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  1. Daren Glass

    "Todays music vs. "classics"

    Much of today's "hit" songs are written and produced by a small group of songwriters and musicians, including Max Martin & co., so it shouldn't be surprising that a lot of it sounds the same. And other musicians, in trying to be successful as well, often end up using the same formula. Not saying that they should be blamed, but that's one of the reasons. Another thing is that live instrumentation is missing from a lot of the music that has been made over the last two decades. Many of these songs are just "loud," in fact, the topic of loudness in music (loudness wars) is also blamed for removing the emotional aspect that people often connect with when listening to music. However, as someone pointed out, there is good and bad music in every generation. It's just that marketing pushes the most popular songs onto the listening public, even if those songs might not necessarily be the best. It comes down to a matter of choice and taste.
  2. Daren Glass

    poems vs. lyrics

    The difference between a poem and song lyrics is the end result you're looking for. Therefore, if you're writing a song, of course, you'll be trying to make the lyrics work with the chords and other elements of making music. On the other hand, a poem is more about saying something. With that said, some poems make the best song lyrics due to the words used often having a deeper meaning or being more mysterious.
  3. Daren Glass

    The Shape of You

    Singing these lines in my head to the beat of that Ed Sheeran song...lol. These types of lyrics are pretty rare nowadays, you could be onto something. Very creative.
  4. Daren Glass


    If this is your first attempt at writing a song, it's not bad at all. The song title is clever and poetic (although most listeners won't get that meaning without the explanation you gave before). Yes, I think you got your point across, but might be a little too sugary overall for someone who's not a teeny-bopper.
  5. Daren Glass

    instrumental guitar music

    I think I could pick out a little bit of "Eleanor Rigby" somewhere in there, but nicely done. I thought about playing at x2 the speed and liked what I heard. A bit livelier, probably could use a more driving rhythm to really hit home. Note: I'm not an aficionado, so I'm using basic terms here, hope I'm making sense.
  6. Daren Glass

    My last video before a new one

    Nice song. Has a nice, nostalgic vibe that is reminiscent of the 80s. As for the video, I think it could be a bit more 'alive' to match with the song's title. With that said, I took the liberty of watching a few of your other vids....great music.
  7. Not sure if it's too late to comment on this but here goes... Excellent visuals all around. Just think the color effects at the end took away from the video somewhat, and as a previous commenter stated, would have liked to see a little bit more of the band. Otherwise, the quality is good.
  8. Daren Glass

    My issue with melody writing

    This is something I struggle with at times myself. It can be very hard to forget the melody you hear in another song that you want to adapt to your own lyrics (forget is probably not the right word, since it's been used as a reference point). However, like what you said in your last comment, I would run it by a friend who does music as well, and that kind of sharing ideas and creative energy sometimes helps.
  9. Daren Glass


    You know what, thank you for your response Mylene. As someone who has been faced with the same issue, your reply is the most useful one I've seen so far in bringing me to a solution. Thanks again