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  1. No offense taken Paul! I really like the feedback, no matter what it is. I'm finishing up a second song so maybe I'll revisit my bass track. Dale
  2. Well, I'm playing bass, drums, and rhythm guitar too! Interesting comment about the bass playing though. I recorded the bass track after I laid down the rhythm tracks, so I wasn't even thinking about the lead guitar at that point. Thanks for the feedback though, I really appreciate it! Dale
  3. Here it is again. Don't know what happened!
  4. Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I really appreciate it. R-N-R Jim, good catch on the intro! I tacked it on at the last minute because I felt I needed some sort of intro, but couldn't come up with anything creative. Dale
  5. Thanks for taking the time to listen! Appreciate the feedback as well! Dale
  6. Greetings everyone! Brand new to the forum and am really looking forward to getting some feedback from everyone! Below is a link to a blue-rock instrumental I've recently recorded. My inspiration comes from Peter Green, Gary Moore, Robben Ford, and Paul Kossoff. I've just recently learned about scales and modes and wanted to see if I could write something melodic on guitar. Looking for feedback on the song in general and anything else you feel free to comment on! Thanks! Dale