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  1. Really great tune! I would maybe slightly tweak the vocals in the ways that others suggested but I wouldn't change anything else. I really enjoyed this and some parts really tugged at my heart. Good stuff!
  2. Ruby's Cadillac Inn

    Nothing to add in terms of critique - I'd say this song is done and ready to go. Good performances and feel throughout!
  3. Dreams

    This is a really solid pop song and could easily be a great pop song with a few minor adjustments. 1) I think the drums need to come up a bit and need to punch in harder when the beat comes back in after the 2nd chorus breakdown. Also maybe add a bit more 80s style reverb as someone suggested. 2) It takes too long to get to the chorus the first time. I would suggest trimming the second verse to half the length and get to that prechorus and chorus faster. I think the "you unfold me" could also be slightly more drastic too. Like a more "distant" or "lo-fi" vocal effect could be useful. It could also be scrapped entirely as I don't feel it's necessary for the overall impact of the song. 3) The breakdown for the second chorus feels slightly awkward. I would maybe have the pause be shorter and come back to the beat much harder. Keep at it mate, good stuff!
  4. Anxiety

    Good song. Nothing to crit in terms of performance, instrumentation, arrangement or lyrics. All are spot-on. I would say that the synth swells are a bit too piercing and there may be a way to EQ it a bit better as TC Perkins suggested. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing!
  5. Tomorrow

    Very pleasant song. Very interesting chord progression and vocal melody. The piano (?) in the background reminds me of some tunes on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco. It sounds like the guitar (and maybe more) is clipping throughout and for me takes away from the overall charm and ease of the song and it puts me a little on edge. If you can isolate the issue and maybe re-record the guitar, this could be an excellent piece which could stand alongside any acoustic folk style artist. Nice job!
  6. I like the beat and some of the rhymes are solid. The delivery is a bit awkward at times (we can't all be Jay-Z) and the levels are a bit off at times. Also the second last line about the morgue sounds really weird. Like a technical glitch or something? Or were you just trying to do Eminem's Rap God thing with the super fast delivery? Either way it was shocking and didn't seem to fit. I like the idea and props to you for trying out a straight up old school rap. Lots of people try but very few are able to make it sound not terrible.
  7. Hello all. I'm back again. I've been struggling with lots of things lately but I figured I'd throw another song into the ring here and hear what you think about it. I went through a painful breakup and did this song in one sitting. It's been a few months and I've tried a few things but I've basically left the song as it was when I finished that night with some minor tweaks. Let me know what you think! Lyrics: I remember you You used to be my lover Why are you hiding Where did you go What are you doing I miss you I love you Long ago I knew your face It was my own We were lovers Where are you now Falling into a world of lies Are you with someone else Where are you now I remember you (Do you love him like you loved me) You were my love (Do you love him like you loved me) Where did you go Where are you now Who are you now Who did you become Who is this person in front of me Somewhere inside is the person that I love Where are you now Where are you
  8. Castle Made of Tears

    Very interesting and well-constructed song. Nice job! Your daughter has a lot of natural talent and her delivery is charismatic and interesting and suits the subject matter perfectly. I was really craving for her to hit the high resolve note, especially at the end of the song. I felt very let down at the end of the song - quite anti-climatic. Just imagine "A CASTLE FULL OF TEEEEARS!!!!" and held at a high note as long as she can/wanted to and THEN the song ends emphatically like you do here. I would even suggest trying to end the chorus differently as it feels like it's building to something which sort of fades out energetically. The transition back into the verse from the chorus feels a bit dull to me and it could have much more punch. The melody doesn't quite rise properly or something. Just a thought. Maybe try holding a higher note "tears" here also. I would agree with someone else's comment about adding some backing vocals for the choruses. Even some "ooo"s and "aaa"s would be helpful to give it more impact. I really like the drumming throughout - very militaristic and tight! I echo the other people in this thread who suggested the mixing advice (bigger vocals, clearer bass and drums which are less "rich" as they said) Can't wait to hear where this goes!
  9. Little Italy

    You capture the spirit of Italian pop music very well here. I was transported to a cafe on somewhere near the Mediterranean. J'aime que tu chante en francais, aussi! C'est tres rare ici. It's especially cool to sing about another country in a language which isn't Native to that country. The percussion is great in this - did you make the beat? I like your pop sense, and the song arrangement is good and effective for this style of music. Reminds me a bit of Sade in composition and production. The mixing levels all sound good to me. I would strengthen the vocal delivery and/or add some effects to a final version. Some spots seemed a bit pitchy to me. That's the only real criticism I can offer - overall very groovy song
  10. Reminds me a bit of Alice in Chains acoustic stuff, which I think is what you're going for. I don't have much to add since you say you're going to re-record the vocals. Structure and instrumentation and lyrics wise I think it all works just fine for this style of music. Looking forward to the final version!
  11. Before Love Comes

    I like the piano tone, lyrics and overall vibe. I like your vocal melody and rhythm over the simple piano but I would definitely do something after the first verse/chorus to keep the song moving forward. I was craving some drums coming in or some additional instrumentation. I also think there needs to be something to distinguish between the verse and chorus a little bit. The middle 8 is the part that stands out the most for me and I think it could be even more powerful with a full band. I understand that this was originally a 1+1 song, but now that those restrictions are done, I would personally love to see this song filled out.
  12. Folke Nikanor - Actual Danger

    Cool tune. I like the piano playing. I think it would work well in a film or commercial as is. Or you could add some lyrics and a singer (I love the choir idea) and that would help to fill it out. I agree that the bass should come up a little bit and the piano down a tiny bit in order to hear all of the instruments.
  13. For Nothing

    I agree with Moso on every point. The lead guitar needs to have a different quality, needs to be EQ'd better and could stand to be a bit more organized and less wandering. The bass solo didn't particularly do it for me, although I did like how it broke up the vibe of the song. I would suggest maybe starting with the rhythm section (bass+drums) and then go straight into the song at the 2:35 mark. Have that be your main "chorus" or "verse" theme and then add in your other instrumental parts to suit a more flowing structure. I like the chord progression and instrumentation - I would just personally like to hear it mixed a little better (the piano at the end for example is a bit too loud). Good start, looking forward to hearing what happens with this.
  14. Benefit of the doubt (Demo)

    Good stuff! Nice mix and nice relaxed vocal delivery. Sounds pretty "far out" which is good. I don't mind the vocals being lower in the mix for this type of music - I wouldn't change a thing!
  15. Grammi

    Thanks everybody for taking the time to listen and for the feedback. Here's the second half redone with lyrics, stronger drums and some more attention to production: 8 months later it all happened again while we were gliding on before we knew who to trust or what it was and where to put our minds hitting us by surprise while hitting us by surprise it all happened again after all this time Funny you should mention that. The way it's arranged on the album so far is that the first half of the song (Grammi) comes before a darker song, then the second half (8 Months), then a song which uses the format from "Grammi" in the bridge section. You picked up on the same thing I did, I guess! I've thought of expanding it, but there's something about the magic of the initial takes which I can't quite replicate. Plus, there's nothing wrong with forcing people to listen over and over again.