  6. Rerry33


    Hey James, I like these lyrics although it could be shortened a little, nothing serious just less explaining in the courses. All the perils of dependency And a source which never ends I was hopin’ no one would see Too many things I can't defend Still the days keep stacking up And the past is close behind My lawyer has a weak rebuff Only one thing on my mind i feel I still get the same message with out those line. I really enjoyed the flow and the imagery that I visioned while reading this. Good job man and I don't mean to offend.
  7. Rerry33

    Love Hotel

    HI Dani! I like the general idea of the lyric but I agree with other opinion's that it seems forced. With a little tweaking I feel you can turn this in to sometime very interesting. Your in good hands here, most muser's care and will give you good advice to help you develop your skills as a lyricist. They've helped me so much and I'm better for it. Keep up the writing I look forward to your next one Tks Terry
  8. Rerry33

    Funeral of a war hero

    Great lyrics, very medalish I do believe. I get anger and pain from the lyrics and the story flows well. Keep it up .
  9. Rerry33


    Hey Kerry I really like this, it reminds me of our lady peace. Good job man.
  10. Rerry33

    Punching Bag

    - Verse -It's the leftIt's the rightWho are making you mad - Who are causing you to fightChannel that anger all that rage uses it to break free of that cage It's the gaysIt's the straightsWho's causing all this pain? if you have a look in the mirrorSmiling there in vain - they clearly feel no shame Just a thought Mr! I very much enjoyed it. I agreed with Paul on the Race thing but that makes this piece a little edgy. If that's what you've set out to do then that's what you accomplished. Keep up the good work. Terry🎩🎩🎩 out of 5 lol
  11. Rerry33

    Ain't Ever Gonna Last - Revised - Now - Locked Up Tight

    Jim I like the story your trying to tell! I think you need to clear what your saying up a bit may be Been sittin' here for three days straight I don't want nobody comin' to my door How much longer do ya think I'll wait There ain't nothin' like it was before Like what before sir? Where are you sitting? I feel if you just elaborate a little more it would be very good. Terry 🤔
  12. Rerry33

    One Plus One

    Thanks again Jim! Took your advice, it's sound. Made a few changes. Hope it's ok now. You're awsome buddy.
  13. Rerry33

    One Plus One

    I changed the over structure of the song, so let me know what you think.
  14. Rerry33

    One Plus One

    The song is a story of a day that this guys going through. He's missing her and he walking around looking at all the places they use to go together. He's remember some things he did with her that made her smile thinking she enjoyed it. Later that evening he lying down waiting for a call from her. I think it's needs to move around to unfold the story. I think so any way WB. Its only two day old so it will change with all the suggestion I'm getting
  15. Rerry33

    One Plus One

    Thank you so much John, I wrote that last night and that really the copy I finished at like 2 am. Paul and James made a few suggestions and we fixed it and I like this.