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    Basically anything I enjoy listening too... Lumineers, Beatles, Eagles, Dylan, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Seger, Mumford&Sons, Of Monsters and Men, Denver, Lightfoot... the list goes on and on
  1. SONAR for free

    I wonder if it is different on mac? Here is what I see from Bandlab assistant: If I click on "Mix Editor" I get what looks like some sort of browser based DAW...
  2. March 2018 Song Contest

    Nice contest, all! Really quality work all around. Congratz to the winners . My top picks were RoadDog's Bottle of Whiskey and SlowD's Where do the Cold Winds Blow. I was actually quite blown away by Bottle of Whiskey... and I'm surprised it didn't win, let alone not place top 3. The feel and attitude really hit the mark for me. For some reason I felt like I was in a Tarantino movie or something . I had high scores for ScenesFromPalacio & HoboSage's entries as well. Thanks for the listens and votes on our song... I'm very pleased with where it placed among some great entries.
  3. When We Were Young - Adele (Male Cover)

    To me, what makes this song is the raw emotion (coupled with amazing tone & pitch of course) during the chorus and ending. I've actually covered this song a couple times myself and, for me, I drop it down to an Am key... which allows me to pull off the lift on the chorus easier. In any case... I'd work on bringing out the emotion on the chorus.
  4. Collaboration Contest Scoring - April 2018

    Song Title: Footprints in the Snow Team: TriffidWolfe (Triffid & SongWolfe) footprints in the snow tracks that soon will vanish no one will know that i was here that you were here or that i felt your breath as i pulled you near spiderwebs that glow perfect threads that glisten no one will know that we were here blue sky so clear or that you said you loved me as i pulled you near now memories they fade and snow begins to melt dripping on my pillow as the stars are fading out i trace those steps mine large, your's small and the years roll back i can see it all not a dream, not a fantasy nor a trick of my mind a moment captured a frozen snapshot a perfect moment in time footprints in the snow that slowly will vanish only we will know that i was there that you were there that we kissed beneath the larch beyond the bigots unfair and that you said you loved me as i pulled you near
  5. I think this is really well done! There is is enough of a hint of the original song to recognize it, but different enough to be interesting. I never really analyzed the lyrics of this song before, amazing how an acoustic version does that. The hint of a French accent didn't bother me a bit... I wouldn't worry about that. Gotta say, though... I was a bit creeped out by the video's visual effect... definitely getting an uncanny valley vibe there
  6. UPDATED: So So So

    This is a very impressive track! I don't know how you fit so many things I wish I knew how to do in 1 track . Clear vocals, backup/doubled vocals, layered samples, and on and on. Anyway, if I had to critique anything, I'd say the level of the higher end "cracking" sample during the chorus was a bit loud and wore on me a bit. The alexa parts maybe could use a bit of lowering as well. Really minor, though. The home, home, home / pre-chorus part didn't bother me... but I think I was caught up in picking out and listening to the different layers . Well done!
  7. March 2018 Song Contest

    @SongWolfe and I would like to go with a by-product of our work for the collaboration contest for the March open format contest. So, consider this entry from TriffidWolfe This is the first time I've recorded/mixed a real bass guitar and I snuck in some elusive-for-me electric guitar. This is also the first of my recordings where I wish I was capable of some real drums, but this will have to do for now Thanks to all the entrants, voters & Paul for hosting. Not My Fault https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hjN3SXjMOujCyQromqm5RXulhmq5OG4E/view?usp=sharing (verse 1) out on a dirt track dust in my eyes wiped blood from my hands and waved away the flies cause you're dead and i've no alibi (pre chorus) half a kilo of coke in my bag it's not mine but I can't go back the deed is done last chance gone left you staring sightless at the blazing sun (chorus) it's not my fault, it's not my way i was following you, just following you i knew you'd kick me some day it's not my fault, it's not my way i was following you, just following you i knew you'd kick me some day i knew you'd kick me some day (verse 2) got the mob to my back and law to the front first train out of dodge no choice but to run or i'm dead cause i've no alibi (pre chorus) (chorus) (bridge) dear friend you were a junkie and a thief an addict all your life when I said i'd join you for a ride i didn't know the price now i'm desperate i'm tired and on the run (chorus)
  8. Fighter's Eyes

    You think it is a let down from a melody point of view or lyrical, or both? I wonder if a melodic lift in the next line would work better. Absolutely... I'll revisit this song. I'm working on a couple other things right now but will definitely get back to it. Thanks!
  9. Fighter's Eyes

    Thanks, Patty... Very useful info. Honestly when I wrote this it was directly to/for my son so it never even dawned on me that it would be confusing who the subject is... Since it would be him who was listening. Reworking some lines to give another listener a better clue is a good idea. Obviously the mountain, valley, jungle and other imagery are not meant to be literal... The essence is "never stop fighting for what you want" regardless of how beaten up or down you are.
  10. looking for a little advice

    Generally.. yes... I get the bass tone from the thumb on the 6th string. You could get the 5th string in there by bringing the pinky finger into the mix.... but I do like fretting the 7th fret on the 1st string for a higher A2... and moving that all over the fret board, muting or not muting the 1st string depending on whether an E fits. I mainly play acoustic guitar and hate barring for long so this is probably just my way of cheating I think I got it from learning Hendrix songs some time ago. *edit*... oh i see what you're saying... why not leave the 5th string open for the A. That makes sense... it is probably just muscle memory for me moving that chord up and down the board.
  11. looking for a little advice

    Just my 2 cents... but this is the way I've always done it. I find I get a cleaner sound & transitioning to/from other chords is easier. That said, I often play an A with my thumb on the 5th fret of the 6 (bass) string, muting the 5th string, ring finger on 7th fret of 4 string, middle finger on 6th fret of 3 string... with or without the index finger on the 5th fret of the 2nd string... leaving the 1st string open of course. I know this is an A2 with an open 2nd string... but it sounds more interesting to me most of the time. Especially when playing in E major as you can slide it up to the B on the 7th fret. I once chatted with a really, really good piano player about chord composition and he said he almost never plays a chord in the standard 1/3/5 root position because he thinks it sounds cheesy and generic. I think that carries over to the standard guitar chords sometimes too. But... I've now gone a bit off topic. Best of luck in your guitar playing, Nameless... You're off to a good start by using your ears and paying attention to detail.
  12. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    "A Musing March" ... works on so many levels!!! heh
  13. Fighter's Eyes

    Thanks, Donna. I'll probably record this one again soon, guitar & vocals. I'll look to incorporate your advise. I did switch everything to "don't ever lose" in the version posted here, actually. Some of the spots you mentioned (on/from or lack of "with" in "faced with opposition", for example) were choices I made based on the flow of the melody & music. When in doubt, I'm going to go with what sounds good to me as opposed to what reads well... but ideally I can achieve both. The "fight for targets in your sights" line was actually intended to be more related to hunting than militant imagery. In other words... "fight for what you're aiming at". As far as the jungle/mountain conflict... I was actually going for an overall "nature/wild life" image with the various references, but I may have fallen short of that. Funny thing is... when this idea first popped in my head I was watching my son play a basketball game and it was obvious how hard he was trying based on the face he was making. My thought was "Man, he has eyes like a lion, hope he doesn't ever lose that". I recalled watching the Eagles documentary on netflix where Glenn Frey explains where he got the "Lyin' Eyes" hook. So, the original hook to my song was "Don't ever lose your lion eyes", in direct reference to the famous Eagles song. That is where the "jungle" line came from. After singing it a few times I realized there is no way to not make it sound like "lyin'" so I switched it to "fighter's". Thanks again for the insights. Qindfish & Murphster... thanks to you as well for the feedback, much appreciated!
  14. February 1+1 Competition, Scoring Phase

    Well... you must be quite satisfied that I was correct in predicting I would not be in the top 4 this month... not even top 6 if you ask me FWIW, since everyone else posted their top 4... I had: Sweeter Side of Somber Only Love Will Rescue Me Temple Of The Singers Outside the Box With "The Trouble Is..." being very close and would probably been a tie for 3rd for me had we used scoring.
  15. The Trouble is...

    Paul, it is very, very good. My grandfather had dementia the last 5 years of his life or so. While not exactly the same thing, this still got me right in the feels. If I had to nit pick anything... it would be the use of "he/his/he" in the first verse. The very first time I read the lyrics I was a little confused by the references... but you don't ever go back to the personification of Alzheimer's after that so it was clear upon subsequent reads. I don't think it is a big deal. Very well done!