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  1. Ruby's Cadillac Inn

    Hi Refusedrevival, syl_a_med & Dan Thanks for the feedback. I realize that it's too long but I like songs that are too long for airplay. Some of my favorite songs are the ones which are too long. i.e Alices' Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie, Highway Star by Deep Purple, Telegram by Nazareth, Boy by Ian Hunter, Pigs (Three different ones) by Pink Floyd and of course the best song ever written, Mississippi by Dylan. I tend to write lyrics out of the norm intentionally. I don't write a lot of lyrics about relationships as I believe they have been done to death, unless I can make it a little disturbing and more interesting than what's already been done. I like to write lyrics with a little shock value without being vulgar. More information than you needed. Sorry. Jim
  2. Concrete Canyon

    Thanks ghaw, CJ & Patty, I changed the second line of the first verse. This should help.
  3. A Million Miles

    Try clicking on the arrow inside of the musical note at the top.
  4. The Perfect Line

    Thanks Paul, I think that you are right. It seems to be the popular sentiment. Cheers, Jim
  5. Ruby's Cadillac Inn

    Hi TC, Thank you very much. I am not a musician and possess not musical talent whatsoever. I depend on folks like yourself to point out the flaws. George had mentioned that he could not find a great sax player. I know a guy in New York who is an incredible sax player but he's not set up to work on Kompoz. One other minor thing is that the overall EQ is a little hot in the 2-4 KHz range (just a tad). I have no idea what you are referring to here so I can't comment. I can only write lyrics. I have listened to your music and I think it's great. Would you like to collaborate on some tunes? Even though I am not musical I do know the rhythm of a song. Cheers, Jim
  6. A Million Miles

    Click on the arrow in the guitar graphic, sorry.
  7. A Million Miles

    https://kmpz.co/3Ndo/3Ndp/1 Lyrics by James L Kleinheksel - Engineering & Mastering by George Schiessl Click on the link, then click the arrow in the guitar graphic.
  8. Ruby's Cadillac Inn

  9. Ruby's Cadillac Inn

    https://www.kompoz.com/music/player/807066/811260/1?isPopup=true Open Link In New Window
  10. The Perfect Line

    My apologies to everyone for not offering feedback lately. We are in the process of moving and I haven't had any spare time. Thanks for understanding. Jim
  11. The Perfect Line

    Patty, Amerigo, Kuya & M57, Thank you all very much for your feedback. Patty, thank you very much for the kind words. Amerigo, good suggestion, I will seriously consider this. Kuya, thank you. you are correct, but on the other hand, some of my favorite songs do not have a chorus or hook. I don't believe that it is necessary. I know that this belief is not popular but I can't change what I like. I really don't like the same lines being repeated over and over in a song. In my opinion it is often done just to fill space. I would rather continue telling the story. M57, I like your ideas but it changes the tense. If you notice, everything is in the present tense until the outro. I personally thought that the rhyming scheme was cool. I have not yet seen this used on Muse.
  12. The Perfect Line

    Seriously, Nobody?
  13. The Perfect Line

    The Perfect Line James L Kleinheksel © Copyright 2017 (Intro) Oooo kay First find something to say that's not cliche Then choose the exact right time Until then, try again and again Till I've crafted the perfect line V 1 I better not wait until it’s too late So I gather up all my nerve And design of the perfect line Not a fastball but more of a curve There like a star shining at the bar Her face aglow in the dingy light I’m peeking through from every view I could be sitting here all night V 2 Now here I go but I still don't know Maybe she’s way out of my league But she owns my eyes so I gotta try I can't just sit here with only intrigue Now's the time for the perfect line She looks at me as I start to shrink I can't speak and start to freak She whispers may I buy you a drink V 3 I tell her yes I like your dress She looks at me with big blue eyes My mind goes numb; who's that dumb? Please oh God just let me die! She smiles again to let me in Then reaches over to touch my hand The perfect line falls outa my mind But it turns out better than I had planned (Outro) Ya know I had the perfect line Set up there in front of my mind Where it had gone I’ll never know But now she’s with me wherever I go
  14. Summer Storms

    Thanks Everyone for the feedback, I made some revisions, I wasn't really happy with the last line of the chorus either. I changed it in the second and third chorus. Cheers, Jim
  15. Summer Storms

    Hi ART, Thank you very much. That's always nice to hear. I am thinking a traditional country genre, what do you think? Cheers, Jim