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  1. If You Knew

    Wow, I love it... especially the backup vocals and acoustic guitar tone. On the question of the snare... I'm not sure if "thin" is the right word for me. I would say the drums are a bit overpowering in general, but that is coming from a guy whose idea of adding drums to his songs is a kick and a tambourine. So... I'm no expert there. I hope someday I get to the point where my production quality is as good. Well done!
  2. October Song Contest - RESULTS!

    Great job, all! I was very happy to see so many entries this month compared to the previous two. This contest has been a very unexpected and welcome contributor to my song writing motivation since joining the forum. Thanks to Paul and all the contributors
  3. Little Big Lies

    Nice work, Murphster! Musically, I found this quite enjoyable & fresh. If you're looking for a style that works for you... I think you've found it I have to say, though... I've read through the lyrics a few times and, try as I might, I can't make sense of them I think it has something to do with a father-child relationship with the child as the singer... but I'm not 100% sure. I'm guessing it was intentionally vague so perhaps you don't care if people understand it... which is fine too. Again, great work & keep them coming!
  4. Nice song! It's obvious how much work you put into the track... it really sounds great. I enjoy it more for its musical quality than lyrical content... but that is just taste. Well done!
  5. Yard Sale

    Wow... piano and vocal was spot on and top notch. As others have said, a few of the lyrics seemed a bit off. I'm glad you said you reworked the last 2 lines of the chorus.... I'm looking forward to hearing the update Nice job!
  6. White Lake Country Club

    I enjoyed this song for what it is... a tribute to a place you enjoy. I wouldn't be surprised to find some version of this on a radio ad or local tv commercial. I now know a cool place to hang out if I make up to that part of Wisconsin some day (I'm an Indiana boy myself). The single take video was cool, too. Nice work!.
  7. My Avalon

    I straight don't believe you when you say "I haven't really got a clue when it comes to mixing and mastering"... I think it is very well mixed, much better than anything I've been able to come up with. I agree with others regarding picking it up somewhere musically and maybe busting out a hard hitting guitar solo or something... but I enjoyed it as is too. I liked the lyrical content a lot... it is one of my favorite song themes. Great work!
  8. Seerz

    Is this a lost track from Grease? Heh, I bet you had fun making this... which is certainly why I make songs. It gets a bit repetitive and somehow felt long @ 3:16. Having not worked for Searz, the lyrics don't connect with me directly... but I can certainly relate to being overworked. Nice job!
  9. Seasons of Life

    Honestly, you had me until the poem :S I did feel a little tricked by the last couple lines of the chorus too, though... heh. I was thinking "oh, a song about hope and new beginnings... one of my favorite topics!" Then I was like... "oh, this is just sad." The production and vocal quality was great. Keep up the nice work!
  10. Flotsam & Jetsam

    As always, well produced and musically great. I didn't really connect with the lyrics. I had to look up what flotsam and jetsam was, heh. Maybe it is used more in England (I'm in the US). Nice job!.
  11. See About A Girl

    Leaving the bass E low may help... thanks! The fingering is quite easy either way since this song has the guitar tuned to an open E chord.
  12. See About A Girl

    Thanks again, Murphster... It is a weird chord :)... but I did it on purpose honestly. The notes are are all normal E major notes (E,B,G#), all 6 strings are played... but 3 of the notes are raised an octave (the bass & high E & the G#). Perhaps that is why it sounds off too you. I could play around E variations there and see how it goes.
  13. Folke Nikanor - Good Manners

    Cool track! I liked the sound of the main piano playing the melody. Some of the supporting instruments got a little too fake sounding for my taste. But, I'm mostly do like real instruments. A few of them took me back to the early/mid 90's when I would download midi versions of songs since mp3's didn't exist yet. Heh. Is there a particular instrument package that you use?
  14. See About A Girl

    Really appreciate the kind words! I've been playing guitar for a long time but I'm rather new to singing and song writing. It is great to hear some encouragement as the countless vocal retakes tend to weigh down my confidence... heh. I'm from the US, Indiana boy. I've not listened to Steve Harley before but will go look up some songs now. Thanks!
  15. See About A Girl

    Thanks... I do enjoy playing with & without picks, depending on the song. I hate busting out the software... but in the interest of training & time I went ahead and did it. Looks like you were right, many of your highlighted spots were a bit flat. Good ears! I wish I had them :S It really sounded fine to me. Maybe I need to look into some training software or something. Anyway, I uploaded new versions... does it sound any better? I'll probably re-record the vocals and try to hit the notes better naturally at some point. Thanks again.