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  1. Gerry Nolan

    Smile For Everyone

    Very nice I like it...
  2. Gerry Nolan

    September's Dream

    Joey . Good country song. Write more like it..... You may want to take a little off the time.
  3. Gerry Nolan

    A Summer Place- Demo

    Wow, I really like this! You have a very good voice. The melody was great and I like the lyrics. It might be a touch long and the music seems to run together in a couple spots.. But I love the song...
  4. Gerry Nolan

    Acoustic Guitar Recording

    Mike, you are right.. You get a better sound with the capo up the neck or run a track with a different sounding guitar...
  5. Gerry Nolan

    See About A Girl

    I think I like that better to... Nice!
  6. Great job Joey! I love the older style country two step... Music goes really well with the lyrics. Let me know when you would like to write one together. Would love to do it! Keep songs like this coming!!
  7. Gerry Nolan

    See About A Girl

    Great song! Love to hear more like this.... I like the sound of the music and the lyrics. Great job!
  8. Gerry Nolan

    No One Dance's Anymore

    Thanks John, Glad you liked the song. Happy that you could see all the details and visualize it in your mind. I am going through the song again and fixing the mistakes. I am hoping to get that 1vs. changed today. Thanks again, Gerry
  9. Gerry Nolan

    No One Dance's Anymore

    Thank You Mike for getting that posted right.. You guys are right it should be Dances, my mistake. I think I will try to rewrite the first 1vs. Thanks again, I will let you know how it turns out Gerry
  10. Gerry Nolan

    No One Dance's Anymore

    First Time! Still new to all of this. Just started writing about 2 1/2 years ago. I enjoy writing and hope you like the song. This is done to a country two step dance beat. Thanks for giving it a read, let me know what you think. Thanks Gerry No One Dance's Anymore .pdf
  11. Gerry Nolan

    Acoustic Guitar Recording

    Mike, If you go to SoundCloud type in Gerry Nolan, the song will be Jose Cuervo. You can hear the sound I am getting when recording by placing a small towel just behind the mic. Keep in mind, I have only been writing and recording for about 2 1/2 years.
  12. Gerry Nolan

    Acoustic Guitar Recording

    Thanks Mike, I will have to check into that. And then get it ok by the wife.....LOL
  13. Very relaxing! Smooth melody. Needs sound remxied a little, or it may be just me. Like it.....
  14. Gerry Nolan

    Acoustic Guitar Recording

    I record almost every thing using acoustic guitars. I use the same method as Mike, I place my mic the same as he does. The only thing don't have are the bass pads or any kind of sound pads. Thats where the wife drew the line, noting on the walls! I have a studio set up in a third bedroom. So here's the solution I came up with, after trial and error. I have a AKG P220 that I use to record with. I have it on a studio boom, so right behind the mic I place a towel. That seem to stop all echo in the room. At least that seems to work for me.... I use the same method when I sing. I hope this help's
  15. Gerry Nolan

    Disappearing Dirt Roads

    I love this one, very good flow to it. Can't wait to hear it with music. Sounds like something that has that country, country rock sound to it.. Once again really like it!