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  1. I'm curious if people think that the vocal outro pace/tempo works and I just need to redo the verse lyrics/delivery a bit?
  2. Thanks, ya... the tempo differences and rushed feel was quite intentional. I was trying to portray the rush of feelings brought about by the singer reminiscing over the photograph. Perhaps it was too much... or maybe it just doesn't work as well as I thought. To be transparent... the 4/4 part was all I had at first but it came in at like ~2:20 so I wanted to extend it a bit and thought it would be fun to try mixing 2 different timings/feels. I was really just hooked to delivering the vocal outro rapidly after reading the lyrics and the rest fell in from there. I'll go back and read your lyric suggestions again... thanks!
  3. Triffid

    May Song Contest

    Congratz to the winners! Well done, all! Looks like muse's taste is coming around, Steve . Thanks for running the show, Paul. I had high hopes for my song, but after listening to them all I knew it would be tough to crack the top 5. I can take solace in knowing my initial assessment fell in line with the results . I had the 3 winners as my top 3... but... I was sitting around working today when "Bring Me Home" popped in my head out of nowhere, it has a very memorable chord progression and melody. I went back and listened again and liked it more and more with each listen. Sometimes it takes a few days for a song to settle in . well done! I jotted down notes as I was listening to each. They are a bit crude, but here they are:
  4. Thanks, Looking back I wonder if I crammed in too many words and should have trimmed some with that tempo? Are you referring to the 6/8 to 4/4 and back changes or the speed up at the end of the 4/4 section? Or both? I was basically trying to deliver that section as fast as I could and then stop. Ya again.. maybe trim some words? like "sweet" on that line? Thanks!
  5. Hello and thanks in advance for the help... I'm interested in getting some feedback for the May entry by SongWolfe and I. Any advice is appreciated... mix, lyrics, music, whatever.... (Verse 1) It feels like only yesterday The sweet caress of your warm skin Soft as petals dampened by the rain Awaken butterflies within. (Verse 2) I know it’s only memories Jolted by this photograph Feet squelching as we fled the rain I hear the echo of your laugh. (Chorus) In the falling rain I take your hand And darlin’ you take mine Through the night the music plays And the wedding bells, they still chime. (Verse 3) Seems like only yesterday Time gone in the blink of an eye Couldn’t have been so long ago But the picture doesn’t lie (Verse 4) Tears now patter falling free Too long I’ve held them in Petals falling from a stem You know I’d say ‘I do’ again. (Chorus) In the falling rain I take your hand And darlin’ you take mine Through the night the music plays And the wedding bells, ooh they still chime. (Chorus/Outro) In the falling rain I take your hand And darlin’ you take mine Through the night the music plays And the wedding bells still chime And I look up and I see your blue eyes again Feel your hand close on mine though the fog’s drawing in. Hear you whisper three words and I smile from my bed, Feet squelch in the mud, we’re running again We’re running until we can’t run any more Laughing ‘til breathless we collapse on the floor. Ya I take your hand and you take mine And the wedding bells ….. ohh they still chime Thanks again!
  6. Triffid

    What I Need

    Thanks... I'll need some time to process that 😮
  7. Triffid

    The Way You Make Me Feel

    Wow, dude... that is some fantastic production. I just spent like a week working on a single background vocal track and I'm still not happy with it... this song would take me a year. I hope to get to that level someday. I'm not really good at nitpicking lyrics but it did seem like a lot of them... but they all sounded great so maybe it is ok Seems to me like it is just a matter of the right person hearing your stuff.
  8. Triffid

    Catch Me On The Rebound

    I think this is a very insightful comment and mainly what I feel after listening. The recording is certainly good, but I'd like to have some downs with my ups. The drum track, in particular, feels like it could use some variety in the leveling and maybe even complexity of the rhythm. Overall... really well done!
  9. Ok... a little bored on Saturday morning
  10. Ya... put me in the "balls" group. But it was still very interesting and obvious that you put a lot of thought and consideration into your lyrics... which is awesome. I'm not really in tune to the genre... but isn't there usually something instrumental or musical that allows the chorus or hook to standout a bit. Other than the closing hook of course... which probably works with very little or no instrumental.
  11. Pretty cool! I enjoyed it overall . I think it would have been nice to hear a nod to the man with a high flying wah laced guitar solo around the the 1:48 spot. Nice work! Do you record these yourself? The recording sounds impressive to my ears.
  12. Triffid

    What I Need

    Ok... I re-recorded the 3rd verse and 2nd chorus... taking it down a notch. Am I getting closer?
  13. Triffid

    YungTeaCan - Death Note

    I'm certainly no expert in the genre (or any genre really)... but that was going to be my comment as well. There is usually still a chorus or hook of some sort isn't there. I think would probably stretch the length of your song a bit too and you can fell better about cutting down the intro.
  14. Triffid

    What I Need

    Thanks... I can give it a shot. Believe or not I am using a hardware and software compressor. I use this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008879GO8/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1