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  1. Listen To The Sound

    Listen to the Sound James Kleinheksel © Copyright 2016 Listen to the sound no telling where it’s from There’s a very faint beating of a drum Whaddaya think it could possibly mean A sign of things to come or just a dream Pay attention and listen to the sound It could be nothing it could be profound It could be the time is drawing near It may be time to rejoice but it’s still unclear Listen to the sound is it coming from above It could be hatred or it could be love Either way you’ll want to know It could be coming from down below Don’t dismiss it, and don’t look away It may be time to run or time to stay Listen to the sound is it from on high It may be time to live or time to die There’s a sound coming from the mountain top It may be time to run or time to stop There’s a sound rolling down the hill It may be harmless or it just might kill Pay attention and don’t turn your back Listen to the sound seeping through the cracks There’s a very loud beating of a drum There’s no way of telling where it’s from Pay attention to that curious sound It’s probably nothing But it could be profound
  2. Epitaph

    Hi Monso, Holy Shit. I have caught hell before for being ambiguous, but you now hold the title. It really saddens me that every lyric has to be spelled out very clearly. That's okay sometimes, but I agree with you. I like lyrics which are intentionally vague. A few suggestions. This may not be what you are looking for, but maybe it will spark a flame. Cheers, Jim Epitaph (V1) I… Have found a new meaning Thought I wanted something sure But I wanted something felt Though it might be passing through Though it might come back renewed Though it might be stealing the words I believed in (V2) I… Cleared the ashes of my being And I found one thing remained To be with you again Though it might be passing through Though it might come back renewed Though it might be stealing the words I believed in (C1) I went for the love My family went in black Its breath filled my lungs Carve another epitaph (V3) I… Have found it reeling That I just can’t explain How I dry but blood remains Though it might be passing through Though it might come back renewed Though it might be stealing the words I believed in (V4) I… I… I… Can’t seem to look at you Can’t seem to tear away Though it might be passing through Though it might come back renewed Though it might be stealing the words I believed in (C2) I went for the love And chased my own dreaming I chased my dreams Its breath filled my lungs New life, new breathing - A new life it seems All we are, all we are - All we are and all we'll be Are two hearts beating - Two hearts beating differently Is it true we’re the same? (bridge) And if you look for me Ignore the reprove - Spare the reproof And if you don’t turn (out) a - And if it turns out to be Record of rectitude - You don't approve They call them fallen demons Fallen demons all around But went ahead - Pull the ladder To pull away the ladder - And I'm on the ground Crush your hand - Crush your hand, crush my head And mock another sucker - Mock another sucker dead. (outro) I… Saw the shadows of our being <-- Meh Never once complained, not I… Threw my body against the streets then Again, again and again, (whispered: "break") I… Saw visions of us dreaming <-- Meh There no more, for I… Chose the legends and the lore <-- Crap That pull me <-- Crap Make to <-- Crap Chip away <-- Crap The conditioning <-- Crap
  3. ACHE

    Hi Frankee, I'm jumping in a little bit late. Plenty of good critiques here, so I don't think that I need to elaborate on them. Personally, I never have like repeating the same lines over and over. I am probably outnumbered on this one, but that's not unusual. It's kind of funny. I was just working on a piece entitled, Life Is Just A Game. I guess it all depends on your POV. I do like what you have here though. I think it can be very good with a little tweaking. Cheers, Jim
  4. dog won’t hunt not for me any more

    Hi Kuya, I didn't realize that this was an idiom from the deep south. I have heard the saying several times since I was young. Anyway, I'm not familiar with Merle's work but I do like your work here. Cheers, Jim
  5. That Moon Again

    Hi Big Happy Jack, I like this a lot. Verse three caught me off guard. In my opinion, this is the best part of the entire lyric, not that the rest of it doesn't merit praise, it does. But verse three really hits home with me. This demonstrates regret perfectly. I like it the way it is now. Great job. Cheers, Jim
  6. Rollin'

    Rollin’ James L Kleinheksel © Copyright 2017 Just keep right on rollin’ all night long We’ll be headed out west where we belong Two beautiful young ladies riding in the back One Puerto Rican and the other from Iraq We’re takin’ sixty six to the end of the line We’re drinkin' and we’re tokin' and feelin’ fine Take over Wendall hey it’s your turn to drive if I go any further now we may not survive Albuquerque sign says a thousand miles away So we’ll drive all night and we’ll be halfway Chorus Well we’re rollin’ along and singing a song We’ll be there tomorrow if nothing goes wrong Just the four of us rollin’ away With nothing to stop us, or get in the way Two young ladies that are dressed just right Tokin’ and laughin’ in the middle of the night We’ll just keep on rollin’ down the line With a box of Cubans and gin and limes Now restless youth is a wonderful thing With two fine ladies at the break of spring We left our troubles and our worries behind Let’s keep right on rollin just follow the line No need for directions or even a map The compass is fine so we’ll just follow that Chorus Now this is the way it’s supposed to be Rollin’ down the highway with no place to be Looks like up ahead there’s a place to stop We can play with the girls and hide from the cops Maybe take a swim in the river by the woods No one’s got a suit so we’re looking like we should Rollin’ all the way down to the promised land We’ll be there Friday evening just like we planned We’ll keep right on rollin’ for most of the day We got the girls in back and they’re rollin’ a J Outro Rollin’ on all the way to the end Rollin on through and around the bend Rollin’ all day and rollin’ all night Rollin’ right through like a stick of dynamite We’ll keep on rollin’ and rockin’ all day We’ll keep on rockin’ as we’re rollin’ away
  7. Little Dive Bar

    Gary, please check it out again, I like your suggestions. Cheers, Jim
  8. Little Dive Bar

    Hey Gary, good to hear from you. I used your idea for the chorus in Ruby's Cadillac Inn. It really makes the song. Great idea. It should be completed soon. I will try to punch this one up a bit. Thanks, Jim
  9. Little Dive Bar

    Hi Ron, Good catch I was so focused on the syllable count that I overlooked the tense. L1 - 12 L2 - 14 Ch - 11 That's why I used the word seized, rather than busy or taken in the pool table line. I like it much better this way. I also changed the last line of verse 3. I'm not sure if this will help, but to me, it seems to be better. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers, Jim
  10. Welcome To The Freakshow

    Hi Jordan, I really like lyrics like this. I do however agree with spanishbuddah. I think that you need to inject some action into this lyric and not only observation. Chees, Jim
  11. A Summer Place(Revised)

    Hi Gator, I like what you have written. Just a few nits. The word repetiotion. when the breeze is so cold-hearted - heart in two consecutive lines and the sun so heartless and get high on a memory - memory in three lines of four a memory of you Strange how a song sounds like a memory I think that you would enhance this lyric if you were to come up with different words as replacements. Cheers, Jim
  12. Narcissist

    Welcome Z, I like this lyric a lot. The one thing you may catch flack for is using words which are too big. I get that a lot. It doesn't bother me at all. But you might want to keep that in mind. Cheers, Jim
  13. Damage Done

    Hi Kerry, Now I'm seeing the li-i-i-i-i-ight The way I take these lines, is the muzzle flash that occurs after a gun is fired. At the end of a gu-u-u-u-u-un Is the tense off? maybe, but that doesn't bother me at all. I don't think that it matters here. Not that I would recommend suicide but I really like songs on the subject. It is a very interesting topic and can be looked at from several viewpoints. This is not a black and white area. The is plenty of in-between. I too would like to see at least one more verse and maybe lose a chorus or two. Ron has also made some good observations. The only thing that bums me out a little is that I have a lyric about suicide which is almost complete. I will not post it until your lyrics run down the page, or maybe onto page two. I really enjoyed reading this piece. Cheers, Jim
  14. Little Dive Bar

    Little Dive Bar James L Kleinheksel © Copyright 2016 Chillin’ at my old hangout, sittin’ in the corner Back against the fireplace, tryin’ to get a bit warmer Outside it’s cold, but in here we're feelin' alright There ain't nothin’ cuts the chill, like a Saturday night The pool table busy there's fight at the bar There’s a hippie on a stool, tuning his guitar Lookin' for the waitress I guess she’s on break Just like any other Saturday night at this place In this little dive bar with no name or face Now the dude with the guitar looks a bit confused I’s really hopin’ for someone a little more enthused He looks disheveled I think he slept in his clothes Where in the hell'd this guy come from, well nobody knows I gotta see this freak try and play that guitar And just maybe l’ll throw a couple bucks in his jar Looked back at the bar see they broke up the fight So I’ll have a beer and a bourbon chase In this little dive bar with no name or face Instrumental Bridge Now he started in on playin’ that that guitar The whole joint went dead silent and I dropped my cigar He's playin' that guitar like you ain’t heard before With a voice so beautiful, we're crying out for more We'll remember him forever at that dive bar This skinny awkward misfit and that ratty old guitar Such a beautiful sound a peculiar sight I rushed to the stage to find myself a place In this little dive bar with no name and no face
  15. Ghosts

    Hi Song Wolfe, I read through the lyrics, then listened to the song. I think that you picked the right genre for this piece. I like it a lot. Congratulations. Cheers, Jim