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  1. +1 but, a conditions for recording are not specified in the question. so, i just shared my experience.
  2. i recommend LDC mic at a distance of about a meter, depending on the tempo and volume. if the room has good acoustics, you can also add a room microphone, as is typical when recording drums.
  3. childed

    How to mix for crappy speakers?

    when your music mixed on a pro gears it will be perfect sounded on EVERY device.
  4. childed

    Acoustic Guitar Recording

    the room is much more important than the gears when recording acoustic instruments. acoustic panels help little. if there is no possibility to enroll in the studio try to do it in a really big room. Serg
  5. thanks for feedback! you noticed a really important thing. the places that you have designated as not tuned guitars are in fact a tonal development, the middle part of the musical form. here I applied a modulating sequence which apparently was not quite successful. there is some feeling of confusion in these fragments. and the guitars are tuned correctly. by the way in this place playing three guitars, the bottom performs a bass function, so it is almost not audible. I'm just learning to write sequences of this kind, I hope it will be more pleasant in the future. Serg
  6. hi Andy, I am pleased to hear a compliment about the performance of an excellent guitar player. I agree that the literal repetition of parts in the form is not perfect and it is necessary to vary them. but I'm focused now on the design of the form itself and the variation does not leave creative energy. I am reassured by the fact that for the Baroque era, the absence of variations is normal practice)) but I will work with this when the musical architectonics will care less for me. maybe my video editor just did not want to repeat the yellow kaleidoscope and therefore made another pattern for the same music. The basis for the video became macrophoto and stop-motion in the yellow fragment. how he did the effects I do not know. I'll tell him your words, of course. Many thanks for the constructive feedback! Serg
  7. childed

    Folke Nikanor - Actual Danger

    here is a good architectonics that in combination with a calm upper voice makes the listening experience very pleasant and comfortable. however I think there is a loss of motion when a lone xylophone enters. the code for my taste is too repetitive. in general, pleasant interesting music, now it is a rarity in the instrumental genre. have fun! Serg.
  8. my new one-man-band piece is ready.here is also included an interesting video that is mounted by my friend.I need your criticism as usual.my video producer will be happy if you find a few words for him. thanks a lot!
  9. I finished a short trio recently in the spirit of baroque. I played it in a rock set, but I tried to make it look like a harpsichord )) thanks if you find a few words for my progress in this field.Serg.
  10. I mean the trio of musical form (period, binary form, trio, rondo, etc.). you're right, one guy actually played ))) Thanks for feedback, have fun!
  11. thanks for your feedback. it's nice to hear that my plan was a success. this, unfortunately, does not always work ))) - serg
  12. it is my minor trio in adagio tempo.the theme comes to me while i've been hardly flucolded last winter.so, it is sudly and fully minor scales occurs.the melody is helded in tenor mostly.pls share your thought.
  13. what do you think abt middle minor part in 6/8? it's the dialogue of guitars. the low guitar plays harmonic figuration while the upper guitar soloing. two separate lines is audible here quite clearly.
  14. it's not a site for fans earning, but for some conscructive solutions getting. what i can do with feedback same to a "i like it" or "love you music"? )) we need some more for growing. you're right, that trio is too soft. i think to compose a more drive truck at future. thanks for Eleanor Rigby especially ))
  15. yes, my music same to a song. it comes from my past rock-poetry life. i try to compose music, but finaly i have a song ))) big fan of baroque now and i think abt upper and lover guitars like one harpsichord )) so, hope it's my style for today ))) everyday i working with guitar and drums technique, 'cos i'm bassman. music is my single way. will going till the end. thanks a lot, have a fun!