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  1. Grammi

    Hey all. Here's another track from the upcoming album. I had to drop the overall volume since my bounces kept clipping (despite decent headroom in Logic...). This is an instrumental at this point although I have some vocals sketched out for the second half. It's supposed to be a lead-in to another song so I'm torn with what to do with it for now - I can split it in two and put half before and half after the following track, leave it as is, add vocals, etc. Lots of options (this is why complete creative control can be a nightmare!). What are your thoughts? Any and all feedback is welcome. Oh and the title was due to me thinking about my grandmother while playing around with some delay effects and also the silly idea that this would be a track nominated for a Grammy award.
  2. Doesn't Make Sense

    I like the structure, melody, lyrics and minimal production. Cool song. If it were me, I'd try to make the transition from the regular voice to the "walkie talkie" voice and back a little bit smoother. Other than that, I wouldn't change anything.
  3. Always

    Really nice tune. I agree with some previous comments about the bass and about the harmonies coming in earlier. I think if every chorus had the harmonies on "always" it would help emphasize that as the chorus hook. I also wanted to hear more of the guitar leads toward the end. Maybe bring down the keys a bit so the guitars can shine more at the end? With some cleaning up, this is going to sound great. Can't wait to hear where this goes!
  4. Psycho Now

    I like the idea of having a bouncy piano part and some really different lyrics and themes. From a production perspective, it sounds like you're clipping quite often. If you're looking to put this together as a more complete song, I would definitely take down the recording levels of the vocals a bit and maybe try for a different approach to recording them as they sound very dry and roomy (maybe that's your plan?). The structure and the lyrics are all good and I like the piano playing.
  5. "This Ain't No Race"

    I would personally take down the reverb on the vocals a little bit, but that's just my personal preference. I agree with the lyrics changes also. Nice drumming and lead guitar. Very fun song - nice and bouncy.
  6. 'Drifter' Film Trailer Music

    Nothing to add in terms of critique. The song flows naturally and the production is all very clear. I like the sparse arrangement and especially the haunting backup vocals. The song sets the mood very well. Nice work!
  7. Shame

    I've been there man. Can definitely relate to the sentiment. I like the little background melody going on in the verses - can't tell what the instrument is but sounds like a guitar with a descending melody. Really like the tone of it. The singing is a bit flat and lacks energy in places, but I'm sure that will be fixed on the final version. I think the last chorus could use something to differentiate it from the previous two. Maybe a new instrument or tone or something (I'll let you decide). Kinda felt like "oh, we're back here again" by the time I got to the last chorus. Good stuff, Michael David.
  8. Nothing is Perfect

    Thanks Brad! I'll study up and come back with something a little more clear and clean
  9. Nothing is Perfect

    Makes perfect sense and I greatly appreciate the information. Just out of curiosity - what are the audio engineering forums you're speaking of? I'd like to increase my knowledge in that department as I (clearly) still have a lot to learn.
  10. If You Knew

    Good song and good production. Nothing really to add in terms of critique - I think it's close to perfect as is.
  11. I thought the vocals were a little timid when first entering but definitely hit their stride when coming to the falsetto. I love the atmosphere you've created here - very lush and crisp. The arrangement is very dramatic and I really like that the title is at the very end - quite unconventional and I feel like it added to the gravity/drama of the song as a whole. Nice job!
  12. Nothing is Perfect

    This song has been torture to get it to sound right so you're probably picking up on the fact that I'm singing about my 50th take. I'm reworking the lyrics a bit to help inspire different phrasing and pull out some more interesting melodies so I can keep things fresh and deliver a more authentic vocal performance. Yup I'm going to find the right time to really feel into the song and give it some more juice. Thanks for the tips! On your advice I'm reworking the lyrics to make a bit more sense and fill that space out more. Much appreciated. The "show me" was supposed to be a tease as in here's an easy rhyme but I've messed it up on purpose, but I might do that in a song where it's more obviously a joke since this is a bit more of a serious song. I've had these lyrics for so long that it was hard to divorce myself from them, but I agree that they could use some work. Greatly appreciate the mixing/production feedback as it's all been trial and error for me. No compression on the bus but I typically will record the live instruments very close to the red zone. I started this song almost 2 years ago and realize now (after reading this comment) that the guitars were both clipping so I'll go re-record them. Funny you say that as I've been reworking the lyrics and melody today to better reflect the initial feeling I had when first writing the song about 3 years ago. I want these songs to be as good as they can be, so I always appreciate any sort of critique. Thanks everyone. New version coming soon!
  13. I'm going to release a home-recorded album within 2 months. Looking for any sort of feedback - what do you want to hear more of, less of? Is there something you hear in the mix or the production which you would change? Any critique at all is welcome - I've listened to all these songs so many times at this point it's hard to stay objective! Here's the most recent mix of Nothing Is Perfect: Verse: Is there some place inside you where you always go With some bright light that’s shining what you never show me Is there somebody trying to guide you from above Or is it everywhere when your heart fills with love? Chorus: Nothing’s perfect baby But if you could only see The only thing that’s right is You and me and everything Verse: A drop of water flowing to an endless sea And there is really no such thing as you or me Is there some God who’s trying to guide you in the sky Or is it everywhere when you open your eyes Chorus: I know nothing’s perfect baby But if you could only see The only thing that’s ever right is You and me and everything
  14. Saccharine

    Really like the chords and the melody. If this were my song, I would already have a few great places I'd be excited to take it. I was craving a full band to enter at the chorus The only part I really didn't like was the refrain - I think if you cut it off after the first "you don't wanna stick with me" and go into the next verse, it would help the song flow a lot better. I picture it like: Refrain: Give it time eventually Love will with so quickly You don’t wanna stick with me Crazy how you lifted me (might want to adjust the lyrics if you go this route) From the sea between Etc
  15. The Population of Lonelyville

    I really like the old timey country feel to this, especially with the main vocals. The piano is a little bit too in-your-face in the second verse. Maybe a decrease in volume or a little less busy could help. I love the idea of having it in the background of a verse but that type of thing is usually reserved for a third verse, or at least after something more has developed in the song - seems like this one comes a little early. Maybe re-arranging and wedging in a short instrumental / piano solo could work? Love the key change and the backup vocals throughout. "They would reunite at dinner" sounds really thin compared to what's before. Maybe keep the backup vocals going til the chorus? Very catchy tune and something I could definitely see on the radio