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  1. syl_a_med

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    Team Tymed (TyCobb and syl_a_med) Walk a Mile Verse 1: I think I know you Thru and thru Never worked for nothing Never paid your dues I think I know you The tricks that you use You can’t learn a thing Walking in your daddy’s shoes Verse 2: You think you know me? You ain’t got a clue Don’t know what made me Don’t know what I been through You think you know me? Well brother I got some news You won’t know a thing Til you walk a mile in my shoes Chorus: My shoes My shoes Ooo Verse 3: So you don’t know me And I don’t know you With some time We can find out what is true Yeah you don’t know me But I know what to do We won’t know a thing til we Walk a mile in them shoes Bridge: Now I’m walking on the ground Thinking of the path to choose My enemy becomes my friend When he walks a mile in my shoes [Chorus]
  2. syl_a_med

    Facing Polaris -- Short Version

    The guitar playing and tone is really great. I agree with the comment about the vocals - maybe just a touch of reverb would help them sound fuller. Nice emotional tune!
  3. syl_a_med

    Break Free

    Thanks everybody for listening and for all the feedback. The album is almost finished and the feedback I'm receiving here has been crucial to the overall development and improvement of these songs. I appreciate it very much, you talented bunch!
  4. syl_a_med

    Nothing is Perfect

    Hey everybody. I finally got around to implementing some changes on this song and I think it sounds a lot better than the earlier version. Check out the new version here: https://voieces.bandcamp.com/track/nothing-is-perfect
  5. Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've posted anything new due to some major technical issues and working on some quite complex songs (and battling the perfectionist within!). Here's one I'm quite proud of called Break Free which came into my head last October when I was on acid at the lake with my friend. The whole song with all the instrumentation and vocal harmonies and everything was running through my head all day and today I finally have it close to a place which reflects what I heard that day. I'm looking to release this to the world shortly, so if you have any sort of comments to make about anything production, arrangement or performance wise, let me know. Verse 1: I could swear that I have Seen this all before somewhere Locked inside our box again They’re telling us what we need to be And who we should believe Spinning around in the cycle again Disconnected from our soul We’ve got everything but we wanted more Chorus: Not gonna wait for another day Sittin here plannin’ for my great escape Open my wings and fly away This is how I break free from this cage Verse 2: Never thought that it would ever come to this I’m looking every single stranger in the eye Believing in the light that shines their way And every single word we had to say But we’ll never know if we never try Reconnected to our soul We’ve got everything when we want no more [Chorus] Bridge: Locked inside the cages of the mind Believing every role As the one that’s been defined [Chorus]
  6. Haha yes I know the feeling all too well! Luckily it shouldn't be too much work to get it sounding incredible!
  7. I like the format of the song and the playing is all fantastic. Nice tight rhythm section and really good vocal performance. Interesting melody and format to the bridge - very cool. I feel like the ending could be stronger. The bridge is so great that it leaves me wanting another bigger chorus at the end or something equally captivating. The fade out just sort of loses all the energy built up from the bridge. Vocals are too dominant in the mix and wash out all the instruments, especially as they enter the song and during the first verse and chorus. Might wanna isolate the frequencies and bring the volume down a touch. Really good job and good to hear the collaborative effort bringing success!
  8. Really great tune! I would maybe slightly tweak the vocals in the ways that others suggested but I wouldn't change anything else. I really enjoyed this and some parts really tugged at my heart. Good stuff!
  9. syl_a_med

    Ruby's Cadillac Inn

    Nothing to add in terms of critique - I'd say this song is done and ready to go. Good performances and feel throughout!
  10. syl_a_med


    This is a really solid pop song and could easily be a great pop song with a few minor adjustments. 1) I think the drums need to come up a bit and need to punch in harder when the beat comes back in after the 2nd chorus breakdown. Also maybe add a bit more 80s style reverb as someone suggested. 2) It takes too long to get to the chorus the first time. I would suggest trimming the second verse to half the length and get to that prechorus and chorus faster. I think the "you unfold me" could also be slightly more drastic too. Like a more "distant" or "lo-fi" vocal effect could be useful. It could also be scrapped entirely as I don't feel it's necessary for the overall impact of the song. 3) The breakdown for the second chorus feels slightly awkward. I would maybe have the pause be shorter and come back to the beat much harder. Keep at it mate, good stuff!
  11. syl_a_med


    Good song. Nothing to crit in terms of performance, instrumentation, arrangement or lyrics. All are spot-on. I would say that the synth swells are a bit too piercing and there may be a way to EQ it a bit better as TC Perkins suggested. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing!
  12. syl_a_med


    Very pleasant song. Very interesting chord progression and vocal melody. The piano (?) in the background reminds me of some tunes on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco. It sounds like the guitar (and maybe more) is clipping throughout and for me takes away from the overall charm and ease of the song and it puts me a little on edge. If you can isolate the issue and maybe re-record the guitar, this could be an excellent piece which could stand alongside any acoustic folk style artist. Nice job!
  13. I like the beat and some of the rhymes are solid. The delivery is a bit awkward at times (we can't all be Jay-Z) and the levels are a bit off at times. Also the second last line about the morgue sounds really weird. Like a technical glitch or something? Or were you just trying to do Eminem's Rap God thing with the super fast delivery? Either way it was shocking and didn't seem to fit. I like the idea and props to you for trying out a straight up old school rap. Lots of people try but very few are able to make it sound not terrible.
  14. Hello all. I'm back again. I've been struggling with lots of things lately but I figured I'd throw another song into the ring here and hear what you think about it. I went through a painful breakup and did this song in one sitting. It's been a few months and I've tried a few things but I've basically left the song as it was when I finished that night with some minor tweaks. Let me know what you think! Lyrics: I remember you You used to be my lover Why are you hiding Where did you go What are you doing I miss you I love you Long ago I knew your face It was my own We were lovers Where are you now Falling into a world of lies Are you with someone else Where are you now I remember you (Do you love him like you loved me) You were my love (Do you love him like you loved me) Where did you go Where are you now Who are you now Who did you become Who is this person in front of me Somewhere inside is the person that I love Where are you now Where are you
  15. syl_a_med

    Little Italy

    You capture the spirit of Italian pop music very well here. I was transported to a cafe on somewhere near the Mediterranean. J'aime que tu chante en francais, aussi! C'est tres rare ici. It's especially cool to sing about another country in a language which isn't Native to that country. The percussion is great in this - did you make the beat? I like your pop sense, and the song arrangement is good and effective for this style of music. Reminds me a bit of Sade in composition and production. The mixing levels all sound good to me. I would strengthen the vocal delivery and/or add some effects to a final version. Some spots seemed a bit pitchy to me. That's the only real criticism I can offer - overall very groovy song