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  1. lovely stuff.. hope you are well old chum!
  2. hey like Alistair .. I tend to not post much these days.. but, I keep an eye out and still have great warmth for MM .. and have met and made many friends here.. well done indeed Alistair!! coming to the rescue... it's all complicated stuff for my brain .. so glad you and others here know your tech! chuffed it's not gonna be lost...
  3. fab stuff... as I said on POA for on this night-comes a child- pleading .. another great line...
  4. nice pic! happy christmas
  5. I know, it has been on my mind all weekend, waiting and worrying about what she might learn today..light at the end of the tunnel for sure..good news. I told her to be strong, I know she is tough and that to look toward the end result of being tumor free. Kim fab news indeed x
  6. death is a door .. to what, I don't know... I hope I'd have her attitude.. thanks Kim... you take care too.. ok? stewie x
  7. give her my love........... it must be tough, but.. she seems well in her mind about it... that's good...
  8. sounds like a plan lovely... I'll e-mail you later... but glad you had a nice couple of weeks... safe trip back!
  9. looking in the memory muse forum.. poster of the year 2003 lol it seems like yesterday I was sipping red wine and posting through the night... me and a.n.t.i sexiest good to see old names there too that we miss.. time does go .. and people.. stewie x
  10. I've been quiet Neal.. could be that
  11. hey lovely.... hope all is well... been a while since I was here.. so, good to see you post this.. I enjoyed it.. and yes, we all do what ifs hugs stewie x
  12. You're all Brits. Just some of you have been holidaying in that New World themepark for a bit too long now. ahaha love it Len.. and welcome indeed newbie.. from Cardiff
  13. belated birthday buddy
  14. hope he's being looked after well x
  15. wonderful imagery as ever! hope you are well lovely... stewie x