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  1. Disappearing Dirt Roads

    I love this one, very good flow to it. Can't wait to hear it with music. Sounds like something that has that country, country rock sound to it.. Once again really like it!
  2. Whatever I need to find

    I really like the melody, easy to listen too and to follow. The only part of a line I would change, is about throwing up.. I'm just not sure what to put there.. You have one type-o, keep (your) body close. Lol We have all done it. Your back up harmony is over riding your main vocal in a couple spots. Other than that Great Song....
  3. By the Time the Rumour Got to Me

    Would love to hear this one with some music Paul. Soon I hope!
  4. Till You Came Along

    Sounds Good, I like it....
  5. You have a very nice voice. I like the song, but I found it hard to understand you in parts of the song. If you can clean that up it would be great...
  6. Mike you are right! A good set of monitors makes a big differences... After using them for awhile you will know the sound you are looking for. It may take awhile! It did me..But you can get it.
  7. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone is going to the Frank Brown Songwriters Festivall? It is in Orange Beach, Al between Nov. 9 - 20. Does anyone on here perform at it?
  8. Will you dance?

    Hi Brian, (or should I call you, Mr 6'8") lol I Like It! But I love country... With just a couple of small changes I think this would be a great song. Would like to hear it to some music. Reading words and hearing a song are two different things. That's just my opinion...
  9. Come Back to Me

    I am new on here, but I would have to agree with Paul. Stay close to what you started with. I like it....
  10. Need help with song writing

    I started by writting a song to my wife. Write about something you know about or really care about... Good luck!